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Trucking experts evaluate the safe operation of commercial vehicles and standards of care and accepted practices of commercial vehicle operators and motor carriers. Areas of expertise include regulatory compliance, defensive driving, driver actions and responses, air brake systems, commercial vehicle inspection procedures, ECM (“black-box”) data and on-board computers. Behaviors that lead to or that increase the consequences of crashes such as unsafe driving, fatigued driving, driver fitness, controlled substances and alcohol, vehicle maintenance, cargo related issues, crash history involvement and the corporate safety culture are investigated. Experts may also reconstruct, test or reenact a particular maneuver or procedure.

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Kerezman Transportation Safety & Accident Analysis Services, LLC

Kerezman Transportation Safety & Accident Analysis Services, LLC - Palm Springs, California

Call (480) 246-5480
Trucking / Commercial Vehicle Safety & Accident Expert Witness

Ms. Anita Kerezman is a commercial vehicle operation and safety specialist with more than 38 years of professional experience in the trucking industry. She provides investigation and consulting on heavy vehicle accidents, including reenacting and full scale testing, and expert witness testimony.

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Laughlin Engineering Firm, LLC

Laughlin Engineering Firm, LLC - Houston, Texas

Call (281) 741-9226
Biomedical and Forensic Engineering Services - Expert Witness

Laughlin Engineering Firm, LLC provides forensic engineering services including accident reconstruction, injury biomechanics, human factors, failure analysis, and medical device engineering. Mr. Laughlin has reconstructed accidents involving cars, pedestrians, buses, trains, amusement park rides and commercial...

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Expert Reconstruction Company LLC

Expert Reconstruction Company LLC - San Luis Obispo, California

Call (888) 687-1334
Traffic Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness and Litigation Support

Expert Reconstruction Company LLC takes great pride in providing high quality traffic accident investigation and reconstruction services to the litigation community. We offer extensive experience with all types of traffic collisions including: automobiles, trucks, tractor-trailers, buses, trains, motorcycles,...

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Consolidated Consultants Co.

Consolidated Consultants Co. - Chula Vista, California

Call (800) 683-9847
Free Expert Witness & Medical Expert Witness Referrals Nationwide

Consolidated Consultants, or CCc as it is widely known, is a national referral service for both the expert witness and medical expert fields. We have thousands of expert witnesses, as well as medical experts, in our directory. We are focused on providing complimentary first-rate referrals of expert witnesses and...

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Crash Data Services, LLC

Crash Data Services, LLC - Algonquin, Illinois

Call (847) 217-6644
Accident Reconstruction and Crash Data Retrieval Expert Witness

Crash Data Services, LLC provides quality traffic accident reconstruction, including crash data retrieval and at-scene accident investigation. Our experts are retained throughout the United States. We customize our services to fit the needs of insurance providers, legal professionals, car rental agencies,...

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Accident Prevention & Investigation, Inc. - Ken Shorter, MS, CSP, ARM, TCDS

Accident Prevention & Investigation, Inc. - Ken Shorter, MS, CSP, ARM, TCDS - Baltimore, Maryland

Call (410) 744-5325
Accident Investigation/Analysis & Safety Expert Witness Services Provider

A P & I, Inc. specializes in investigation, analysis, and expert testimony for construction, demolition, temporary traffic control, pedestrian, and industrial accidents. We are heavily involved in cranes, demolition, trenching, falls, scaffolds, and all major issues. Expert witness and litigation support services are...

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Miller Engineering, Inc.

Miller Engineering, Inc. - Ann Arbor, Michigan

Call (734) 662-6822
Engineering Expert Witness & Consulting

Dr. Miller is Professor Emeritus of Engineering at the University of Michigan, a registered PE and has been an engineering consultant and expert witness for over 30 years. He specializes in warnings, labels and instruction manuals, consumer products, machine guarding, process safety, fires, vehicle visibility, tractor...

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Rosemary Coates

Rosemary Coates - Los Gatos, California

Call (408) 605-8867
Chinese Imports Expert Witness, Chinese Manufacturing Expert Witness, Supply Chain Expert Witness

Rosemary Coates is a Chinese manufactured products expert and a global supply chain expert. Primary areas of expertise: Chinese manufacturing, contract manufacturing, Chinese toys manufacturing, apparel and footwear manufacturing, Chinese electronics manufacturing, importing and exporting, trade compliance,...

