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  • Berg Software Design

    Berg Software Design

    Software, Hardware, Storage Devices and Interfaces Expert WitnessBerg Software Design, founded by Brian A. Berg, is a computer consultancy. Brian has had over 50 engagements involving patents, trade secrets,...

  • MileMark Media, LLC

    MileMark Media, LLC

    Legal MarketingAt MileMark Media, we exclusively build law firm websites. We utilize our extensive industry knowledge, incorporate dynamic strategies from our...

  • Richard A. Rubenstein, M.D., F.A.A.N.

    Richard A. Rubenstein, M.D., F.A.A.N.

    Board Certified Neurologist and Expert WitnessDr. Rubenstein, a board certified neurologist, is a highly experienced expert witness with active clinical practice. He has been involved in 500+...

  • Bob Kingsbery

    Bob Kingsbery

    Livestock/Auto Collisions & Fencing Expert WitnessBob Kingsbery provides expert consultation and testimony for cases involving livestock related accidents, livestock fencing, animal behavior and...

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The mission of Litigation Support consultants is to provide the legal field with a wide range of pretrial and trial services for litigation preparedness.

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  • Suki Tranqille

    Why Social Media Is Critical for Your Client Acquisition Strategy

    Law firms are using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram more than ever before and if you want your prospective clients to know about your services and expertise, you will want to include social media as a part of your client acquisition strategy. Changes in Consumer Behavior Social media has empowered the modern consumer to make better, informed decisions. Based on the 2015...

  • Rosalie Hamilton

    Your Competitive Advantage

    You will learn valuable lessons, however, from analyzing the practices of two or three experts in your field. Study their professional qualifications, appearance, communication skills, and reputation among their peers, and note how they market themselves and the fees they charge. After objectively assessing your own strengths and weaknesses, determine your competitive advantage. Is your...

  • Les Altenberg, President, A.L.T. Legal Professionals Marketing Group

    Market the Firm or Market the Attorneys?

    Inevitably any law firm with at least a handful of attorneys and more than one area of emphasis is faced with a critical business development question - does it market the firm in general or does it promote the successes and qualifications of individual attorneys. To do the former alone offers the tantalizing possibilities that come with branding. The latter promises the kind of word-of-mouth...

  • Margaret Grisdela

    How to Escape Legal Marketing Limbo

    Marketing used to be simple. The Yellow Pages served as a leading advertising channel for personal injury attorneys, while a basic website and nice brochure met the marketing needs of most plaintiff or defense law firms. Add in a strong referral network, and the average law firm of 20 years ago was able to keep the phones ringing without too much work. How times have changed! Effective...