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  • Scorpion


    Internet Marketing ExpertsScorpion is a full-service digital marketing and technology company that partners with law firms, home services businesses, franchises, small...

  • Ko & Martin

    Ko & Martin

    Legal Translation, Interpretation and Litigation Support ServicesKo & Martin is a language service group that offers a broad array of language services. We are certified court interpreters for trials, depositions,...

  • Sam Malek, Ph.D. - Quandary Peak Research

    Sam Malek, Ph.D. - Quandary Peak Research

    Computer and Software Expert WitnessSam Malek is a Professor in the School of Information and Computer Sciences at the University of California at Irvine and a member of the Informatics...

  • Robert O. Peruzzi, PhD, PE, DFE

    Robert O. Peruzzi, PhD, PE, DFE

    Forensic Engineer, Expert Witness, Electronics ConsultantRobert Peruzzi is a Licensed Professional Electrical Engineer and a Board Certified Diplomate Forensic Engineer. He is a technical consultant in the...

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Litigation Support

The mission of Litigation Support consultants is to provide the legal field with a wide range of pretrial and trial services for litigation preparedness.

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  • Joel McLaughlin

    Law Firm Search Engine Optimization & Marketing - What Results should you Expect?

    It is a sad fact, but many online businesses spend an exorbitant amount of money trying to obtain high visibility and excellent rankings. Why is it so hard? Many firms that claim to be experts in SEO and marketing simply do not really have the knowledge and expertise it takes to produce the results they claim they can. While they may have some knowledge, it takes more than a basic understanding...

  • Dave Slovin, President at PracticeProfs Inc.

    Will You Convert?

    Website traffic can be as useful as Atlanta traffic. Here are 5 ways to get more visitors to contact your firm. This morning I was in the office catching up on some email. It was interesting that the majority of marketing articles in my mailbox talked about how to generate website "traffic" from one source or another. A successful business, they claimed, requires SEO, pay-per-click, Facebook...

  • Margaret Grisdela

    Help, My Clients are Bankrupt!

    So lamented a local bankruptcy attorney at a business development seminar I recently taught. “My clients need therapy,” chimed in a real estate lawyer. Many attorneys today are struggling to generate the high volume of qualified leads needed to keep the lights on while achieving the goal of a six-figure salary. Where can you find all these prospects? Read on for ten free or low cost business...

  • Pam Day

    Six Biggest Mistakes with Law Firm Website Content

    While you may think the content on your law firm’s website is not all that important because most people don’t take the time to read it, you need to realize what you write can go a long way in both attracting and turning off potential clients.  If you want your site to do what it is supposed to do - reach and engage visitors - you should review your content to make sure you are not making...