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  • Rosalie Hamilton

    Be a Better Expert Witness

    We want to be better people, kinder, healthier, wealthier, thinner, and more competent at what we do. For example, some of my personal goals for the coming year are: 1. In my dealings with people I will remind myself that almost everyone is coping with one or more personal issues that affect their potential for happiness in a major way and that they welcome a gentle word or touch. 2....

  • Joel McLaughlin

    Is Law Firm SEM and Search Engine Optimization Necessary For Your Company?

    Today, more and more businesses are placing larger portions of their advertising spend to these strategies. The need for this has become more apparent, and it is clear that simply having a website is no longer enough to increase your clientele base and revenues. You must target your specific online audience in the internet landscape today in order to be effective. Law firm SEM and search...

  • Law Firm SEO Pro

    Your Professional Reputation

    Marketing a law firm is different. From professional ethics considerations, to the intimate nature of the services that attorneys provide many traditional marketing strategies simply aren't wise to apply to marketing a law firm. This is especially true when it comes to Internet marketing. Historically, the Internet has been much like the Wild West. What few rules and regulations have existed...

  • Robert Bartlett, Principal, Bartlett Joseph Associates, Retail Management consultants.

    Budgeting: How to Maximize Your Results

    Budgeting: How to Maximize Your Results by Bob Bartlett Do you feel like you are pushing rocks uphill? Are modest sales gains being eaten up by surging healthcare, utility and freight costs? Ever wonder how some chain stores manage to consistently achieve year to year sales and earnings increases? Its a simple management concept called continuous improvement. We get better every time...