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Hard Disk Drives, Optical Drives, Software, Firmware, Electronics Forensic Expert Witness

Shadow Cliffs Engineering

Shadow Cliffs Engineering

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Pleasanton, California 94588

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Shadow Cliffs Engineering is owned by Jeffrey Safire. Consulting experience spans more than 35 years and includes disciplines in Hard Disk Drive software and firmware development, read channels, and servo systems; Optical Drive development, Printers, Scanners, Medical Devices, and Web programming and software development. Jeff has 19 years experience as a technical expert witness, providing services for copyright infringement, source code comparison, patent infringement, IPR, and trade secret.


Shadow Cliffs Engineering has extensive experience in the development of real-time control software, including hard disk drives, printers and scanners, medical devices, and more. Areas of particular expertise include, but are not limited to - SCSI, RAID, iSCSI, SAS, Serial-Attached SCSI, IDE/ATAPI, Compact Flash, USB 2.0, P-1394 (Firewire), RS-232, DSP, servo control, and PRML read channel and magnetics.

Programming environments and disciplines include Assembly, 'C', Pascal, Basic, Awk, RTOS, Nucleus, QNX, WinNT, Unix, Linux, and MacOS. We also provide expert-witness services (intellectual property, patents, trademarks). We have more recent experience in HTML, Javascript, Perl and CGI programming for website development.

Litigation Support Services

Shadow Cliffs Engineering patent infringement litigation experience includes substantial forensic analysis of numerous hard disk drives, as well as devices such as Set-Top-Boxes which typically contain hard disk drives and/or optical storage drives. Niche areas also include SCSI, iSCSI, ATA/IDE, Fiber Channel, RAID, PATA, SATA, SAS and Storage Networks.

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About Jeffrey Safire, Expert Witness
About Shadow Cliffs Engineering, Expert Witness
Firmware Forensic Services
Software Legal Consultant
Computer Storage Expert Witness
Patent Infringement Litigation, Forensic Consultant

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Professional Experience

February, 2005 – Present
Washington, DC Expert Consultant
Expert Consultant engaged in forensic electronic and operational analysis. Including (multiple) patent interpretations, claim charts, extensive electronic and operational analysis, court tutorial, expert report

August, 2004 – Present
Austin, TX Expert Consultant
Expert Consultant research on patent involving Host Computer System – Hard Disk communication. Including patent interpretations, claim charts, electronic, firmware and operational analysis, court tutorial, expert report

January, 2004 – September, 2004
Irvine, CA Expert Consultant
Expert Consultant research work involving multiple hard disk drive patent infringement studies. Including (multiple) patent interpretations, claim charts, forensic electronic analysis of device, and expert report

September, 2003 – December, 2003
Austin, TX Consultant
Consultant advisory role for Hardware, Firmware, and Software design of SCSI-based military-spec Flash “drive”. (SCSI-1,2, ‘C’, VHDL, Xylinx)

Legal Experience & Services

Shadow Cliffs Engineering provides consulting services for software and firmware development, as well as expert witness and forensic expert consulting in patent infringement litigation.


IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IDEMA – International Disk drive Equipment Manufacturers Association
STA – SCSI Trade Association
FCIA – Fibre Channel Industry Association
SNIA – Storage Networking Industry Association
IEEE-CNSV – Consultants’ Network of Silicon Valley
PATCA – Professional and Technical Consultants Association
Flash Memory Summit (Conference Advisory Board)

Professional References

References available upon request


1979 - 1980 Heald School of Electronics

1977 - 1979 San Diego State University, BSEE program; English

1976 – 1977 University of California, Irvine, Mathematics/Physics

1973 – 1976 Dana Hills High School, Dana Point, CA
Concentration in Mathematics, Dean's List

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