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  • Margaret Grisdela, Internet Marketing and Law Firm Consultant

    Internet Marketing Meta Tag Tips for Lawyers and Experts

    A few very simple lines of HTML code have the power to help or hinder your website’s search engine performance. Known as “meta tags,” these short commands describe the contents of a web page. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines use meta tags to varying degrees in promoting and displaying your web site to interested searchers. This article describes the title tag, description tag,...

  • Greg Wildman

    YouTube for Attorneys: Rounding out Your Social Media Campaign

    We are truly Internet enthusiasts. With Americans spending an average of 23 hours per week on the global marketplace, Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn have become a staple in both our personal and professional lives. On a personal level we rely on social media to stay in touch with family and friends but in our professional lives we expect these marketing leaders to work 24/7 to promote and...

  • PaperStreet Team

    7 Steps to SEO Success

    If you've decided that an SEO campaign is the next step for your law firm, you are in the right place. We make the whole SEO process simple and hassle-free, taking care of all the details for you. Curious as to how we do it? Here is a general outline of how our proven method works SEO magic: 1) Researching Key Words An important first step in any SEO campaign is deciding what search engine...

  • Elizabeth Ferris

    Vision, Mission & Values - Do We Need All 3?

    I often write about the importance of developing a unified vision for helping an organization to achieve accelerated and profitable growth. Recently, a client asked me a very interesting question. “What is the difference between vision, mission and values, and what does each component do and why you need all of them?” The terms vision, mission and values have become over used words and...