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Child Abuse Pediatrics and Child Product Safety Expert Witness

JFC Consulting

JFC Consulting

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Board-Certified Child Abuse Pediatrician with 10+ years experience in present position as medical director of regional academic based clinical child abuse evaluation program. Expertise in the medical aspects of sexual abuse, physical abuse, child neglect, distinguishing accidental injury from abuse, child fatalities and near-deaths, choking, drowning, etc. Significant experience in child product development, manufacturing, and safety. Expert in child product safety analysis, and evaluating mechanism related to child products. Excellent academic, research, and clinical background.


JFC Consulting - Child Abuse Pediatrics Consultants provides education, medical and psychological research, medical record interpretation, and expert testimony services to attorneys.

The accredited sub-specialty Child Abuse Pediatrics practice scope includes the expert analysis of sexual abuse/assault, physical abuse, neglect and unexpected child fatalities using an established evidence-based process with research, clinical findings and input from collateral sources such as law enforcement and protective authorities.

JFC Consulting - Child Abuse Pediatrics Consultants also provides child forensic interviewing and sexual assault/forensic nurse examinations (including forensic evidence collection).

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Child Abuse Pediatrics Expert Witness
Child Forensic Interview Protocol, Legal Consultant
Child Abuse and Disabilities Litigation Support
Child Product Safety Expert Witness
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New York State Medical License

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Testified in court proceedings over 60 times and always qualified as an expert witness in Pediatrics and Child Abuse Pediatrics.
Experience with family, criminal, and malpractice cases.

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