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  • Tanya Gonzalez

    5 Common Content Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    For thousands of years, humans have used the written word to tell stories, express ideas and communicate perspectives. Itís no wonder then that copy plays a substantial role from a marketing standpoint. Think of copywriting as a sales strategy, with you, the writer, as the salesperson. Your copy needs to sell, otherwise, thereís no point. Yet, many writers make mistakes that lead to lower...

  • Gyi Tsakalakis

    Setting Up A Professional Law Firm Website With Wordpress

    Below are some quick ideas for developing a quality law firm website that will get found online. The first step is choosing a domain for your law firm website. Your first instinct in selecting a domain might be to choose a branded domain based on the name of your firm. While branding your domain may be a good idea for law firms, there are many situations where this may be a mistake. My...

  • Margaret Grisdela

    5 Attorney & Expert Marketing Tips for September

    1. Reconnect with your network. Back to school means back to work. Organizations that went dark over the summer now offer lots of "meet-and greet" opportunities. Think of your 10 best referral sources, and make a point to reconnect with them at upcoming events. 2. Target 3 -5 prospects. Business development is a top priority at many law firms these days. Write down a list of new client...

  • Greg Wildman

    Let's Chat: Attorney's Expanding Website Functionality via Click-to-Chat Technology

    As an attorney, in all probability your website has been professionally developed to specifically direct prospective clients to your site. Your informative website chronicles your professional credentials, provides contact information, hosts relevant blogs and informative videos, but can your website work even harder to harness prospective clients and generate more leads? The answer is...