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Preventing and Predicting Software License Disputes

Software licenses are critical enablers of entrepreneurship and product excellence. Yet they are also common sources of litigation between erstwhile partners. Licensing disputes arise when inartful drafting combines with the peculiarities of software and its distribution to complicate the computation of royalties. Good licensing practices are thus a critical aspect of business strategy. Understanding some common pitfalls of licensing can confer both offensive and defensive strategic benefits.

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IP Damages, Patent, Copyright, Trade Secret, CS, Software, Internet Policy & Practice Expert Witness

Bruce Abramson, JD, PhD provides consulting, valuation and expert witness testimony in technology matters such as patent damages, licensing, industry custom and practice, tech policy, business methods, contracting, antitrust, and intellectual property (patent, copyright, trade secrets, and trademark) infringement and damages, including Internet claims. He is particularly valuable in complex litigation. Office in New York. Nexus to CA, DC, FL, NV. Conducts business nationwide.

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