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  • Percipient Resources, Inc.

    Percipient Resources, Inc.

    Insurance Expert WitnessDaryll W. Martin provides litigation consulting and expert witness services in all matters related to insurance. He specializes in assisting...

  • YLNC Young Legal Nurse Consultant, LLC

    YLNC Young Legal Nurse Consultant, LLC

    Emergency Room Nurse Expert Witness - Legal Nurse ConsultantClaire Young has 25 years of experience in Nursing, over 22 years in the Emergency (ED, Trauma, Critical Care) setting, and continues to work in the...

  • Abed Awad, Esq.

    Abed Awad, Esq.

    Sharia Islamic Law Expert WitnessAbed Awad is a NY/NJ practicing attorney and adjunct law professor; he provides expert witness opinions and testimony explaining Islamic law, laws of...

  • Julie A. Armstrong, PsyD, RNCS

    Julie A. Armstrong, PsyD, RNCS

    Psychology - Nursing Expert Witness - Adult and ChildJulie A. Armstrong, PsyD, RNCS, is a Psychologist and Clinical Nurse Specialist (psychiatric/mental health), using her more than 30 years of...

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The mission of Litigation Support consultants is to provide the legal field with a wide range of pretrial and trial services for litigation preparedness.

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  • Les Altenberg

    Is TV Right for Your Personal Injury Practice?

    Personal injury law attorneys often ask us how much it would cost for them to advertise on TV. They, like the rest of us, are witness to the scores of commercials that inundate the airwaves touting scores of firms’ commitment to “fight for you” at virtually no risk to the client (i.e., “We get paid only if you do.”) Many of these firms are known for doing quite well. Hence, it is only reasonable...

  • Rosalie Hamilton

    Getting the "Right" Cases: How do I get more of the types of cases I prefer/like?

    This was the question posed to me recently by an expert witness looking for help with his marketing. He wasn't just seeking more cases, but the specific type of cases he wanted to work on. The way you express your services, areas of expertise, and types of cases is key to attracting the "right" prospect inquiries. In fact, this expression is the first thing I work on with new clients. ...

  • Gyi Tsakalakis

    Local Internet Marketing for Lawyers

    Local law firms can enjoy a significant benefit from Google's recent Place Search update. However, in order to take advantage of increased local visibility, lawyers need to make some minor tweaks to their law firm Internet marketing campaigns. First, as part of a law firm's search engine optimization campaign, law firm SEO professionals should focus on building quality inbound links that...

  • Geron Evanson - Veritas Law Firm Marketing

    Law Firm Marketing Strategies

    These law firm marketing strategies should include looking at your website performance and content, SEO practices, and any PPC (pay-per-click) advertising you may be using. Keep reading to learn about some of the top law firm marketing strategies to help future-proof your law firm and ensure your firm maintains dominance on the Internet. Performance and Speed The faster your site loads,...