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  • Pam Day

    Five Tips to Help Avoid Delays in the Content Writing Process

    Get the Right People on Board. One of the most important things you can do to get your content writing project off to a good start is to get the right people on board.  Whether you are a small, local law firm or a mega operation with offices around the globe, you need to assemble a team of individuals who not only believe in the project, but are also able to give it the time and attention...

  • By Margaret Grisdela, Legal Expert Connections, Inc.

    Increase Client Retention

    Once you have signed a new client, your next challenge is to foster a successful long-term relationship that will withstand the effects of a competitive marketplace. (Note that this concept is less applicable to firms with a transaction-based business.) Successful firms develop a client service model that maximizes the life of the account. New business obtained from current or past clients...

  • Joel McLaughlin

    Effective Website Marketing will Drive Legal Clients to Law Firms

    The Internet has made it possible for literally any business to reach a global audience. When effective Internet marketing and SEO strategies are put into place, you can expect to see major accomplishments in your business. Long gone are the days that your business only reaches the eyes and ears of local prospects. There are thousands of attorney and lawyer services on the Internet, many...

  • Margaret Grisdela

    Link In to Social Networking

    Wondering where you can find your next new client? Internet savvy attorneys are hitting the keyboard to build online referral networks that supplement traditional face-to-face networking. LinkedIn® is one of the most popular "social networking" sites among business users today. Over 30 million professionals from around the world, representing 150 industries, connect with prospects electronically...