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Full Premium Listing - $295/year

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A full Premium Listing costs only $295/year - Your profile will appear on upon payment.

Multiple Directories - You can be listed for each of your areas of expertise on our expert witness directories.

You can select up to 50 areas of expertise - 50 areas of expertise are included in your subscription and there are hundreds to choose from. If you wish to select more than 50 areas of expertise the yearly subscription will be $550 instead of $295.

You can create up to 6 additional areas of expertise - If your expertise is not listed in our database, you can add them at no additional cost.

Additional Features, such as a logo or a photo, your website address and specific pages within your website, links to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn pages, a company title, text fields for services, legal and professional experience, and publications are included in our yearly subscription.

Editorial Service - We offer complimentary editorial services to help you edit your Premium Listing.

To list your company with a Premium Listing on and start gaining more customers, please click on the button below. For more information about our Premium Listings please see our Premium Listing Description

Free Basic Listing

Example of a Basic Listing

Basic Listings are free of charge. They include the name of the company, a title, (Example: Construction Accident Expert Witness) contact name, full address, phone and fax numbers.

To list your firm with a Basic Listing please click on the List Your Firm button below.

We reserve the right to delete or modify Basic Listings without prior notice and do not guarantee their position in our legal directories. You can upgrade your Basic Listing to a Premium Listing at any time.

Basic Listings are online within three business days. If your listing is not online three days after being submitted, please take a moment to review it to ensure that it meets our guidelines.

All listings are reviewed by our team before being posted online. Editorial Guidelines

You are welcome to publish articles from your account, accessible as soon as you complete your company's registration form.
This is a complimentary service to our members More about Publishing Articles on

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Premium Listing ($295/year)

$295/year up to 50 practice and $550/year for 50+ practice areas

  • For only $295/year your profile will appear on and Legal Resources.
  • Comprehensive Description - You may add a detailed description of your business at no additional cost; this is included in the standard price.
  • Multiple Directories - Your listing will appear on our expert witness, forensic expert, litigation support and speakers bureau directories (when applicable) for each area of expertise you select. For example if you are an expert witness, a forensic expert and are also available to speak, your profile will appear in the expert witnesses, forensic experts and legal speakers bureau for all your areas of expertise at no additional cost.
  • Your Website Address - Potential clients may access your website and its applicable pages from your Premium Listing.
  • 100% Searchable Directories - Our directories are fully searchable by area of expertise, name and location, and any word or words groups contained in your listing.
  • Logo or picture - It is easy to add a logo or a picture to your listing. You can also send your logo or picture in an email and we will add it to your listing for you.
  • Complimentary Editorial Service - Our team will help you edit your Premium Listing. They are all SEO trained and will choose the right keywords to promote your expertise.
  • Update Your Listing at Any Time - Our websites allow our members to update their information 24/7. There are no costs for updates.
  • Appear Instantly Online - As soon as your payment is received, your listing appears on the multiple directories and in the search results.

Why choose and

  • 800,000 unique visitors per month - and are visited each month by more than 800,000 attorneys, businesses, government representatives, and individuals looking for legal help.
  • We bring prospective clients to your website - Our website is a premier source of information for law firms and their attorneys, businesses, paralegals, insurance and government agencies looking for expert witnesses.
  • Fast and efficient searches - Our directories make it easy for prospective clients to find your company.
  • There is no additional cost - Attorneys contact you directly and you retain 100% of your fees.
  • Do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional information or technical support to create your listing.  

Premium Listings on Includes:

Your profile will be listed on and Legal Resources.

1. Your Directory Listing

A listing summarizing your information will appear on the expert witnesses, forensic experts, litigation support services and speakers bureau directories for the areas of expertise you select.


Expert Witness Banking
Expert Witness Psychiatry

It displays:

  • Company name, *city, state (or city, country/province), contact name, phone numbers of your company,
  • Your picture or logo
  • The first 300 characters describing your company
  • Link to your full Premium Listing
  • List of your types of services and a link to your Published Article(s) page

2. Your Premium Listing

Example: ERISA Benefits Consulting

  • Complete contact information: Company Name, *full address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail, contact name
  • Your website home page address
  • Access to additional applicable pages within your website
  • Descriptive Listing title for your company
  • Up to 50 areas of expertise (If you wish to select more than 50 areas of expertise, the yearly subscription is $550)
  • You may create up to 6 additional expertise areas if they are not available for selection from our main areas list
  • Your picture or company logo
  • Links to your articles published on
  • Description fields for the following:
    Company, legal services, litigation support services, profile, licenses, professional experience, legal experience, affiliations, seminars & training, qualifications, publications, awards and honors, professional references, education, and consulting practice locations.
  • Direct access to your company's Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ pages more

*Important Note about Addresses/Location:
  • We do not offer "multiple address" listings. You many only enter one address per Premium Listing
  • If your company has multiple locations, you may include the address(s) of your other office(s) in your listing's Services description field. You may also note additional cities, states and/or countries where you provide services in the Consulting Practice locations field.
  • Our expert witnesses are listed by area of expertise directories (not by city, state, province or country). This is because Attorneys typically search for expert witnesses by their area of expertise and location is often irrelevant.
*Editorial Guidelines:
  • Display valid and complete information: Current address, company email address (No generic email address such as Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN or Lycos - we email a confirmation notice and if the email is returned we will delete the listing), company website URL, phone number, etc.
  • Use standard capitalization such as Your Company Name or Main Street (no excessive capitalization such as YOUR COMPANY NAME or MAIN STREET).
  • Use the appropriate field for each piece of information.
  • Please make sure you use the correct English spelling for your city if you are located outside the US or Canada.
  • Title: Do not repeat the name of your company in your title, please verify the spelling, and start each word with a capital letter (Ex. Computer Forensic Expert).
  • Do not include your email address or URL in the address or title fields.
  • Please select your main area(s) of expertise to be found on our Expert Witness directories, select no more than 50 areas of expertise (if you select more than 50 areas, you must pay the $550/year subscription price).
  • When adding your up to 6 areas of expertise, do not duplicate directories already in existence (i.e. "Insurance, Bad Faith" and "Bad Faith Insurance" or "Construction Accidents' and Construction Accident).
  • Do not use repetitive keywords in the description of your company and services; this type of spamming in an attempt to manipulate search engine results is not allowed and may result in removal from our directories.
  • Do not list multiple website URLs for your single Expert Witness listing in the Links to your Website fields for the More Information section of your listing; you may include only inside pages of your main URL.
If we notice that the Premium Listing does not follow our Editorial Guidelines we reserve the right to change the content without notice. A listing may be removed from our directories until corrected if the infringement is repetitive or obviously deceptive. The subscription will not be extended during that timeframe.

If the content of a listing is found fraudulent and/or posted by scammers, spammers or other companies intending to commit fraud and/or copied from other law firm/company content in their listing or website, HG Websites reserves the right to remove any law firm, expert, recruiter, investigator, process server, court reporter or others listed on the HG sites at its sole discretion, without refund.

Top of the Directory Position

Premium Listings appear at the second position of a category upon first registration and renewals. They are then replaced at this position by new registrations and renewals. To appear on top of a directory for your area(s) of expertise during a full year, you can purchase a "Top of the Directory Position" ($200/year per area of expertise). More about the Top of the Directory Position. and screen all listing applicants for validity and reserves the right to refuse to post your listing or to remove your listing, at our discretion, if you do not adhere to our editorial guidelines, or should we determine your business/company is not legitimate or misrepresents its business, services, etc. in any manner.

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