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Protect Your Horse Against the Heat

The heat of summer can pose a severe health hazard to your horse. Heat can cause your horse to dehydrate, stop sweating, colic, poor exercise tolerance and even heatstroke.

Choosing a Horse Trainer That is Right for You

A professional riding instructor is the person who will make sure you and your horse stay on the right track and help you whenever you want to improve your horsemanship, riding skills or improve your horse. The following are several factors you will want to consider in choosing the trainer that best suits your needs.

Law Change in California Affects How You Buy and Sell a Horse

Open-ended horse deals are quickly coming to an end. Florida has a statute (Section 535.16 of the Florida Statutes) and the California Legislature recently amended a similar one that now requires written documentation for horse sales. This change affects buyers and sellers whether as a private individual or as a business.

The Texas House and Senate Pass Equine Dentistry Bill

On May 30, 2011, the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners became one step away from having the authority to regulate non-veterinarian equine dentists.

Owning a Horse is a Huge Financial Investment: Get a Pre-purchase Exam Before You Buy!

You’ve decided to buy a horse and you have now located the horse of your dreams. There are a lot of emotions involved. Try very hard to put your emotions aside so you can make a sound financial and economic investment. Rarely do horses come with a money-back guarantee.

Screening Questions You Should Ask When Buying a Horse

There are some very important preliminary questions you should always ask when buying a horse.

Keep Records of Your Horses Show Records

Show records provide proof that your horse can do what you say it can do, it can indicate proof of soundness, it can help you substantiate an increase in value for insurance purposes, and it can help you establish equity in your horse.

Protect Yourself when Purchasing a Horse

Because the cost of a lawsuit is so steep, make sure your "horse transaction" is memorialized with a lawyer-prepared, well-written contract.

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