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Expert Witness Explains the Harmful Effects of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and How to Recover Damages

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Carbon monoxide may lead to poisoning, injury and death when someone has been exposed to too much of the gas. It is colorless and odorless, so it cannot be see or smelled but it may be see in smoke. However, because it weighs less than oxygen, it spreads quickly.

Expert Witness Uses Formulas to Evaluate Lost Profits

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There are times when a company loses profits through an incident caused by an individual. This often leads to injury to the company or someone specifics that either owns the business or works inside.

Expert Witness: How Can an Expert Identify Construction Defects?

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When there is a need for a construction expert that must be used as a witness in a court case, he or she should have extensive knowledge and experience in the construction world. This means that all aspects of accidents, injury, defects and similar concerns regarding construction should be understood better than the average person.

Expert Witness: How Brain Death Affects Personal Injury Claims

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Personal injury claims are difficult enough with an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer, but when the victim of the incident becomes brain dead, the problems multiply. Many are unsure what to do next, how this affects the case and what may be needed due to these severe consequences.

Expert Witness: What Does a Child Custody Expert Witness Do?

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Child custody cases are often plagued with complications, arguments and conflict on both sides. When both parties vie for the custody of the child or children affected by the dissolution of the relationship, both family lawyers and expert witnesses are usually needed to settle the disputes.

Expert Witness: Lifelong Consequences of Child Abuse

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Child abuse is often a lifelong concern once it has been suffered through the abuses by an adult or other child. Most often, when a youth suffers from these malignant experiences, he or she is harmed by someone he or she loves.

Expert Witness Explains Alcohol Consumption and Impact on Driving

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When someone drinks before or during a drive, his or her blood alcohol level tends to rise. It is when it is above the legal limit of .08 percent that the person may be expecting a driving under the influence violation when pulled over.

How Does an Expert Witness Help with Business Valuation?

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Setting up procedures that are used to determine and estimate the financial value of the interest of a business owned by a person is business valuation. It is used for the market and what may be used as a starting point in pricing for the sale of a company.

How an Expert Witness Evaluates Economic Damages

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When an expert witness or professional is needed to evaluate economic damages, he or she has experience through several years in business valuation, assessments of markets and economic analysis that is needed for various reasons.

When a Handwriting Analysis Expert Witness Is Needed

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Some cases have documentation that requires verification through handwriting analysis. This means an expert is needed for analyzing the handwriting of an individual for certain factors of an incident. This may be observed through a kidnapping where a note was left. To determine who may have abducted the person, if there is a criminal in a database with a signature or handwriting on file, this may assist in apprehending the perpetrator of the crime.

Lost Profits: An Expert Witness' Calculations

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The wrongful actions of a defending party are what cause the plaintiff to seek economic damages when he or she has suffered. This recovery of monetary compensation is usually calculated by a forensic accounting or business valuation professional with extensive field experience in calculating these damages to if the case is successful compensation may be awarded in a reasonable amount for the factors considered in the judgment.

Expert Witness on Testamentary Capacity

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Experts are often needed when a will must be analyzed either before or after the person has died. Testamentary capacity is regarded as the legal and mental ability of a person to create or change a valid will.

Forensic Biomechanics - The Science of Injury Causation

Human injury is complicated. If we lived our lives inside a protective bubble then, one day experienced an incident, it may be relatively simple to ascribe any injuries to the traumatic event. But that is typically not the case.

How Does an Expert Witness Evaluate Ligament Injuries in Car Accidents?

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Damage to the ligament is common when a car accident occurs. When an expert witness is needed for the case, this professional must determine how to evaluate the injury of the ligament and how it applies to the case.

Expert Witness: Common Factors that Contribute to Truck Accidents

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Truck accidents are among the general vehicular incidents on the road that lead to property damage, injury and death. When a truck collides with a smaller or less equipped car, the truck usually is damaged less, and those inside the bigger vehicle tend to have fewer injuries.

Disability Claim Benefit Rules Updated by Department of Labor

The U.S. Department of Labor has revised its procedures for disability benefit claims that fall under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). The amended rules will apply to all claims for disability benefits filed on or after January 1, 2018.

Can an Expert Witness be Sued?

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In usual circumstances, an expert witness is provided immunity from lawsuit. This is due to an immunity doctrine established by the United States Supreme Court in 1983.

