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Real-World Forensic Engineering, LLC

Real-World Forensic Engineering, LLC - Lubbock, Texas

Call (806) 368-9811
Engineering Education, Consulting, Forensic Engineering, Expert Witness & Litigation Support

Over the past two decades, Real World Forensic Engineering has provided engineering consulting to industry and government labs, as well as litigation support services to both plaintiff and defense attorneys practicing in the following areas of law:
Product Liability / Personal Injury Law: Component Defect and...

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M.B. Pasternack & Associates, Inc.

M.B. Pasternack & Associates, Inc. - Sarasota, Florida

Call (941) 927-3513
Chemical Industry Consultant and Expert Witness

M.B. Pasternack & Associates, Inc, provides expert witness services for paints, coatings, chemicals, accidents, personal injury, failure analysis, polymers, plastics, product defects, adhesives, EPA, hazardous materials, laboratory testing, MSDS, OSHA, patents, safety, and solvents.

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Materials Science Associates, LLC

Materials Science Associates, LLC - North Kingstown, Rhode Island

Call (401) 290-8823
Medical Science, Biomedical Engineering, Materials and Medical Devices Expert Witnesses

Dr. John D. Jarrell, PhD, PE, is an experienced multi-discipline engineer specializing in the analysis of complex designs and failures involving materials, mechanical and biological systems. He has been a licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer, since 1996 and actively involved in engineering analysis, design,...

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J.E.I. Metallurgical, Inc.

J.E.I. Metallurgical, Inc. - Dallas, Texas

Call (972) 934-0493
Product Liability and Failure Analysis Metallurgical Expert Witness

J.E.I. Metallurgical, Inc., a product liability metallurgical expert witness firm headed by Dr. R. Craig Jerner, Ph.D., PE offers over 40 years of professional experience in Accident Investigation, Products Liability, Metallurgical Failure Analysis, Litigation Consulting, and Expert Witness Services.

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J. B. Giacoma Consulting, LLC

J. B. Giacoma Consulting, LLC - Martinez, California

Call (925) 681-3342
Plumbing, HVAC, Construction, Piping Systems, Asbestos Expert Witness

J. B. Giacoma Consulting, LLC provides consulting and evaluation services for Plumbing/Mechanical related projects. Work with attorneys and other clients to resolve case issues. Construction defects - Personal liability claims. Construction claims - Cost estimating (Plaintiff or defense).

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Expert Strategy Group

Expert Strategy Group - Henderson, Nevada

Call (800) 521-2877
Expert Witness Referral

You set the criteria, we find the expert. Expert Strategy Group offers a superior referral solution tailored to your specific litigation requirements. We have a network of thousands of expert witness professionals across various industries with extremely specialized qualifications, skills and backgrounds. Let our team...

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Lapina & Associates, LLC

Lapina & Associates, LLC - Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania

Call (724) 772-2695
Forensic Engineering and Science Expert Witness

Lapina & Associates, LLC provides consulting and expert forensic engineering and scientific services to legal and insurance professionals toward the resolution of industrial, commercial, and residential personal injury and property damage claims and litigation.

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Consolidated Consultants Co.

Consolidated Consultants Co. - Chula Vista, California

Call (800) 683-9847
Free Expert Witness & Medical Expert Witness Referrals Nationwide

Consolidated Consultants, or CCc as it is widely known, is a national referral service for both the expert witness and medical expert fields. We have thousands of expert witnesses, as well as medical experts, in our directory. We are focused on providing complimentary first-rate referrals of expert witnesses and...

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DVI Aviation, Inc.

DVI Aviation, Inc. - Bolingbrook, Illinois

Call (630) 624-1347
Aircraft Accident Investigations and Failure Analysis Expert Witness

Mr. Meyers is an experienced aircraft accident investigator that combines scientific analysis, material science, laboratory testing, piloting expertise, aircraft maintenance and human factors to investigate air safety issues.

