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Rappoport Development Consulting Services LLC

Rappoport Development Consulting Services LLC
California - Serving: Throughout California, and All of the United States

Phone (858) 205-4748

Certified and Registered Consulting Arborist, Landscape, Horticulture & Land Development Expert

Jeremy Rappoport, President of Rappoport Development Consulting Services LLC. RDCS LLC, provides professional consulting services in the fields of arboriculture, landscape, horticulture, land development and site construction. Services include forensic expert witness consulting and litigation support for attorneys and...

  • Everhart Horticulture Consulting

    Horticulture and Herbicide Drift Expert Witness Services

    1208 Chestnut Street
    Atlantic, Iowa
    Phone: (712) 249-3868
  • Mark J. Buberl

    Landscape and Arboriculture Expert Witness

    2541 Monte Verde Drive
    Laguna Niguel, California
    Phone: (949) 388-2371

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