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  • Law Firms Must Step Up Cybersecurity
    A recent article in the New York Times underscores the demand clients are requiring of their law firms to step up their cybersecurity. Financial institutions, including some Wall Street banks, are asking their outside counselors to answer questionnaires of up to 60 pages, which probe the firm’s cyber security measures. Other types of corporations are also asking their legal firms to allow for internal and/or external Information Technology (IT) firms to do an audit.
    By Scott Greene of Evidence Solutions, Inc.
  • Don't Become a Material Adviser
    Accountants, insurance professionals and others need to be careful that they don’t become what the IRS calls material advisors. If they sell or give advice, or sign tax returns for abusive, listed or similar plans; they risk a minimum $100,000 fine. Their client will then probably sue them after having dealt with the IRS.
    By Lance Wallach
  • The Viability of Process Audits in the Subrogation Process
    When subrogation documents are received by an attorney, claims adjuster or carrier the focus is normally on whether or not the insured can be held liable for the damages caused and an investigation is either commenced or the facts regarding the situation are reviewed. When dealing with files that pertain to large loss fire, water, smoke or other similar incidents some thought should also be given to the viability and precision of the quantum being claimed.
    By Marc Dubois

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