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EFI Global

EFI Global - Humble, Texas

Call (281) 358-4441
Engineering, Forensics, Fire Cause & Origin, Environmental, Failure Analysis Expert Witnesses

EFI Global is a full-service engineering, fire investigation, environmental, health and safety, and specialty consulting firm. Over the last four decades, we have grown from a boutique firm to become a recognized leader in engineering failure analysis, origin and cause investigations, and environmental consulting....

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Talbott Associates, Inc.

Talbott Associates, Inc. - Portland, Oregon

Call (503) 256-3852
Metallurgy & Failure Analysis Expert Witness

Dr. Reitz specializes in metallurgical investigations to determine if failures and accidents were caused by abuse, use of wrong material, improper heat treatment, design errors, or other reasons. Engineering analyses, calculations, physical testing and technical literature reviews can be performed to characterize...

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Materials Engineering Services, LLC

Materials Engineering Services, LLC - Frisco, Texas

Call (469) 777-6684
Forensic Metallurgy & Failure Analysis Expert Witness

Materials Engineering Services provides metallurgy and materials failure analysis expert witness, engineering education assessment, materials selection and engineering design training services, litigation support and expert consulting.

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  • AAFS Associates, Inc - West Palm Beach, Florida

    Forensic Accident Investigative Services - Expert Witness

    P.O. Box 31055
    Phone: (561) 832-6022
  • Advantec Engineering LLC - Avon, Connecticut

    Forensic Engineering, Metallurgy & Materials Failure Analysis Expert Witness

    219 Stagecoach Rd
    Phone: (860) 977-3099
  • Aerosol Technical Solutions, LLC - Raymond, New Hampshire

    Aerosol Products Consultant and Expert Witness

    129 Harriman Hill Road
    Phone: (603) 895-0778
  • AMERISK Engineering - Murrieta, California

    Facilities and Buildings Technical Due Diligence Expert Witness Services

    23811 Washington Ave ste 236
    Phone: (877) 606-7475
  • Applied Materials Technologies Inc. - Naperville, Illinois

    Accident Investigations & Expert Witness

    1979 N. Mill St.
    Suite 112
    Phone: (630) 562-1100
  • Arup - Edison, New Jersey

    Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Geotechnical, Fire Engineering and more

    499 Thornall Street, 9th Fl.
    Phone: 732-623-7480
  • Associated Construction Services, Inc. - Temecula, California

    Commercial & Residential Building Forensics & Investigations

    43385 Business Park Dr Ste 150
    Phone: 800-771-2460
  • Bison Engineering, Inc. - Houston, Texas

    Forensic Engineering, Failure Analysis, and Fire Investigation Expert Witness

    3423 Rivers Edge Trail
    Phone: (888) 502-4766
  • BPP-TECH LLC - Houston, Texas

    Engineering Consultants & Risk Analysts

    4544 Post Oak Place
    Suite 120
    Phone: (713) 866 4446
  • Builders Engineering Corporation - Columbia, South Carolina

    Building, Structural and Construction Experts

    Two Hillstone Court
    Phone: (803) 466-2466
  • C. B. Goldsmith and Associates, Inc. - Clearwater, Florida

    Forensic Architecture, Roofing and Exterior Envelope Consulting

    13101 - 56th Court North
    Phone: (727) 540-0456
  • Carl Walker, Inc. - Kalamazoo, Michigan

    Parking Experts-Planning, Design, Restoration

    5136 Lovers Lane
    Suite 200
    Phone: 269-381-2222
  • CASE Forensics Corporation (Consultants, Architects, Scientists, Engineers) - Mountlake Terrace, Washington

    Forensic and Consulting Engineering Services

    23109 55th Avenue West
    Phone: (425) 775-5550
  • Chason Energy, LLC - Golden, Colorado

    HVAC/Plumbing Forensic Expert Witness

    601 16th Street
    Suite C 143
    Phone: (303) 670-4430
  • Chemical Accident Reconstruction Services, Inc. - Tucson, Arizona

