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  • Ray Horak

    Choose Your Words Carefully

    In this article, Ray Horak makes the point that effective communications is all about choosing the right words. The corollary is that ineffective communications is all about choosing the wrong, or perhaps intentionally vague, words. That's where interpretation comes into play, and that's where technical experts and even lexicographers get involved. Horak shares some interesting examples...

  • Rosalie Hamilton

    How Much to Say in the Initial Inquiry Call

    How much opinion to share with the attorney in the initial inquiry call is a question often discussed at expert witness gatherings. Attorneys have certainly taken advantage of experts in two ways - the expert wanting to understand as much as possible about the case before committing, and a natural inclination to be of help. This has resulted in 1) being named as the expert without being...

  • Nina Ivanichvili

    Knowledge is Power in Marketing to Law Firm's Foreign-Born Clients

    As a lawyer, you feel pressure in the crowded marketplace. More often than not, penny-wise prospects view your services as just a fungible commodity. You recognize the increasing importance of differentiating your services to avoid the gloomy alternative of competing exclusively on price. Such differentiation becomes even more significant when marketing to the individuals who don't share...

  • By Margaret Grisdela, Legal Expert Connections, Inc.

    Increase Client “Switching Costs”

    If, however, you can integrate your legal services with your client’s business operations, it will be much more difficult for your client to leave for another law firm. Situations that increase your clients’ switching costs include: • Technology platforms that give clients convenient online access to important legal documents • Specialized country or industry expertise, even if...