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  • Rosalie Hamilton

    Publicity and Credibility Through Writing

    Appearing in publications as a writer confers credibility and authority upon the author. Your profession may even demand that you have peer-reviewed, published works. One tangible benefit from writing is that attorneys search the Internet for publications related to the subjects of their cases in order to find related, qualified expert witnesses. Being a published author can create additional...

  • Asher Angell

    Is Your Firm's Website Getting Stale? Take It to the Next Level with Content Marketing

    Are you looking at a refresh for you law firmís website? If you have not had an update in the last few years, your site may need more than a refresh. In the past few years, content marketing has emerged as an incredibly successful strategy for promoting businesses on the Internet. If you have not implemented a content marketing strategy, you are giving up a competitive edge in the marketplace...

  • Gyi Tsakalakis

    25 Tools for Growing Your Law Firm's Reputation Online

    There's a lot out there. It's very difficult to identify what works and it's impossible to try everything. So here's my list of 25 tools that we have actual experience putting to work for law firms (in no particular order): 1. Google Webmaster Tools 2. Google Places 3. Google Adwords 4. Google Analytics 5. HG.ORG 6. ExperHub 7. SEO Book's Rank Checker 8. SEOmoz's Toolbar 9. Caphyon's Advanced...

  • Rosalie Hamilton

    Getting the "Right" Cases

    The way you express your services, areas of expertise, and types of cases is key to attracting the "right" prospect inquiries. In fact, this expression is the first thing I work on with new clients. Although it may seem obvious to you, re-analyze what you are saying about what you do and how you do it. Do your materials and/or website really indicate your ability to handle, or your desire...