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C. Paul Sinkhorn, MD

C. Paul Sinkhorn, MD

2642 Marley Drive
Riverside, California 92506

Phone(909) 241-2745
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C. Paul Sinkhorn, MD is board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology. He has deposition and trial experience, as well as academic credentials. His practice balance is approximately 40% defendant 60% plaintiff. He is an experienced clinician in active practice.


C. Paul Sinkhorn, MD is an expert reviewer and witness for matters such as the following:

• OB/GYN medical malpractice
• operative laparoscopy
• high-risk obstetrics
• gynecology
• cesarean section
• sterilization
• contraception
• infertility
• hysteroscopy
• hysterectomy
• women's health issues
• bladder repair
• incontinence

Litigation Support Services

C. Paul Sinkhorn, MD is an expert reviewer and medical expert witness for OB/GYN medical malpractice, operative laparoscopy, high-risk obstetrics, gynecology, cesarean section, sterilization, contraception, hysteroscopy, hysterectomy, women’s health issues, bladder repair, incontinence, credentialing, peer review, medical administration issues.

Areas of Expertise


• Medical student and resident teaching 1978–present, including extensive practical and didactic instruction
• Associate Clinical Professor, University of California, Riverside Medical School, 1997–2005
• Clinical Professor, University of California, Riverside Medical School, 2005–present
• Medico-legal expert; deposition and trial experienced
• Past peer reviewer for California Medical Association
• Past Sr. Vice President, Business Systems and Training, Inc.
• Verified Recommended Expert, A.M. Best Company, 2007–present

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Professional Experience

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California, Arkansas

Legal Experience & Services

• Review of medical records and reports
• Review of depositions
• Interpretation of fetal monitor strips
• Report generation
• Medical research to support your case
• Analysis of case strengths and weaknesses
• Deposition, trial, and arbitration testimony
• Personal consultation with attorney


• High-risk Obstetrics
• Family planning
• Colposcopy
• Condylomatous disease
• Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia
• Vaginal Birth after Cesarean
• Operative hysteroscopy
• Operative laparoscopy
• General Infertility
• Medico-legal expert
• Credentials Committee Chairman

Awards & Honors

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• Award of Excellence for clinical teaching, Western University Physician Assistants
• Gold Apple award for resident teaching, Arrowhead Regional Medical Center
• Award for Teaching Dedication for Western University medical students
• Top 10% of peer reviewers for Obstetrics and Gynecology award– multiple years

Seminars & Training



• B.S. (Microbiology; Psychology), University of Illinois, Urbana
• Medical School, University of Illinois Urbana
• Medical School, University of Illinois Chicago; degree: M.D.
• Second Bachelor's degree (Summa cum laude; Valedictorian) in Information Technology from California Baptist University 1999

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