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  • Visitors, Prospects, Clients
    There are many important steps between getting visitors to your website and turning them into new business for your law firm.
    By Gyi Tsakalakis
  • Survey Research to Support Litigation
    Survey research is used to provide greater levels of understanding in a wide variety of disputes. Issues such as consumer confusion, misleading advertising claims, disparagement, copyright infringement and trademark disputes can be better assessed as a result of developing and executing survey research. The purpose of this monograph is to aid attorneys in understanding what research standards and guidelines might be relied upon in their use of survey research.
    By Dr. Larry Chiagouris
  • Closing the Professional Services “Sale” - Five Tips for Landing the Next Client
    Here are a few simple sales tactics that you can employ to improve your close ratio, meaning the percentage of perspective clients who become clients. I know. You’re not technically in a sales position. You are a professional. I also bet that just doing a great job is not enough of a magnet to attract and retain every prospective client. You can always improve, and that’s why it helps to think like a sales rep sometimes.
    By Dave Slovin