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Richeimer Pain Medical Group

Richeimer Pain Medical Group - Los Angeles, California

Dr. Steven Richeimer
Call (323) 692-3611
Expert Witness in Medical-Legal Cases

Richeimer Pain Medical Group provides expert medical-legal consultation regarding all areas of pain management, pain medications, pain treatment procedures, and chronic pain and suffering.

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Consolidated Consultants Co.

Consolidated Consultants Co. - Chula Vista, California

Mr. Steve Van Rickley
Call (800) 683-9847
Free Expert Witness & Medical Expert Witness Referrals Nationwide

Consolidated Consultants, or CCc as it is widely known, is a national referral service for both the expert witness and medical expert fields. We have thousands of expert witnesses, as well as medical experts, in our directory. We are focused on providing complimentary first-rate referrals of expert witnesses and...

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Shannon John Johnson - PharmDmand

Shannon John Johnson - PharmDmand - San Diego, California

Dr. Shannon Johnson
Call (619) 339-2254
Pharmacy and Pharmacology Expert Witness

Dr. Shannon J. Johnson has more than fifteen years of pharmacy experience specializing in clinical pharmacy, clinical information systems, safe medication practice, quality improvement, project management, and systems integration. Highlights of his experience include serving as the Director of Inpatient Pharmacy at...

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C. Paul Sinkhorn, MD

C. Paul Sinkhorn, MD - Riverside, California

Dr. C Sinkhorn
Call (909) 241-2745
Obstetrics and Gynecology Medical Reviewer and Expert Witness

C. Paul Sinkhorn, MD is board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology. He has deposition and trial experience, as well as academic credentials. His practice balance is approximately 40% defendant 60% plaintiff. He is an experienced clinician in active practice.

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Vera Juris - Provider of Nurse Expert Witnesses and Legal Nurse Consultants

Vera Juris - Provider of Nurse Expert Witnesses and Legal Nurse Consultants - San Diego, California

Mr. Sean Sanders
Call (858) 759-5300
Nurse Expert Witnesses, Legal Nurse Consultants, Medical-Legal Consultants

Vera Juris is a national medical-legal consulting firm that provides nurse expert witnesses and legal nurse consultants to medical malpractice and personal injury attorneys. We help both plaintiff and defense lawyers develop an informed understanding of the facts of healthcare delivery in medical cases and the...

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Lee A. Brownell, R.P.T.

Lee A. Brownell, R.P.T. - Fresno, California

Mr. Lee Brownell
Call (559) 449-9394
Sports Physical Therapist/Orthopedic Surgical Assistant - Expert Witness

Lee Brownell has been the owner/operator of a successful sports therapy clinic for 30+ years. He has been a surgical assistant in over 8,000 surgeries for orthopedic cases including arthroscopic and open repair/reconstruction from 1983 to present, and is uniquely qualified to consult and testify as an expert witness...

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Laura Burchell-Henson

Laura Burchell-Henson - Lakeside, California

Mrs. Laura Burchell-Henson
Call (619) 749-5476
Nursing Expert Witness, Respiratory Therapist, Life Care Planner

Laura Burchell-Henson is a legal nursing consultant who interprets medical records, documentation and medical-legal issues and utilizes nursing background and knowledge of healthcare standards to identify the standards of care for a case. As a legal nurse consultant she possesses a network of medical and professional...

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Paul K. Bronston, M.D. FACEP, FACMQ

Paul K. Bronston, M.D. FACEP, FACMQ - Los Angeles, California

Dr. Paul Bronston
Call (310) 301-9426
Emergency Medicine, Quality Assurance & HMO's Expert Witness

Paul K. Bronston, M.D., FACEP, FACMQ is an emergency medicine physician in active practice in Southern California. He is the National Chairman of the Ethics and Professional Policy Committee of the American College of Medical Quality and a physician reviewer for Health Services Advisory Group, Inc., the Quality...

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Nurse Practitioner Expert Witness

Nurse Practitioner Expert Witness - San Diego, California

Ms. Christina Sanders, MSN, RN, ANP-BC
Call (858) 759-5300
Nurse Practitioner Expert Witness, Specializes in Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury

Christina Sanders is a board certified Nurse Practitioner with bachelors and masters degrees from the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. She serves as a nurse practitioner expert witness for both plaintiff and defense cases. During nursing school, Ms. Sanders received multiple awards for clinical expertise and academic...

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Andrew Lawson, M.D., Inc. - Newport Beach, California

Dr. Andrew Lawson
Call (949) 400-5216
Emergency Medicine Consultant and Expert Witness

Andrew Lawson, M.D., Inc. is a Stanford trained, board certified emergency medicine specialist who works full time in a high volume regional medical & trauma center. As a Quality Assurance Director for the last 10 years, he has personally reviewed hundreds of cases and overseen the review of thousands of medical...

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ForensisGroup Expert Witness Services

ForensisGroup Expert Witness Services - Pasadena, California

Ms. Mercy Steenwyk
Call (626) 795-5000
Select Group of Forensic Business, Construction, Engineering, Medical, Scientific Expert Witnesses

For over 20 years, ForensisGroup has provided the nationís top law firms, insurance agencies, government entities and many other industries with highly qualified expert witnesses and consultants. Our success in placing experts in over 10,000 cases begins with our selective screening process. For our own internal...

