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  • Suki Tranqille

    Why Social Media Is Critical for Your Client Acquisition Strategy

    Law firms are using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram more than ever before and if you want your prospective clients to know about your services and expertise, you will want to include social media as a part of your client acquisition strategy. Changes in Consumer Behavior Social media has empowered the modern consumer to make better, informed decisions. Based on the 2015...

  • Margaret Grisdela

    How to Escape Legal Marketing Limbo

    Marketing used to be simple. The Yellow Pages served as a leading advertising channel for personal injury attorneys, while a basic website and nice brochure met the marketing needs of most plaintiff or defense law firms. Add in a strong referral network, and the average law firm of 20 years ago was able to keep the phones ringing without too much work. How times have changed! Effective...

  • Gyi Tsakalakis

    Law Firm Web Marketing

    With so much out there about conducting an Internet marketing campaign, it is often very difficult to identify those methods that are most likely to produce results. Unfortunately, there is no substitute for understanding some of the basics about how Internet marketing, and more specifically, search marketing works. Before you make a large investment into a search marketing company, it...

  • Patrick J. McKenna

    Law Firm Strategy

    To my chagrin, attempting to be relevant and prescriptive in a very brief number of words can be far more challenging than I ever imagined. What follows here are a number of my perspectives intended to stimulate your thinking. • Fight Established Routines Your routines represent all of those memoranda, reports, e-mails and trivial matters that conspire to sap your strength and smother...