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DOL Seeks Comment on President’s Proposal to Postpone Fiduciary Rule

May 3, 2017     By ERISA Benefits Consulting, Inc.
The Department of Labor’s (“DOL”) new fiduciary rule was set to take effect on April 10, 2017. However, in a Memorandum to the Secretary of Labor on February 3, 2017, the President proposed delaying the applicability date by 60 days.

Six Ways to Cross-Sell Your Firm's Services

Many law firms that offer a multiplicity of practice areas often have difficulty cross-selling these disparate services to their roster of clients.

Conversion Review Checklist: 67 Things to Check on Your Law Firm Website

April 14, 2017     By PaperStreet Web Design
When you're looking to increase conversions on your website, it's important to understand what to look for. Something as simple as a bad photo, poor headline or misplaced contact form can derail your conversions. When the PaperStreet team does a conversion review on any website we start with the following comprehensive list.

Forensic Biomechanics - The Science of Injury Causation

March 21, 2017     By John D. Lloyd, PhD, CPE
Human injury is complicated. If we lived our lives inside a protective bubble then, one day experienced an incident, it may be relatively simple to ascribe any injuries to the traumatic event. But that is typically not the case.

Disability Claim Benefit Rules Updated by Department of Labor

March 8, 2017     By ERISA Benefits Consulting, Inc.
The U.S. Department of Labor has revised its procedures for disability benefit claims that fall under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). The amended rules will apply to all claims for disability benefits filed on or after January 1, 2018.

“Day and Date” Release Patterns: What is Video-on-Demand's (VOD) Impact on the Distribution Timeline?

March 3, 2017     By Kathryn Arnold
Release windows in content distribution are still a challenge for the exhibitor, distributor and filmmaker alike. The exhibitor wants exclusivity in the theatre for as long as possible so they can earn as much revenue before other platforms claim their share of the pie.

John Steinbeck's Son Breached Contract Over Talks Over "Grapes Of Wrath"

March 3, 2017     By Kathryn Arnold
When Thomas Steinbeck, the eldest son of Nobel Prize-winning fiction author John Steinbeck, died at the age of 72 in August 2016, he left behind a bitter family dispute that occupied more than three decades of his life.

Google Reviews Are Critical to Local Visibility and Act as Online Word of Mouth

February 23, 2017     By Consultwebs
An Overview of Local Search Results Local results currently include three map listings that appear in results for certain search terms. These results, when they are shown, appear under the four paid ads from Google AdWords. Where this layout used to differ between desktop and mobile devices, it is now consistent for both.

How to Mess-Up your AdWords Pay-Per-Click Campaign in 10 Easy Steps

February 20, 2017     By PaperStreet Web Design
The following are common miscues when you set up your law firm PPC campaign. If you're a law firm setting up its first AdWords campaign, then you will want to avoid these steps to improve your conversions.

Banking Expert Witness Advice on Lending Industry Standards Helpful in Factoring Litigation

February 15, 2017     By Don Coker
Factoring is a financing method that companies use in order to raise working capital by selling the company’s accounts receivable to a financial institution or other factoring source.

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