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  • Dr. Larry Chiagouris

    Survey Research to Support Litigation

    Survey research is used to provide greater levels of understanding in a wide variety of disputes. Issues such as consumer confusion, misleading advertising claims, disparagement, copyright infringement and trademark disputes can be better assessed as a result of developing and executing survey research. The purpose of this monograph is to aid attorneys in understanding what research standards...

  • Margaret Grisdela

    10 Ways to Get More Business Fast

    1. Prioritize current accounts. Focus your business development efforts on clients with the best growth potential. Not every client is created equal. 2. Take a client to lunch “off the clock.” Listen more than you talk and be alert to new business needs. 3. Cross-sell and up-sell. Look for ways you can sell more services to existing clients. Never assume that your clients understand your...

  • AttorneySync

    3 Local Law Firm SEO Ideas

    Most law firms need to bring in new clients from a certain geographic location. Consequently local search engines such as Superpages, Yellowpages, Yelp, Google Places, Yahoo Local, and others tend to be excellent places to get relevant, targeted traffic for your site. Below I discuss three approaches you can use to help enhance your firm's rankings in local search results. 1. Get Listed...

  • Joel McLaughlin

    Search Engine Optimization for Law Firms - Why it is Essential for your Business

    You may have attempted to do this yourself, and found you had too little time or not enough knowledge to do it efficiently. Or, you may have hired a firm who would supposedly propel you to the top of the rankings, only to have wasted money and been very disappointed with the results of their efforts. Either way, if your lawyer firm is not listed on the first two pages (preferably page one),...