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  • CP LegalMed Consulting - San Diego, California

    Legal Nurse Consultant, Expert Witness and Litigation Support Services

    4058 Hegg Street
    Phone: (619) 997-8407
  • Elliot D. Felman, MD - Santa Monica, California

    Family and General Practice Expert Witness

    2336 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 208
    Phone: 310-453-0033
  • Farshid Sam Rahbar, MD, FACP - Los Angeles, California

    Liver & Digestive Disorders

    2080 Century Park East, #1804
    Phone: 310-553-4400
  • Gary H. Manchester, MD - San Diego, California

    Plastic & Comestic Surgery Expert

    3720 Fourth Avenue
    Phone: (619) 299-8331
  • Hamid R. Djalilian, M.D. - Irvine, California

    Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery Expert Witness

    101 The City Drive South, Bldg 56, Suite 500
    University of California
    Phone: (714) 456 7017
  • Irma A. Groot, R.N., CNOR, DABFN, fellow ACFEI - Bryn Mawr, California

    Forensic Nurse Consultant - Expert Witness

    PO Box 303
    Phone: (602) 432-0377
  • Janet Winikoff, MD - Santa Monica, California

    Medical Expert Witness

    1245 Sixteenth St., Ste. 309
    Phone: (310) 828-5337
  • Jed Horowitz, M.D., F.A.C.S. - Huntington Beach, California

    Plastic Surgery Expert Witness Services

    7677 Center Ave Suite 401
    Phone: (714) 902-1100
  • Joshua S. Golden MD - Santa Monica, California

    Clinical Psychiatry - Expert in Human Sexuality

    2425 Colorado Avenue Suite 203
    Phone: 310-828-1160
  • Julia E. Hughes Consulting LLC - Temecula, California

    Legal Nurse Consultant

    43210 Via Sabino
    Phone: (951) 491-9313
  • Marion Legal Nurse Consulting - Placerville, California

    Legal Nurse Consulting and Litigation Support

    6080 Freedom Court
    Phone: (530) 622-8330
  • Marvin Pietruszka, MD - Reseda, California

    Pathology, Internal Medicine and Toxicology Expert Witness

    19234 Vanowen Street
    Phone: (818) 705-1157
  • Medically Speaking - Yucaipa, California

    Medical Legal Consultants and Expert Witnesses

    13507 Big Sky Court
    Phone: (800) 633-7754
  • Michael Kalafer, MD - San Diego, California

    Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Care, and Internal Medicine Expert Witness

    7901 Frost Street
    Phone: (858) 541-3366
  • Mohan Nair, MD - Beverly Hills, California

    Clinical and Forensic Psychiatry

    433 North Camden Drive
    Suite 600
    Phone: 562-493-2218
  • MRK Medical Consultants - Carmichael, California

    Medical Expert Witness

    6555 Coyle Ave Ste 235
    Phone: (916) 863-7301
  • Nachman Brautbar - Los Angeles, California

    Environmental Diseases Expert Witness & Forensic Toxicologist

    6200 Wilshire Boulevard
    Suite 1000
    Phone: (323) 634-6500
  • Our Legal Nurse Consultants, LLC - San Diego, California

    Legal Nurse Consulting and Expert Witness Services

    10601 Tierrasanta Blvd. G376
    Phone: (858) 254-5211
  • Prestige Legal Nursing Consultants, Inc. - Simi Valley, California

    Legal Nurse Consultants

    690 A E. Los Angeles Ave. #187
    Phone: (805) 583-5290
  • Robert Wagmeister, MD - Santa Monica, California

    Vascular Surgery Expert Witness

    2001 Santa Monica Blvd., #690-W
    Phone: (310) 828-5626
  • San Diego Legal Nurse Consultants & Associates - La Mesa, California

    Legal Nurse Consultants

    P.O. BOX 1117
    Phone: (619) 955-1075
  • Sandy Witzling, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S. - Long Beach, California

    Board Certified Surgeon Expert and Qualified Medical Evaluator

    Columbia Medical Building
    2840 Long Beach Boulevard, Suite 345
    Phone: (562) 426-1355
  • Songer, Valdivia & Associates Legal Nurse Consultants - Visalia, California

    Legal Nurse Consulting Experts

    6114 West Harter Court
    Phone: (559) 741-3054
  • Steven R Graboff MD - Huntington Beach, California

    Orthopedic Expert Witness

    17752 Beach Blvd
    Suite 202
    Phone: 714-843-0019
  • The Empire Group Certified Legal Nurse Consultants, Inc. - Rancho Cucamonga, California

    Medical-Legal Consultants and Experts

    7201 Haven Avenue #E-301
    Phone: (909) 463-7281
  • Timothy Thompson, RT (R) - San Francisco, California

    Radiology Expert Testimony

    4210 Judah St
    Phone: 415-760-0371
  • Tina Minkel - Medical Legal Strategies - Cameron Park, California

    Certified Legal Nurse Consulting Firm and Expert Witness Services

    3450 Palmer Drive
    Suite 4432
    Phone: (866) 672-0841
  • Warren Benson Law Group - Newport Beach, California

    Medicare Fraud Attorney Consultants

    620 Newport Center Drive, Suite 1100
    Phone: (949) 721-6636
  • Williams Psychological Services - San Jose, California

    Civil and Criminal Forensic Psychology Expert Witness (Offices Throughout California)

    2033 Gateway Place
    Suite 500
    Phone: (888) 886-6589

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