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Top Reasons to List your Company in an Expert Witness Directory

  1. Prospective clients want to compare offers. The easiest and fastest way is to consult directories where many companies are listed. This is a much more efficient way than to click on different websites.

  2. Information and listings in directories are presented in the same way for every expert witness, making it quick, relevant and fast to find a company.

  3. Directories occupy most of the first 15 positions in the search engines for keywords that are crucial to your business. If your company's website is in the 11th position or lower, you actually appear on the second page of the search engine for most surfers.

  4. The majority of the searches are for areas of expertise and not company names or experts' names. Directories are at the top of the search engines when it comes to keywords describing expertise and services.

  5. Directories have hundreds of pages of content, thousands of incoming links, big Internet resources, and inside SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technicians to make sure they stay at the top of the search engines. By appearing on these directories, it makes it easier for potential clients to find you.

  6. Compared to any other type of advertising, Internet directories offer a nationwide (even international) presence at a very reasonable price. You can update and improve your information at any time and results are easy to monitor.

  7. Internet directories help you build your corporate image. The internet is the medium of the 21st Century and you want to be part of it.

  8. Directories are like professional phone books. A nice presence improves your company's image and provides valuable information to prospective clients. A free line tells clients that you are not a very big company.

  9. If you are also a forensic expert, offer litigation services, or are available to speak at legal conferences, choose directories that list you for all these specialties, for one global fee, especially if you only have a small budget to spend on any one of these services.

Consider the time you need to consult any paper directory compared to a search on the Internet. Look for expert witness + any area of expertise in a nationwide paper publication and compare the time spent on the same search on Google; Internet searches are much quicker and generally more comprehensive.

Prospective clients such as lawyers have long understood how to spare valuable time by looking for your services and expertise on the Internet.

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