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EFI Global

EFI Global - Humble, Texas

Call (281) 358-4441
Engineering, Forensics, Fire Cause & Origin, Environmental, Failure Analysis Expert Witnesses

EFI Global is a full-service engineering, fire investigation, environmental, health and safety, and specialty consulting firm. Over the last four decades, we have grown from a boutique firm to become a recognized leader in engineering failure analysis, origin and cause investigations, and environmental consulting....

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Burl Daniel, CPCU, CIC, CRM

Burl Daniel, CPCU, CIC, CRM - Fort Worth, Texas

Call (817) 980-4897
Insurance Expert Witness - Property and Casualty

Burl Daniel, CPCU, CIC, CRM is a Property & Casualty Insurance Expert Witness engaged by both Plaintiff and Defense counsel. Please visit for expanded CV and Cases list. He began his insurance career in 1973 while at the University of Texas obtaining a BBA - Insurance. Prior to serving as an expert...

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D. Wylie Associates

D. Wylie Associates - Santa Barbara, California

Call (805) 681-9289
Driver Fatigue & Forensic Human Factors Analysis for Accident Reconstruction - Expert Witness

Dennis Wylie is an internationally recognized human factors expert concerning driver error; inattention and improper lookout; driver fatigue; car, truck and bus driver skill and knowledge requirements; driver and motor carrier standards of care; hours of service violations; circadian rhythms; sleep debt; impaired...

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  • AAFS Associates, Inc - West Palm Beach, Florida

    Forensic Accident Investigative Services - Expert Witness

    P.O. Box 31055
    Phone: (561) 832-6022
  • AAFS Asssociates, Inc - West Palm Beach, Florida

    Forensic Accident Investigation, Diagnostics, Reconstructions and Expert Witness Services

    4686 LIllian Ave
    Phone: (561) 832-6022
  • ARCCA Inc. - Penns Park, Pennsylvania

    National Multidiscipline Forensic Experts Firm

    2288 Second Street Pike
    Phone: (215) 598-9750
  • Armstrong Forensic Engineers - Lutz, Florida

    Accident Reconstruction, Forensic Engineering, and Expert Testimony

    17844 N. US Highway 41
    Phone: (813) 948-8010
  • Augspurger Komm Engineering Inc. - Phoenix, Arizona

    Forensic Mechanical, Bio, Electrical, Structural Engineering Experts

    3315 E. Wier Ave
    Phone: (877) 674-9336
  • Auto Fire & Safety Consultants, Inc. - Conroe, Texas

    Fire Investigation and Vehicle Accidents Expert Witness

    18500 Trails End Road
    Phone: (281) 362-0930
  • Beacon Forensic, P.C. - Richmond, Virginia

    Forensic Engineering, Accident Reconstruction, and Intellectual Property Services

    3900 Westerre Pkwy #300
    Phone: (804) 874-3935
  • Biodynamic Research Corporation (BRC) - San Antonio, Texas

    Biomechanics and Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness

    5711 University Heights Boulevard, Suite 100
    Phone: (210) 691-0281
  • C. Roberts Consulting Engineers, Inc. - Rochelle, Illinois

    Accident Recon., Failure, Electrical, Mechanical, Auto, Agricultural, Structural-Expert Witness

    2090 Brush Grove Road
    Phone: (815) 561 4445
  • Causey Engineering, LLC - Lakeway, Texas

    Industrial, Construction and Agriculture Equipment Expert Witness Services

    403 Golf Crest Ln
    Phone: (512) 261-3930
  • Circadian Expert Services, Inc. - Dr. Martin Moore-Ede - Stoneham, Massachusetts

    Driver Fatigue/Human Fatigue Expert Witness

    2 Main Street, Suite 310
    Phone: 781-439-6300
  • Colton Creative, LLC - Boca Raton, Florida

    Video Settlement Brochure, Strategic Litigation Communication

    7777 Glades Road
    Suite 100
    Phone: (877) 484-4611
  • Crash & Safety Consultants, LLC - Chesterfield, Virginia

    Commercial Motor Vehicle Reconstruction Expert Witness

    P.O. Box 1809
    Phone: (804) 822-2609
  • David G. Dwinell - Youngtown, Arizona