    Chemical, Fire and Explosion Expert Witness

    9121 E. Tanque Verde Road #105
    Phone: (800) 645-3369
  • Chemir Analytical Services - Maryland Heights, Missouri

    Chemical Analysis and Testing: Expert Witness and Litigation Support Services

    2672 Metro Blvd.
    Phone: (800) 659-7659
  • CorrConsult - Ashland, Massachusetts

    Corrosion Failure Analysis and Litigation Support

    55 Constitution Street
    Phone: 6173209111
  • e4 Consulting, Inc. - Jacksonville, Florida

    Materials and Metallurgy Engineering Expert Witness

    4600 Touchton Road
    Building 100, Suite 150
    Phone: (904) 279-9300
  • Forensic Analysis & Engineering Corporation - Hampton, Virginia

    Forensic Engineering & Accident Reconstruction

    2503 58th Street, Suite D
    Phone: (757) 265-9333
  • Grace Automotive Forensics - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Automotive Expert Witness, Automotive Collision Repair Investigation

    Northeast Philadelphia
    Phone: (215) 490-3221
  • HG Cornerstone, LLC - Boston, Massachusetts

    Forensic Engineer, Property Damage Assessments, and Construction Expert Witness

    3 Center Plaza, Suite 210
    Phone: (617) 575-2300
  • Hynes Aviation Services - Branson, Missouri

    Aviation Safety Audits, Mediation, Litigation

    1002 Cliff Drive
    Phone: 888.335.5754
  • Investigative Engineering of Virginia, A Division of Townes Site Engineering - Chesterfield, Virginia

    Traffic Crash Reconstruction, Fire Investigation & Structural Engineering Expert Witness

    9850 Lori Road, Suite 201
    Phone: (804) 414-1009
  • KHB Consulting Services - Evanston, Illinois

    Chemical Consultant and Expert Witness

    1889 Maple Avenue, Suite N-3
    Phone: (847) 475-2755
  • Marine Safety Center - Woodstock, Connecticut

    Marine Engineering, Vessel Contract Negotiations and Dispute Resolution Experts

    259 New Sweden Road
    Phone: (203) 915-0182
  • Mark K. Goldstein, Ph.D. - Del Mar, California

    Chemistry, Forensic Science Expert

    2248 Del Mar Heights Rd
    Phone: (858) 531-4852
  • Matco Associates, Inc. - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Failure Analysis and Corrosion Specialists

    4640 Campbells Run Road
    Phone: 412-788-1263
  • Materials Analysis, Inc. - Dallas, Texas

    Failure Analysis & Expert Witness Services

    10338 Miller Road
    Phone: (214) 343-3811
  • Medical Device Consulting LLC - Media, Pennsylvania

    Medical Device Consultant & Expert Witness

    275 Glen Riddle Road, Suite D22
    Phone: (216) 571-1532
  • O'Donnell Consulting Engineers, Inc. - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Engineering Design & Analysis Expert Consultants

    2940 South Park Road
    Phone: (412) 835-5007
  • Plumb-Tech Design & Consulting Services LLC - Monroe, Michigan

    Plumbing, Mechanical and Fuel Gas Systems Forensic Expert Witness

    3525 North Dixie Highway
    Phone: (734) 322-0225
  • RAI Technical Solutions, Inc. - West Chester, Pennsylvania

    Coatings, Corrosion, Plastics, Pretreatments Expert Witness

    1602 Tuckaway Trail
    Phone: (610) 761-6721
  • Rapperport Associates - Lexington, Massachusetts

    Failures, Fire and Explosion Investigation Expert Witness Services

    8 Wallis Court
    Phone: (781) 862-9001
  • Read Consulting LLC - Santa Rosa, California

    Glass & Window Product Liability Failure Analysis

    1435 Fulton Rd.
    Phone: 707-544-2374
  • Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc. - Houston, Texas

    Multi-Discipline Engineering, Forensics and Business Analysis - Expert Witness Services

    8 Greenway Plaza, Suite 500
    Phone: (713) 621-3550
  • RNDT, Inc. - Johnstown, Pennsylvania

    Non-destructive Testing & Research Services

    228 Maple Avenue
    Phone: 814-535-5448
  • Robson Forensic, Inc. - Lancaster, Pennsylvania

    National Multidiscipline Forensic Experts Firm

    Corporate HQ
    354 North Prince Street
    Phone: 800.813.6736

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