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  • Margaret Grisdela

    10 Ways to Get More Business Fast

    1. Prioritize current accounts. Focus your business development efforts on clients with the best growth potential. Not every client is created equal. 2. Take a client to lunch “off the clock.” Listen more than you talk and be alert to new business needs. 3. Cross-sell and up-sell. Look for ways you can sell more services to existing clients. Never assume that your clients understand your...

  • AttorneySync Law Firm Internet Marketing

    3 Keys To Identifying A Successful Law Firm Internet Directory Listing

    When it comes to choosing services, products, and solutions for marketing your law firm online, there are literally thousands of options. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of these options simply don't work. Registering your firm in a legal directory can be an excellent source of new clients from the web. However, not all legal directories are created equal. When trying to forecast...

  • Peter Boyd

    Conversion Review Checklist: 67 Things to Check on Your Law Firm Website

    Identify the Firm's Focus Before you dive into the full list the biggest question to answer is "what does the firm do?" Quickly ask yourself, "can I identify what the firm does in three seconds or less?" If the answer is no, there is an issue. Your conversion problem could be as simple as people not understanding what you do. Fix this before moving forward with the rest of the list. Revise Con

  • Chris Dreyer

    10 SEO Questions All Attorneys Ask

    Can you Guarantee Me First Page Rankings? This is both a very common question and a very common claim throughout the industry. The fast answer is no, first page rankings are not guaranteed. While Google’s algorithm (and those of other search engines) can be influenced, they cannot be controlled absolutely. This is sort of the same as asking if we run this super bowl commercial, are we guaranteed...