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  • Six Expert Witnesses Banned from Testifying
    I was very concerned and shocked today, when I read that on August 23, 2011 the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed an earlier decision striking six experts from testifying at trial. After all, my livelihood is based upon the fact that I write expert reports and testify in court.
    By Eugene Peterson - Expert Witness and Certified Xactimate Trainer
  • Toxic Drywall Claims Could Be Next Large Wave Of Construction Litigation
    The newest phase of “sick house” litigation appears to be here. Drywall imported from China is releasing sulfur compounds that provide a rotten egg smell, and causes corrosion to copper used in plumbing and air conditioning tubing, electrical wiring, bathroom and kitchen faucets, appliances, and other metal products. Health hazards are also being alleged. We provide background and analysis.
    By David Nolte
  • Bad Broker or Bad Luck?
    You've lost money in the market – maybe a substantial amount. Money you thought was going to plan for your future, maybe put your kids through school is now gone. You're hurt and you're angry and we understand. Can you sue your broker, fund manager or financial adviser? It depends. The Big Question: Were You a Victim of Fraud or the Market? The big question is whether your broker did anything illegal.
    By Lance Wallach

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