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  • Peter Combs - Architect/Expert Witness

    Peter Combs - Architect/Expert Witness

    Architecture, Building Code & ADA Expert WitnessWhite (Atlanta), Georgia(404) 790-1140

  • Elliot D. Felman, MD

    Elliot D. Felman, MD

    Family and General Practice Expert WitnessSanta Monica, California(310) 260-2525

  • W. D.

    W. D. "Dan" Libby

    Police Procedures Expert WitnessPunta Gorda, Florida(941) 628-3155

  • MPGroup


    Construction Consultants + Forensic Expert Witnesses + MediationWest Hollywood, California(323) 874-8973

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  • Les Altenberg

    How Law Firms Can Generate Awareness, Good Will and New Clients by Affiliating with Worthwhile Endeavors

    There are several reasons for doing so. First, affiliating with a cause or special event can generate enormous levels of visibility. It allows law practices to effectively target a designated group of prospects and facilitates interface between firm attorneys and prospective clients. It can so serve as a terrific means for building a database. And it certainly need not be necessarily costly....

  • Joel McLaughlin

    How SEO can Catapult your Legal Website from Anonymity into Popularity

    Always seek the services of only an established and credible Internet marketing firm to deliver quality services… Using Organic SEO techniques may take some time to start delivering the results, but once the results start to come in, there will be no stopping you from being perched atop the SERPs (search engine result pages) of mega search engines such as Google, MSN Live, and Yahoo!. While...

  • Les Altenberg, President, A.L.T. Legal Professionals Marketing Group

    Should I Market My Web Site through SEO or PPC?

    In initiating their online marketing programs, clients often ask us whether they should focus on optimizing their web site (SEO) or engage in paid advertising (PPC). The answer is simple. It depends. It depends on any of a number of factors, the four most important being the nature of the target market, what it is you’re promoting, the level of competition and the short vs. long-term...

  • Greg Wildman, President of OVC, Lawyer Marketing

    Beating the Clock: Time Management Tips for Attorneys

    Time is of the essence. According to ABC News, Americans spend too much time burning the candle at both ends. We spend more time at the office in sharp contrast to our counterparts: the UK; France; Germany; Norway and quite surprisingly Japan. American workers top the list of least vacation days taken, longer hours, and and a rocky road to the promise land of retirement. American attorneys...