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The mission of Litigation Support consultants is to provide the legal field with a wide range of pretrial and trial services for litigation preparedness.

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  • Rosalie Hamilton

    Should You Be Using a Referral Service?

    In addition, a referral service is a marketing and administrative option for a physician wishing to do Independent Medical Evaluations. Referral services are also called brokers, referral agencies or consulting agencies. Referral services charge the attorney, the expert or both. (Professional membership organizations of experts, such as accountants and engineers, sometimes refer attorneys...

  • Les Altenberg

    Best Short-Term Marketing Tactic for Gaining Family Law Clients

    And it’s not even close. That is not to say that seminars are the be-all and end-all when it comes to marketing the family law practice. Far from it. When it comes to legal marketing, there are a lot of things that seminars cannot accomplish, most of which fall under the headings of “long-term” or branding. But if I needed to pick up a handful of new clients, in just a few weeks, and had...

  • Scott Greene of Evidence Solutions, Inc.

    Law Firms Must Step Up Cybersecurity

    A recent article in the New York Times underscores the demand clients are requiring of their law firms to step up their cybersecurity. Financial institutions, including some Wall Street banks, are asking their outside counselors to answer questionnaires of up to 60 pages, which probe the firm’s cyber security measures. Other types of corporations are also asking their legal firms to allow...

  • Margaret Grisdela, Legal Expert Connections Inc.

    Referral Networks: Your Free Sales Force

    As an attorney or expert, your referral network may include non-competitive attorneys, litigation support experts, bankers, accountants, consultants, financial planners, or others. If you don't have a strategic referral network in place working for you, set one up soon. It is like having your own personal sales force without the commissions! You should plan to meet with each referral network...