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  • Joel McLaughlin

    Law Firm Search Engine Optimization - Ensure you Choose the Right Provider

    Do you currently operate a law firm and you are excited about the chance to take your law firm to the next level? Do you want to grab top placement in the search engines and be placed directly in front of prospective clients? Most likely, you have already given some consideration to employing a search engine marketing campaign, however all too often this task can seem daunting and foreign...

  • Margaret Grisdela

    How to Become an Expert Witness - Part 3: How to Promote your Expert Witness Practice

    Start with a strong Internet marketing campaign. As I always say, “you must be present to win” on the Internet. is the perfect place to hang your shingle. While you can get a free basic listing, we recommend making the very small investment in upgrading to a “premium” listing. You will be able to post your photo and full contact information, supplemented with extensive information...

  • Tom O'Leary

    Facebook for Lawyers

    Have you searched on the Internet and tried to find a guide to set up a Facebook business page for your law firm? Not a lot out there, was there? A lot websites talk about Facebook for lawyers, but most do not help with setting up a Facebook business page. And trying to rely on Facebook to walk you through setting up a business page (known as a Fan Page) is a nightmare. They almost go...

  • Margaret Grisdela

    Five Ways to Become a Thought Leader

    Many attorneys are finalizing and launching their legal marketing plans. As part of this process, take a few minutes to think of how you can strengthen your own role as a thought leader. By definition, a thought leader is a person who has specialized knowledge and expertise in a particular subject and promotes a forward-thinking approach to the topic through speaking, publishing, PR, and...