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  • Are You Really Prepared for the Valuation Litigation Meat Grinder?
    Received your ABV certification. Check. Or your CVA certification. Check. Pulling down an extra $20,000 to $50,000 for the firm. Check. Performing 2 to 4 formal reports annually. Check. And you now have five years under your belt with 20 or so reports completed and while you haven’t memorized AICPA’s SSVS-1, you know it addresses valuation standards applicable to CPAs. Check. Check.
    By Lance Wallach, Carl L Sheeler
  • More Is Needed to Improve Credit Rating Agency Conclusions
    Ratings of debt instruments are an integral part of U.S. financial markets. Reliance on these ratings is increasing, but their reliability is pathetic. A Congressional commission held a recent hearing involving the credit rating agencies. Past and current Moody’s employees who testified provided shocking information.
    By David Nolte
  • Chinese Higher Education Trends
    Chinese student enrollment will continue to increase and dominate international student enrollment in the immediate future. However, as the Chinese government continues to fund higher education and Chinese colleges and universities improve fewer students will leave China to study. It won’t happen tomorrow but is a trend to watch with huge implications for colleges and universities around the world who depend on Chinese enrollment for financial viability.
    By MJ Dennis Consulting

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  • Internet Marketing: Stay In Tune with the Times
    The problem with many websites today is that they were thrown into cyberspace like a fishing line in the ocean, hoping to hook customers on the line.
    By Cindy J. LeClaire
  • Law Firm Strategy
    A couple of years back I was invited to author a brief, highly pragmatic and regular 250-word snippet for the ABA’s Law Practice Magazine addressing the strategic issues that law firms face on a continuing basis.
    By Patrick J. McKenna
  • Is Your Firm's Marketing Active or Passive?
    There are a number of ways to describe our firms’ marketing efforts, but let’s keep this easy and just use two distinct terms – active and passive. Passive marketing, or waiting for the fish to swim into your net, is fine, and part of an marketing plan. But think about adding some active (or proactive) elements, chumming the water and pulling the net to the fish, to have a truly integrated approach that delivers the best long-term results. Here are some low-cost ideas.
    By Dave Slovin