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Founded in 2000 as a companion site to, has become the place for medical and general expert witnesses in all fields, legal marketing experts, legal consultants, and other companies and professionals who provide law-related support services, to make themselves visible to to the legal community and to market their services they provide. Our testimonials speak to the effectiveness of listing with

Searches for terms like "medical experts", "expert witnesses", and "legal speakers" in the search engines unfailingly result in on the front page of the search results. Whether you are an Expert Witness looking for business, or a legal professional looking for an Expert Witness, is the place to go for excellent results.

Expert Witness Directory

Expert witnesses are an integral part of the legal system. Because of their specialized training, education, skills and/or experience they can be qualified to provide evidence pertinent to a legal proceeding via testimony. They can also provide useful information to lawyers preparing a case by counseling the attorney on evidence in their area(s) of expertise

General Expert Witnesses - This directory lists expert witnesses in hundreds of areas, from 3D Modeling, to Fuel Gas Explosion, to Web History Analysis, and the categories are growing every day. The companies and professionals are listed by areas of expertise. Visitors may search via the expert witnesses lists  or by "search terms", State/Province and/or country in the search engine.  

Medical Expert Witnesses - These experts provide highly specialized services covering more than 500 medical conditions and diseases in nearly 1000 categories. Medical expert witnesses play an invaluable role in medical malpractice, workers' compensation, personal injury and other similar legal cases where courts rely heavily on their reports and testimony. Links to all of these directories can be found on our Medical Expert Witness Index page. Legal professionals may use our search engine to locate medical expert witnesses by "search term", State/Province and/or country, as well.

Litigation Support

Our Directory of Litigation Support Services includes professionals who provide support services to those in the legal field before, during and after trial, as well as marketing specialists experienced in SEO and other methods of advertising for lawyers and law firms. The following categories/directories appear in this section:


  • Appraisal, Valuation - Litigation support services such as valuation of businesses, securities, mergers and acquisitions, assets appraisal and more. This includes all activities designed to assist lawyers, law firms and legal departments with case analysis and trial preparedness.
  • Banking and Finance - Litigation support services in finance, economics, banking, taxation, accounting, financial fraud, lending practices, risk-management and more for banking and finance -related litigation.
  • Case Review and Management - Case review for merit via document production, examination, and review, and contract management and reporting.
  • Jury Selection - Prepare effectively to interview, analyze and select a jury pretrial, as well as read the jury during trial, and after trial, review and analyze the lawyer's effectiveness.
  • Marketing Litigation Support - Professionals skilled in strategy, internet marketing, website development, Legal Search Engine Optimization and more.
  • Medical - Litigation support for complicated medical cases with those experienced in medical standard of care evaluation, peer review, medical records retrieval and review, summaries & chronologies, and more.
  • Technology - Keeping abreast of specific technology fields - IT, Telecommunications, Data Recovery, Computer Forensics, software technologies, mobile computing and other advances in this field - for case preparedness and successful litigation.
  • Trial Presentation - Assistance in collecting, managing, retrieving and presenting the monumental amounts of information necessary during trial, and with the use of graphics and animation, video, charts and photos for trial presentations.

Additionally, on the home page, under Litigation Support, are links to the categories listed above, as well as these additional litigation support services:

  • Employment - Litigation support service providers experienced in employment-related claims, with information regarding Human Resources, employee investigations, compensation, termination, discrimination, testing, policies and procedures, pensions and 401K plans, employment contracts and much more.
  • Environmental - Analysis and research litigation support in many fields related to the environment - horticulture, chemicals and energy industry; meteorology, climate and weather; air quality; forensic geosciences; environmental and chemical forensics; energy conservation, etc.
  • Legal Costs - Litigation support services providing account reviews; forensic account analysis; identifying, predicting and reducing legal costs, fees and expenses; calculate lost wages and financial industry consulting in arbitration, litigation, consulting and mediation. This includes legal audits on legal billings, and assistance in the assessment, negotiation and mediation of legal fee disputes.
  • Management - Litigation support services dealing with effective and competitive management in the legal field, such as pre-trial and post-trial writings, research issues and concepts, advice on methodological issues, review of expert witness backgrounds, reports and testimony. Also includes litigation support knowledge for cases associated with claims in other fields related to management issues.

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