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  • Leon A. Kappelman, Ph.D.

    Leon A. Kappelman, Ph.D.

    Software Project Failure and Intellectual Property Expert WitnessDallas, Texas(940) 367-0405

  • Consultwebs


    Law Firm MarketingRaleigh, North Carolina(919) 377-9381

  • WSR Consulting Group, LLC

    WSR Consulting Group, LLC

    Computer Projects and Software Failure Consultants & Expert WitnessesEncino, California(818) 986-8842

  • Vocational Dynamics, LLC

    Vocational Dynamics, LLC

    Vocational Expert & Earning Capacity Assessment Expert WitnessCheshire, Connecticut(203) 439-7920

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  • Margaret Grisdela, Legal Marketing and Expert Witness Marketing Consultant

    Enhance Google AdWords Campaigns with Negative Keywords

    Negative keywords are one important way to improve click-through rates for a search engine marketing campaign. First, let's start with a definition of negative keywords. Quite simply, they are words that you want to filter out of your legal marketing campaign. Here are two ways you can identify and remove negative keywords. 1. Google AdWords provides a "Negative Keywords" link at the bottom...

  • Les Altenberg, President, A.L.T. Legal Professionals Marketing Group

    ROI: Determining How Your Marketing Measures Up

    A lot of that however is changing. The reason is simple. With new mediums and new technologies, the ability to track the results of a firm’s promotional efforts is now greater than ever. And with that capability comes two concepts that previously have lived only in the back burner of marketing lexicon. They are “return on investment” and “accountability”. Clearly the goal of any marketing...

  • Patrick J. McKenna

    Law Firm Leadership

    Law Firm Leadership Reflections: Practical Advice For The Managing Partner Mistakes Of Leadership Extracted from a number of our surveys and interviews conducted with law firm managing partners and firm leaders, here are four of the common mistakes that these incumbents have observed new leaders make: • Not understanding your partner’s “appetite for change.” The way many partners will...

  • Margaret Grisdela

    #1 Way to Get More Business in 2011

    1. Write a New Year’s Client Letter Now that the New Year is here, clients are getting ready to implement their 2011 plans. This could include hiring new employees, launching new products, opening a new office, or entering a new joint venture with an international partner. January is a natural time for you to reach out to clients with a written letter that helps them prepare for new compliance...