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Stay Strong: Research Shows Strengthening Equine Core Helps Back Problems

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Imagine a 200-lb man twisting about on the back of a galloping pony and swinging a mallet at a polo ball. The strike is solid and the ball soars down field. He kicks his horse up a gear to keep a claim on it, an impulse bested by the pony who has already hit high drive. The movement may be repeated hundreds of times over a season.Itís a thrill to watch such an athletic partnership but sometimes the thrill is followed by an impulse to call a physical therapist for both horse and rider.
This is a 3-page article published in Polo Players' Edition in November 2011 at I interviewed the scientists doing the spinal injury research, one of whom is Dr. Hilary Clayton who holds the McPhail Chair at Michigan State University.

Equine appraiser, qualified expert witness, photojournalist. Tania G Evans is a former advanced eventer and foxhunter who now plays polo at Casa de Campo, DR and Detroit, Michigan.

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