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Expert in Commercial Mortgage Fraud and Commercial Real Estate Appraisal

American Property Research

2482 Silver Ridge Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90039

Phone(323) 788 1605
Fax (323) 913 2884

Areas of Expertise

  • Appraisal Fraud
  • Automated Valuation Models
  • Commercial Real Estate Valuation
  • Fraud

Articles Published by American Property Research

 My Experience at IndyMac Bank

This article discusses the conflicts of interest, including executive compensation, that resulted in the eventual failure of IndyMac Bank. It also discusses appraisal issues and the legal issues facing a discharged whistleblower.

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 Real Estate Syndication Fraud

Real estate syndicates often have agendas that do not align with the interests of the limited partners and usually derive most of their income from fees which are proportional to property acquisition prices. This is a built-in conflict of interest and was an area rife with abuse in the 1980s. New, trans-national syndication are emerging to purportedly exploit real estate opportunities in other countries.

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 Commercial Mortgage Fraud and Appraisers' Responsibilities

This article focuses on common methods of deception used in fraudulent schemes involving commercial properties and land.

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