Expert Witness Marketing: Experts on Experts

By: Margaret Grisdela is President of Legal Expert Connections , specializing in marketing and business development in the legal market and litigation support markets.  You can reach her at

As an expert, chances are that you frequently explain to attorneys why they should retain you to assist them in formulating case strategy or evaluating opposing testimony. Have you ever thought that sometimes the expert needs an expert? 

Turning to a marketing expert can accelerate your expert witness sales cycle.  Here are three key reasons why:

1. Self promotion is awkward and time consuming

Trying to arrange a speaking engagement with a prime law firm or legal organization, for example, can take 5-10 calls and emails over a 60 day period. This is a two-edged sword, because you can’t afford the time to book the event but you don’t want to lose out on a valuable opportunity. Using an independent marketer who understands the nuances of the legal and litigation support markets solves the problem.

2. Gain additional resources with delegation

Like just-in-time manufacturing, an experienced expert marketing professional can step in when you need assistance to create a new sales campaign or update your corporate image.  You’ll be better able to compete more effectively against larger firms when you have first-class marketing materials.

3. Make money with a better return on your marketing budget

Expert marketers know which campaigns will generate results quickly. When you need leads fast, an online marketing expert can implement ad campaigns that start to work literally within minutes. A marketer who has proven themselves working with a wide variety of legal experts will be able to quickly pinpoint ways you can get more leads and generate more business. 

Your expert witness practice will become more profitable when you have the right customized marketing program working in your favor.  Revenues will increase when your pipeline fills, plus you will enjoy a higher return on investment in your marketing campaigns.

You may be saying, “But I can do this myself!” 

Maybe you can do it yourself, but remember that marketing is a process and not an event.  Effective marketing must be integrated across multiple channels, including online, print advertising, direct mail, speaking engagements, publishing opportunities and even public relations. Abandoning your marketing program when business is booming sets you up for the roller coaster ride of feast or famine.  Someone needs to keep priming the sales pump while you serve your clients.

Why wait? 

Every day you delay means lost litigation support opportunities. As a businessperson, you owe it to yourself to explore alternative ways of expanding your expert witness practice. The marketing world changes rapidly, particularly online. Make sure you are taking advantage of the latest cost-effective campaigns that can bring litigators knocking. Don’t leave business on the table for your competition!

Does your business have a gap between your current sales level and your sales goal?  Contact the author for fresh ideas on how you can accelerate your business development cycle.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Margaret Grisdela is President of Legal Expert Connections, specializing in marketing and business development in the legal and litigation support markets. She served as the 2005 President of the Florida Direct Marketing Association. You can reach her at

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