    Transportation Brokering Forensic Expert Witness

    11116 West California Avenue, Suite J
    Phone: (623) 974-2232
  • Ebert & Associates Inc. - Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Accident Photo Analysis & Mapping; Aerial Photo Analysis and Mapping Expert Witness

    3700 Rio Grande Blvd NW
    Suite 3
    Phone: (505) 344-2345
  • Forensic Animations - 21st Century - Fort Worth, Texas

    3D Computer Forensic Animation - Expert Witness and Litigation Support

    2200 Mistletoe Avenue
    Phone: (800) 460-2887
  • ForensisGroup Expert Witness Services - Pasadena, California

    Select Group of Forensic Business, Construction, Engineering, Medical, Scientific Expert Witnesses

    301 N Lake Ave
    Suite 420
    Phone: (626) 795-5000
  • Investigative Engineering of Virginia, A Division of Townes Site Engineering - Chesterfield, Virginia

    Traffic Crash Reconstruction, Fire Investigation & Structural Engineering Expert Witness

    9850 Lori Road, Suite 201
    Phone: (804) 414-1009
  • Larry Miller - San Dimas, California

    Trucking Expert Witness

    342 Fargo Road
    Phone: (909) 720-4368
  • LWG Consulting - Northbrook, Illinois

    Cause & Origin Expert Witness- Electrical, Mechanical, Structural Accidents

    3455 Commercial Avenue
    Phone: (800) 326-5075
  • Pasadena Scientific - Pasadena, California

    Biomechanics, Traffic Accident Analysis, and Product Failure Analysis Expert Witness Services

    651 South Los Robles Avenue
    Phone: (626)755-1150
  • Performance Analysis - Covington, Louisiana

    Accident Reconstruction, Mechanical Failure Analysis, Product Failure and Liability Expert

    203 Turnberry Drive
    Phone: (985) 276-4440
  • Reed Transportation Service Inc. - Columbus, Ohio

    Trucking and Construction Industry Consultant & Expert Witness

    4475 Beacon Hill Road
    Phone: (614) 853-0340
  • Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc. - Houston, Texas

    Multi-Discipline Engineering, Forensics and Business Analysis - Expert Witness Services

    8 Greenway Plaza, Suite 500
    Phone: (713) 621-3550
  • Robert T. Tolbert, P.E. - Wilsonville, Alabama

    Expert Engineering Consultation Services

    810 Paradise Cove Lane
    Phone: (205) 670-5733
  • Southeastern Metallurgy, LLC - Jacksonville, Florida

    Metallurgy & Failure Analysis Expert Witness

    11977 Marbon Meadows Drive
    Phone: (904) 233-3660
  • SPA, inc. - Baltimore, Maryland

    OSHA, Construction Safety, Slips Trips Falls Expert Witness

    203 West 11th Avenue
    Phone: (410) 789-5888
  • System Engineering And Laboratories (SEAL) - Tyler, Texas

    Laboratory Services, Forensic Engineering, Safety Engineers and Fire Investigations Expert Witness

    12785 State Hwy 64 E
    Phone: (800) 624-0905
  • The Economics Group, LLC - West Linn, Oregon

    Forensic Economics Litigation Support and Expert Witness Services

    18866 Old River Drive
    Phone: (503) 957 9554
  • V. Paul Herbert, C.P.S.A. - Quincy, California

    Transportation & Commercial Motor Vehicle (Truck, Bus & Forklift) Safety Expert Witness

    954 Butterfly Valley Road
    Phone: (800) 875-7389
  • Vogel Safety & Risk, Inc. - Denver, Colorado

    Transportation Safety Expert Witness

    8178 S Humboldt Circle
    Phone: (888) 605-4423
  • Michel Lair, Ing. - Quebec, Canada

    Forensic Engineering & Human Factor Investigation

    101 Rue St-Paul
    Suite 2
    Phone: (418) 569-4485

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