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  • Beryl Vaughan

    Are Expert Directories a Good Marketing Tool for Expert Witnesses in Psychiatry and Psychology?

    In Forensic Fellowship you doubtless never had a conversation about Marketing, how to get work, or available resources to do so. You should know about navigating Expert Directories and Referral Services--or if they are a good idea in your field. "I don't know how" is the most common plea I hear from the recently Board-Certified. In fact, I hear it from Forensic Psychiatrists and Psychologists...

  • Margaret Grisdela

    How to Become an Expert Witness - Part 3: How to Promote your Expert Witness Practice

    Start with a strong Internet marketing campaign. As I always say, “you must be present to win” on the Internet. is the perfect place to hang your shingle. While you can get a free basic listing, we recommend making the very small investment in upgrading to a “premium” listing. You will be able to post your photo and full contact information, supplemented with extensive information...

  • Elizabeth Ferris

    Vision, Mission & Values - Do We Need All 3?

    I often write about the importance of developing a unified vision for helping an organization to achieve accelerated and profitable growth. Recently, a client asked me a very interesting question. “What is the difference between vision, mission and values, and what does each component do and why you need all of them?” The terms vision, mission and values have become over used words and...

  • Les Altenberg, President, A.L.T. Legal Professionals Marketing Group

    ROI: Determining How Your Marketing Measures Up

    A lot of that however is changing. The reason is simple. With new mediums and new technologies, the ability to track the results of a firm’s promotional efforts is now greater than ever. And with that capability comes two concepts that previously have lived only in the back burner of marketing lexicon. They are “return on investment” and “accountability”. Clearly the goal of any marketing...