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How Projects Go Awry

     By Chason Energy, LLC HVAC/Plumbing Forensic Expert Witness

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HVAC Engineering - Over the years, we have observed many cases of building humidity gone wild, with the attendant formation of mold or other moisture damage. Condensation can be the result of actions by the various players in the construction process.
Many other HVAC related problems can arise, but are generally due to the same behaviors.

The Designer

A design that does not provide for humidity control.
Incomplete design documents.
Incorrect temperature control sequence.
Shoddy review of shop drawings.
Failure to verify operation of the system in the field.

The Contractor

Substitutions based on price, not function.
Poor workmanship.
Misunderstanding of contract document intent.
Inadequate due diligence of vendor product submittals.

The Vendor

Misunderstanding of contract document requirements.
Yielding to contractor/owner pressure on price.
Failure to advise on implications of alternate product submittal.

Mr. Keeler is a mechanical engineer specializing in HVAC and Plumbing matters. He has over 40 years experience in building systems design, troubleshooting and expert witness support to attorneys. His practice is nationwide, and he is a registered mechanical engineer.

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