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  • Dr. Eric Cole, CISSP

    Dr. Eric Cole, CISSP

    Cybersecurity Expert WitnessA computer and cybersecurity expert witness with over 30 years of hands-on experience, Dr. Cole is an expert witness in information technology with a...

  • Swanson Emergency Medical Services, PLLC

    Swanson Emergency Medical Services, PLLC

    Emergency Medicine and Environmental Medicine Expert WitnessTerrell J. Swanson, MD, FAWM, has been an Emergency Medicine (EM) Physician for a total of 15 years. He has worked in a variety of settings including...

  • Fulcrum Inquiry

    Fulcrum Inquiry

    Damages, Valuation & Accounting Expert WitnessesFulcrum Inquiry is a business and financial consulting firm. We have expertise in accounting, appraisal, economics, and finance. Our more experienced...

  • The Equine Expert LLC

    The Equine Expert LLC

    Equine Expert Witness, Consulting and Appraisal ServicesThe Equine Expert LLC is an expert witness firm, and our expertise spans dozens of disciplines and specializations in the equine industry by...

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The mission of Litigation Support consultants is to provide the legal field with a wide range of pretrial and trial services for litigation preparedness.

Legal Marketing

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  • Amanda Wishner

    Google’s Featured Snippets: How to Make Your Content Stand Out in SERPs

    For SEO experts, our goal has always been getting our clients to rank for position #1 in the search results. However, with the addition of featured snippets, we are all scrambling to understand the science (or mysterious SEO magic) behind the coveted “position 0.” If you aren’t familiar with what a featured snippet is, think back to the last time you searched for a question on Google. For...

  • Les Altenberg, President, A.L.T. Legal Professionals Marketing Group

    ROI: Determining How Your Marketing Measures Up

    A lot of that however is changing. The reason is simple. With new mediums and new technologies, the ability to track the results of a firm’s promotional efforts is now greater than ever. And with that capability comes two concepts that previously have lived only in the back burner of marketing lexicon. They are “return on investment” and “accountability”. Clearly the goal of any marketing...

  • Margaret Grisdela

    How to Escape Legal Marketing Limbo

    Marketing used to be simple. The Yellow Pages served as a leading advertising channel for personal injury attorneys, while a basic website and nice brochure met the marketing needs of most plaintiff or defense law firms. Add in a strong referral network, and the average law firm of 20 years ago was able to keep the phones ringing without too much work. How times have changed! Effective...

  • Beryl Vaughan

    Are Expert Directories a Good Marketing Tool for Expert Witnesses in Psychiatry and Psychology?

    In Forensic Fellowship you doubtless never had a conversation about Marketing, how to get work, or available resources to do so. You should know about navigating Expert Directories and Referral Services--or if they are a good idea in your field. "I don't know how" is the most common plea I hear from the recently Board-Certified. In fact, I hear it from Forensic Psychiatrists and Psychologists...