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Maronick Associates is headed by Dr. Maronick, the former Director of the Office of Impact Evaluation in the Bureau of Consumer Behavior at the Federal Trade Commission. Since leaving the FTC in 1997 he has served as an expert witness in advertising, marketing, consumer behavior, trademark/consumer confusion, and survey research in numerous Federal and State jurisdictions, representing both plaintiff and defendant clients.


Maronick Associates' expert witness, Dr. Thomas J. Maronick DBA, JD, holds both a Doctorate in Business Administration (Univ. of KY) and a JD (Univ. of Baltimore). He has represented plaintiff and defendant clients in marketing and advertising matters involving advertising (print, broadcast, internet) deceptive advertising, retailing, internet and telecommunications (promotional strategies, target markets), packaging, direct marketing activities, and trademark/trade-dress issues.

His expertise includes false and deceptive advertising, deceptive marketing practices, consumer perceptions of claims made in advertising, packaging, and direct marketing promotions. He provides services for testimony (deposition/trial), declarations / expert reports and consulting on litigation strategy. He has also provided survey evidence and testimony in trademark/trade-dress litigation. He has been deposed or testified at hearings or trials over 60 times in the past five years.

His specific areas of expertise include but are not limited to:

Class action litigation
Marketing / marketing practices
Advertising / deceptive advertising
Trademark / trade-dress / consumer confusion
Consumer behavior

Survey research:
Advertising research / copy testing
Internet research
Consumer mail panel studies
Studies with rare, hard-to-locate populations
Public policy

Litigation Support Services

Maronick Associates has designed and implemented over 300 studies for FTC and litigation clients. Since leaving the Federal Trade Commission in 1997, Dr. Maronick has served as an expert witness in over 100 advertising, marketing and/or trademark (consumer confusion) matters, providing surveys, testimony, and/or expert reports for both plaintiff and defendant clients. Over 40 depositions or hearings/trial testimony.

Areas of Expertise

Additional Expertise:

Deceptive Advertising, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Class Actions, Survey Research, Lanham Act.


Dr. Maronick is an Emeritus Professor of Marketing at Towson University. He taught Marketing Strategy and Marketing Research. Prior to joining the faculty at Towson University, Dr. Maronick was the Director of the Office of Impact Evaluation in the Bureau of Consumer Protection at the Federal Trade Commission.

Dr. Maronick has extensive experience, both as an academic, as the in-house marketing expert at the Federal Trade Commission, and as an independent marketing expert witness in all aspect of marketing and advertising and the use of survey research in advertising litigation matters.

Dr. Maronick has been accepted as a marketing, advertising, consumer behavior, and/or survey research expert in Federal and State Courts in numerous jurisdictions. He has also published in the area of the use of survey research in litigation, including Guideline for the Use of Copy Tests in Litigation and Guideline for the Use of Internet Research in Litigation (see publications below).

Consulting Practice

All States

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Professional Experience

From 1980 - 1997, Dr. Maronick was the Director of the Office of Impact Evaluation in the Bureau of Consumer Protection at the Federal Trade Commission. In that capacity he was the in-house advertising, marketing, and survey research expert for all Divisions of the Bureau. During his time at the FTC, Dr. Maronick designed and executed over 300 consumer and industry surveys in support of FTC litigation activities.

Since leaving the FTC, Dr. Maronick has conducted over 400 surveys for plaintiff and defendant clients and defended the resulting research in Federal and State courts across the country.

Legal Experience & Services

Maronick Associates' expert witness, Dr. Thomas J. Maronick DBA, JD has testified (deposition or trial) in 30 matters in the past ten years and provided affidavits, declarations, or expert reports for numerous clients in nine jurisdictions.

Areas of expertise include: class-action litigation, marketing practices, advertising/deceptive advertising, and consumer behavior, survey research (including advertising/copy testing, mall-intercept, internet methodologies), and Lanham Act matters.


American Marketing Association
Association of Consumer Research
Academy of Marketing Science
Public Policy & Marketing Association
Member (inactive) Maryland Bar Association


Former in-house expert in the Bureau of Consumer Protection at the Federal Trade Commission
Designed and implemented over 300 studies for FTC and litigation clients
Served as marketing and advertising expert in Federal and State Courts since 1997
Testified (deposition/trial) in over 30 cases in past ten years
Represented both plaintiffs and defendants
Doctorate in Business Administration (Marketing)
JD (inactive member of Maryland Bar Association)
Author of "Guidelines of Consumer Research in Litigation" and "Guidelines for Internet Surveys"
Professor of Marketing


Selected publications:

"Copy-Tests for FTC Litigation: Guidelines for Researchers" Journal of Advertising Research, December, 1991
"An Empirical Investigation of Consumer Perceptions of 'Made in USA' Claims in Advertising" International Marketing Review, Volume 12(3), 1995
"Environmental Claims in Advertising" Journal of Consumer Affairs, Nov. 1999
"The Influence of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising on Sales of Prescription Drugs" Journal of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management, Nov. 2001
"Celebrity v. Co. President as Endorsers of High Involvement Products for Elderly Consumers" Journal of Promotion Management, Nov. 2005
"The Role of the Internet in Survey Research: Guidelines of Researchers and Expert" Journal of Global Business and Technology, Vol. 5 (1) Spring, 2009
"Pitting the Mall and the Internet in Advertising Research Competition" Journal of Advertising Research, Vol 51 (1), March, 2011
"Do Consumers Read Terms of Service Agreements -- An Empirical Analysis" International Journal of Business and Social Research, Vol. 4 (4), June, 2014.
"The Role of Board Certification as a Cue to Competence of Eye Care Providers -- An Empirical Analysis." Global Journal of Management and Business Research, Vol 16 (1) (2016)
"Empirical Analysis of Consumers' Understanding of 'All Natural' and Its Relationship to Genetically Modified Organism (GMOs)" International Journal of Business and Social Research, Vol 7 (6) (2016)

Professional References

References from law firm clients available on request.


Juris Doctor
University of Baltimore School of Law, Baltimore, Maryland 1980
-Emphasis on Corporate/Business and Consumer Law
-Admitted to the Bar, State of Maryland

Doctor of Business Administration
University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky 1974
-Major in Marketing; Minor in Management and Org. Behavior
-Dissertation: "A Multivariate Analysis of Organizational Climate
in the Channel of Distribution"

Master of Science in Business Administration
University of Denver, Denver, Colorado 1966
-Major in Marketing

Bachelor of Arts
St. Thomas Seminary, Kenmore (Seattle), WA 1964
-Major in Philosophy

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