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The Context Corporation

1500A East College Way
PMB 443

Mount Vernon, Washington 98273

Phone(360) 428-5747

The Context Corporation is headed by Ray Horak who is an internationally recognized telecommunications consultant, lecturer, technical writer, columnist and author with 40+ years’ experience in all aspects of telecommunications (voice, data, video, image, facsimile, and multimedia), communications s

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Articles Published by The Context Corporation

 Rumplestiltskin LLP: Spinning 1 Junk Fax into Bars of Gold…or Pigs of Lead

In this article, the author explains the basics of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and illustrates the risks of unsolicited fax solicitations with an example scenario. He briefly discusses preventions and defenses based on his considerable expertise in telecommunications and his experience as a consulting and testifying expert for the defense in TCPA cases.

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 Choose Your Words Carefully

In this article, Ray Horak makes the point that effective communications is all about choosing the right words. The corollary is that ineffective communications is all about choosing the wrong, or perhaps intentionally vague, words. That's where interpretation comes into play, and that's where technical experts and even lexicographers get involved. Horak shares some interesting examples of his litigation support experience defining words...sometimes again and again.

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