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Trucking experts evaluate the safe operation of commercial vehicles and standards of care and accepted practices of commercial vehicle operators and motor carriers. Areas of expertise include regulatory compliance, defensive driving, driver actions and responses, air brake systems, commercial vehicle inspection procedures, ECM (“black-box”) data and on-board computers. Behaviors that lead to or that increase the consequences of crashes such as unsafe driving, fatigued driving, driver fitness, controlled substances and alcohol, vehicle maintenance, cargo related issues, crash history involvement and the corporate safety culture are investigated. Experts may also reconstruct, test or reenact a particular maneuver or procedure.

  • Pasadena Scientific

    Biomechanics, Traffic Accident Analysis, and Product Failure Analysis Expert Witness Services

    651 South Los Robles Avenue
    Pasadena, California
    Phone: (626) 755-1150
  • Patrick Gratzianna / Midwest Fleet Safety, Inc.

    Auto & Truck Towing and Vehicle Recovery Expert

    915 N. Ventura Dr
    Palatine, Illinois
    Phone: (847) 991-8246
  • Performance Analysis

    Accident Reconstruction, Mechanical Failure Analysis, Product Failure and Liability Expert

    203 Turnberry Drive
    Covington, Louisiana
    Phone: (985) 276-4440
  • Railroad Industries Incorporated

    Full-Service Transportation Consulting Firm & Expert Witness Services

    1575 Delucchi Lane, Suite 210
    Reno, Nevada
    Phone: (775) 329-4855
  • Reed Transportation Service Inc.

    Trucking and Construction Industry Consultant & Expert Witness

    4475 Beacon Hill Road
    Columbus, Ohio
    Phone: (614) 853-0340
  • Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.

    Multi-Discipline Engineering, Forensics and Business Analysis - Expert Witness Services

    8 Greenway Plaza, Suite 500
    Houston, Texas
    Phone: (713) 621-3550
  • Robert T. Tolbert, P.E.

    Expert Engineering Consultation Services

    810 Paradise Cove Lane
    Wilsonville, Alabama
    Phone: (205) 670-5733
  • Roger G. Johnston, Ph.D., CPP

    Security Assessment

    5 Navajo Court
    Oswego, Illinois
    Phone: (630) 551-0740
  • Southeastern Metallurgy, LLC

    Metallurgy & Failure Analysis Expert Witness

    11977 Marbon Meadows Drive
    Jacksonville, Florida
    Phone: (904) 233-3660
  • Southern Cross Consulting Services, LLC

    Specializing in Trucking Safety & Claims

    1914 Milwaukee Ave
    Wausau, Wisconsin
    Phone: (715) 323-7995
  • SPA, inc.

    OSHA, Construction Safety, Slips Trips Falls Expert Witness

    203 West 11th Avenue
    Baltimore, Maryland
    Phone: (410) 789-5888
  • System Engineering And Laboratories (SEAL)

    Laboratory Services, Forensic Engineering, Safety Engineers and Fire Investigations Expert Witness

    12785 State Hwy 64 E
    Tyler, Texas
    Phone: (800) 624-0905
  • The Economics Group, LLC

    Forensic Economics Litigation Support and Expert Witness Services

    18866 Old River Drive
    West Linn, Oregon
    Phone: (503) 957 9554
  • Thomas M. O'Brien - Conflict Resolution Specialist

    Labor Relations and Employment Consultant

    13237 W. Palm Lane
    Goodyear, Arizona
    Phone: (623) 547-4555
  • V. Paul Herbert, C.P.S.A.

    Transportation & Commercial Motor Vehicle (Truck, Bus & Forklift) Safety Expert Witness

    954 Butterfly Valley Road
    Quincy, California
    Phone: (800) 875-7389
  • Vogel Safety & Risk, Inc.

    Transportation Safety Expert Witness

    8178 S Humboldt Circle
    Denver, Colorado
    Phone: (888) 605-4423
  • Marine, Transportation and Energy Insurance Experts

    Marine and Transportation Insurance Expert Witness and Litigation Support

    333 Adelaide Street East
    Suite 909
    Toronto, Canada
    Phone: 905 781 0146
  • Michel Lair, B.Sc.A.

    Forensic & Human Factor Investigation

    2140 Chemin des Trois-Lacs
    Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury, Canada
    Phone: (418) 569-4485
  • Truck Tech Corp.

    Collision Reconstructionist Expert Witness

    916 36A St., NW
    Calgary, Canada
    Phone: (403) 270-0212

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