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  • Gyi Tsakalakis

    Setting Up A Professional Law Firm Website With Wordpress

    Below are some quick ideas for developing a quality law firm website that will get found online. The first step is choosing a domain for your law firm website. Your first instinct in selecting a domain might be to choose a branded domain based on the name of your firm. While branding your domain may be a good idea for law firms, there are many situations where this may be a mistake. My...

  • Chelsea Ryan

    Omnivore: Take Two - How to Get Your List Accepted by MailChimp's Abuse Prevention System

    Let’s say you want to upload a new list, but what’s this? You’ve received an Omnivore warning and you are blocked from sending- gasp, the horrors! Like I mentioned in my previous post, you want to make sure now more than ever that you are following ALL guidelines for gathering your list. Omnivore is very good at its job and there is no squeaking by with a half compliant list. A warning...

  • Rosalie Hamilton

    Getting the "Right" Cases: How do I get more of the types of cases I prefer/like?

    This was the question posed to me recently by an expert witness looking for help with his marketing. He wasn't just seeking more cases, but the specific type of cases he wanted to work on. The way you express your services, areas of expertise, and types of cases is key to attracting the "right" prospect inquiries. In fact, this expression is the first thing I work on with new clients. ...

  • Nancy Fox

    Open your Ears: Listen for the Opportunity you're about to Miss

    The manager of a megastore came to check on his new salesman. "How many customers did you serve today?" the manager asked. "One," replied the new guy. "Only one?" said the boss, "how much was the sale?" The salesman answered, "$58,334." Flabbergasted, the manager asked him to explain. "First I sold a man a fishhook," the salesman said. "Then I sold him a rod and a reel. Then I asked where...