Drug Testing Expert Witnesses

Drug Testing Experts Testimony and Legal Consultants

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  • Albensi - Winnipeg, Canada

    Neuropharmacology Consultant

    St Boniface Res. Ctr. & Univ. of Manitoba
    351 Tache Ave. /R4050
    Phone: 204-235-3942
  • Kemic Bioresearch Labs Ltd. - Kentville, Canada

    Forensic Toxicology, Pharmacology & Pharmacokinetics Consultants - Expert Witness Services

    22 Nichols Avenue
    Phone: (902) 678-8195
  • Wallener Medicolegal Consulting - Victoria, Canada

    Medical and Scientific Literature; Pharmacology - Expert Witness

    Raincoast Business Centre
    1027 Pandora Avenue
    Phone: (250) 815-1036

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