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  • Suki Tranqille

    Create an Awesome Attorney Bio with These 7 Content Secrets

    Create your bio for your ideal client.  Ask yourself what information you can provide to let that person know you are the best advocate for their needs. Pro tip: Before you start writing create an outline of your client persona, that way you can refer to this persona as you create your bio. Tell your story in paragraphs and put the facts in bullet points.  The name of your law school,...

  • Lauren Billings

    Launching a New Website for Your Law Firm

    The most important aspects of your web design are in the areas of "search engine friendliness" and "usability". Having a website that is search engine friendly will allow you to get free traffic from search engines when users look for an attorney in your area, and having a website that is accessible and user friendly will keep users on your site longer and they will be more likely to contact...

  • By Margaret Grisdela, Legal Expert Connections, Inc.

    Increase Client “Switching Costs”

    If, however, you can integrate your legal services with your client’s business operations, it will be much more difficult for your client to leave for another law firm. Situations that increase your clients’ switching costs include: • Technology platforms that give clients convenient online access to important legal documents • Specialized country or industry expertise, even if...

  • Dave Slovin

    Introducing the Content Quality Quotient - Is Your Content the Cream of the Crop, or Crap?

    When a friend asked me to comment on his new website copy, I pulled out a list of criteria that I’ve been using for a few years and got to work. After ripping apart his website (sorry), I realized that this list was a good tool for anyone to use when evaluating pretty much any content. Since I’m in marketing, it needed a cute name. So here it is – the Content Quality Quotient, or CQQ for...