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  • Captive Insurance but Be Careful
    Most business owners want to: build wealth and maximize the value of what is left behind for heirs; protect their wealth to insure that what they have spent a lifetime building isn’t eaten away by taxes, inflation and/or the cost of medical care; distribute their wealth so that their loved ones may be taken care of, and see to it that their assets and possessions go where they want them to go in the time frame they want this to happen. This is the essence of estate planning.
    By Lance Wallach
  • Litigation Involving Offshore Banking, Offshore Bank Accounts, Offshore Finance, Trade Finance, and Tax Havens
    Court-recognized banking, anti-money laundering, and taxation expert witness and former banking regulator Don Coker explains from a banker’s and financial professional’s point of view factors that must be taken into account by attorneys handling litigation involving offshore banks, offshore bank accounts, offshore finance, offshore transactions, transfer pricing, international business entities and finance, multinational business entities, tax havens, wire transfers, and many related subjects.
    By Banking Consultant and Banking Expert Witness Don Coker
  • Funeral Service Related Torts
    When dealing with a legal matter that involves embalming failure or service complications, you must look at several essentials that will result in the best results. In that regard, you need a consultant or expert that knows mortuary law and the daily functions of funeral service.
    By Shun Newbern, MS

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