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Forensic Investigations and Odors

Our sense of smell is alerted when molecules of a particular odorous substance travel into the nose. Receptor cells within the nasal cavity become stimulated and take hold of the odor molecules. The interaction generates electrical signals, which are shuttled to the brain by nerve cells. The brain perceives odors and often accesses memories to remind us about people, events and places associated with the sensations.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Evidence Collection and Laboratory Analysis

Evidence collection, handling, transportation and laboratory analysis in any fire and/or explosion plays a critical role in all aspects of an investigation and litigation. Ensuring the quality of evidence collected and analyzed in the laboratory is essential for origin and causation determination and also in litigation and case strategy.

Fires and Explosions - Hidden Evidence

Every fire and explosion scene has the potential to contain crucial evidence that is hidden or elusive. This evidence may be physically hidden under debris and ashes, or may be masked in the samples taken for laboratory analysis.

Fires and Explosions - Evidence Gathering and Preservation

Proper evidence gathering, documentation and sample preservation is critical to a successful fire/explosion investigation.

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