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Paul K. Bronston, M.D.

Paul K. Bronston, M.D.

1 Jib Street
Suite 202

Los Angeles, California 90292

Phone(310) 503-0347

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Paul K. Bronston, M.D., is an emergency medicine physician in Southern California. He is the Former National Chairman of the Ethics and Professional Policy Committee of the American College of Medical Quality and a physician reviewer for Health Services Advisory Group, Inc., the Quality Improvement Organization for the State of California.


Paul K. Bronston, M.D. is a case review Plaintiff and Defense expert consultant and witness on:

Emergency Medicine Malpractice
EMTALA Non-Adherence
Credentialing Malpractice
Hospital Malpractice
HMO Bad Faith
Medical Insurance Bad Faith
Paramedic Liability
Nurse Liability
Reimbursement Issues
Merit Evaluations

He continues to be an expert/consultant for:
California's Quality Improvement Organization (EMTALA & Medicare Issues)

He has worked as a consultant for:

Medical Insurance Companies
Utilization Review Organizations
State's Managed Care Organization
Workers' Compensation & PRO Organizations
Hospital Quality Management Consultant

Litigation Support Services

Paul K. Bronston, M.D. is a Medical Expert available to consult on various medical issues regarding Emergency Medicine, HMO/Managed Care, Ethics, Quality Assurance, Credentialing, Utilization Review, Paramedic and Hospital Liability, Elder Abuse, reimbursement and billing issues, trauma, EMTALA, Medical Insurance Bad Faith.

Areas of Expertise


Dr. Bronston is the Former National Chairman of The Ethics and Professional Policy Committee of the American College of Medical Quality, a member of their Board of Trustees and has been instrumental in the drafting and adoption of national standards in medical quality management. He is in active practice as an Emergency Medicine Physician and has been a special consultant on HMOs for the California Department of Managed Health Care, a medical expert/consultant for the California Medical Board and as a consultant for quality assurance standards for the Division of Worker’s Compensation for the State of California.

He has been a physician advisor for numerous private utilization review organizations, former sub-committee chairman on Economic Credentialing for the American College of Emergency Physicians and a co-author in the Chapter, Managed Care in Emergency Medicine, in the textbook Emergency Medicine Risk Management published by the American College of Emergency Physicians. He was an expert witness in Wilson vs. Blue Cross of Southern California.

Consulting Practice

All States

Professional Experience

Dr. Bronston has more than ten years of experience consulting for both private utilization review organizations and the providers of medical care regarding justifiable, accountable, defensible and documented medical decision making.

Dr. Bronston has consulted with the State of California regarding workers’ compensation reform and the State’s medical quality and utilization management regulations covering this area. He was instrumental in advising and formulating the Certification Standards for the Health Care Organizations (HCOs) of the Division of Workers’ Compensation. He was a special consultant for the Department of Corporations which regulates Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs). Dr. Bronston, has been a medical consultant/reviewer for the California Medical Board, physician expert reviewer for the State Peer Review Organization (PRO) and was a special consultant on HMOs for the California Department of Corporations.


- Medical License California

Legal Experience & Services

Dr. Bronston has extensive defense and plaintiff medical-legal experience regarding medical bad-faith and provider fraud issues. He has consulted and lectured for medical malpractice insurance companies regarding managed care systems and their impact on physicians’ performances and the liability issues involved. Dr. Bronston has been involved in both defense and plaintiff HMO/Insurance bad faith and emergency medicine cases and was an expert witness in the landmark Wilson vs. Blue Cross of Southern California.


Former Chairperson, National Ethics & Professional Policy, Committee, American College of Medical Quality
Former Fellow, American College of Emergency Physicians
Former Distinguished Fellow, American College of Medical Quality

Awards & Honors

Deans List at the University of California-Berkeley

Seminars & Training

Dr. Bronston has lectured nationally to The Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA), The Defense Research Institute (DRI) and The National Judicial College among others on various issues such as appropriate development and implementation of practice parameters / guidelines, physician credentialing/profiling issues/report carding, medical necessity and benefit determinations and standards of care. He brings ethics, clarity and practicality to medical decision-making and the interacting oversight review systems which ultimately produce quality medical care delivered in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Professional References

Dr. Bronston is an Emergency Medicine in Los Angeles, California. He was national sub-committee chair on economic credentialing for the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and was a contributing author on managed care in ACEP’s book Emergency Medicine Risk Management. He has sat on his hospitals’ quality assurance and utilization review committees and brings a balanced, common sense and practical approach to problem solving and system development.


- B.A.
- M.D.
- Residency Trained in Emergency Medicine

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