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  • Admitting Expert Witnesses under Daubert or Frye

    It is often essential to have an expert witness in conjunction with a lawyer for many different types of cases. These professionals are fundamental to assisting in successful claims and in defending accused persons of crimes. The possible insight these experts have in their field is invaluable in helping legal representatives in proving or disproving certain aspects of the subject.

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  • Daubert and its Effect on Expert Witnesses

    Before the use of expert witnesses changed to the standard that is known in the electronic and computer age, Daubert had to go through a case with the Supreme Court. This eventually led to the way expert witnesses are used and how their testimony must be presented.

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  • The Five Daubert Factors in Expert Witness Testimony

    The Daubert factors are important for expert witness testimony, and when followed appropriately or applied to an expert, it may reduce or eliminate the possibility of a Daubert challenge from occurring. Reliability and relevance to the subject are the two most important categories, and the five factors that fall under these affect the case from various angles.

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  • Understanding Frye Before Testifying as an Expert Witness

    Frye and Daubert are the standards for expert witnesses that explain what the professional must accomplish to remain a designated witness for the trial case. There are many factors for vetting and qualifying the expert in the courtroom, and it is important that the professional first understand these criteria under Frye before testifying.

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  • Understanding the Five Daubert Factors when Dealing with Expert Witnesses

    Expert witnesses are hired to provide an understanding of various pieces of evidence for a case, but they must have reliable methods and testimony must be relevant to the case materials. However, there are five factors that could lead to a challenge that removes the expert’s testimony reliant upon Daubert standards for these professionals.

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  • Federal Regulations May Require Expert Witness Assistance

    There are many federal regulations that require the assistance of a professional that understands what these are, how they apply to a situation and why they are used. Additionally, there are certain requirements necessary for an expert witness to be used for a case that involves federal regulations.

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  • How the “Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act” May Affect Expert Witnesses

    A class action lawsuit occurs when multiple persons have been injured in some way. They are often lumped together for evidence and compensation purposes so that the responsible party may be held accountable for the actions that caused the incident. These often take years to complete with extensive material, proof and documentation.

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  • Ninth Circuit Reverses Decision to Prohibit Expert Witness Testimony on Police Practices

    Police practices have become aggressive and brutal in the age of electronics where everything is recorded and broadcast to the public. Expert witnesses are necessary to explain these situations and how the individual officers are either at fault or are innocent of the actions he or she has been blamed for.

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