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Asbestos Research Associates - Jack Lopez

Asbestos Research Associates - Jack Lopez

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We provide research services to Law Firms that specialize in asbestos liability. We research documentation at the National Archives and other repositories for documentation on U. S. Navy, Maritime Ships and Coast Guard Cutters.


We provide research to assist Law firms in asbestos-related cases. The research is primarily accomplished in documents for the U. S. Navy, the U. S. Maritime Commission (Merchant Ships) and U. S. Coastguard vessels. The research source is primarily at the National Archives II, located in College Park MD.

Asbestos Research Associates of Potomac, Maryland, has more than 10 years of experience providing asbestos exposure research at the national level. We help support attorney cases dealing with asbestos-related issues and illnesses for the military, including U.S. Navy, Maritime Commission, and U.S. Coast Guard. Our team is very thorough and pays close offers attention to detail.

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We are located in close proximity to Archives II, College Park MD. We have been engaged in asbestos document research for over ten years. The President has over thirty years at Vitro Corporation, a U. S. Navy Contractor in Systems Engineering.

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All fifty states.

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