Accident Analysis - Top Reasons for Automotive Accidents

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There have been many studies of automotive accidents and why these issues occur over time. There are many reasons for these incidents, but only about ten of them explain how a person becomes harmed in the event of an accident and why.

“Day and Date” Release Patterns: What is Video-on-Demand's (VOD) Impact on the Distribution Timeline?

Provided by: Kathryn Arnold
Release windows in content distribution are still a challenge for the exhibitor, distributor and filmmaker alike. The exhibitor wants exclusivity in the theatre for as long as possible so they can earn as much revenue before other platforms claim their share of the pie.

John Steinbeck's Son Breached Contract Over Talks Over "Grapes Of Wrath"

Provided by: Kathryn Arnold
When Thomas Steinbeck, the eldest son of Nobel Prize-winning fiction author John Steinbeck, died at the age of 72 in August 2016, he left behind a bitter family dispute that occupied more than three decades of his life.

Google Reviews Are Critical to Local Visibility and Act as Online Word of Mouth

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An Overview of Local Search Results Local results currently include three map listings that appear in results for certain search terms. These results, when they are shown, appear under the four paid ads from Google AdWords. Where this layout used to differ between desktop and mobile devices, it is now consistent for both.

Accounting – Why and When a Forensic Accountant Is Needed

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Forensic accounting is a specialized form of accounting that is conducted by an expert in a particular field. It can be used in many applications and consists of a wide array of activities. The forensic accountant may testify in court as an expert witness.

Banking Expert Witness Advice on Lending Industry Standards Helpful in Factoring Litigation

Provided by: Don Coker
Factoring is a financing method that companies use in order to raise working capital by selling the company’s accounts receivable to a financial institution or other factoring source.

How to Effectively Question an Expert Witness

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When an expert witness has been obtained for a trial or case, he or she is questioned about his or her expertise. This knowledge of the relevant material is often invaluable to the case involved with the witness.

Insurance Expert Witness: What Exactly Is Med Pay?

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When questions and concerns about medical insurance arise, an insurance expert witness may be needed to strengthen the case.

Navigating Standard Expert Witness Challenges

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Standards were set for expert testimony to be provided and admissible for court in the case of Daubert. After this, the challenges associated with testimony provided by expert witnesses are known as the Daubert Trilogy.

Medical Expert Witness How a Traumatic Brain Injury Changes Your Life

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Traumatic brain injuries affect victims in severe and serious ways even when the initial injury is mild, moderate, severe and life-threatening.

Discovery Matters with Non-Testifying Expert Witnesses

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While there are many experts hired for a case used within the walls of a courtroom, there are some that have been retained to provide assistance or details about the subject of the case that deals with a specific field of expertise.

Trends in ERISA Fiduciary Litigation

ERISA class action lawsuits alleging high plan administration fees dominated industry news in late 2015 and continuing through 2016. Many recently filed cases question excessive fees, the use of stable value funds, non-traditional funds, and target date funds, among other issues.

Multiemployer Pension Fund Remains at Risk, Says PBGC

The multiemployer pension plan program administered by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (“PBGC”) may run out of funds to pay benefits by 2025, according to the agency’s Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Report.

How Does an Architectural Expert Witness Find a Building Defective?

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When there is a possible case where a building has been erected with defective areas or designs, it may be necessary to hire an architectural expert witness to assist with the proceedings.

Qualifying an Expert Witness During Voir Dire

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When an expert witness is necessary for a case, he or she is usually qualified by experience in a specific field of study or research, knowledge of the subject matter and how well he or she is able to explain the details to the average person. This individual has the capacity to draw conclusions about an incident or issue from skill, experience, observation and the evidence provided.

Expert Witness Explains How E-Cigarettes Can Cause Burn Injuries

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E-Cigarettes have become the next way in which a person may choose to stop smoking or to prevent offensive normal cigarette smoke from offending others. While there are many potential benefits to these alternatives, it is important to realize the disadvantages of switching to an E-cigarette as well.

What Is the Role of a Medical Expert Winess in a Malpractice Case?

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In a medical malpractice case, a medical expert may provide critical information before or during the trial. It is important for the person hiring the expert to have a clear understanding of the role of the medical expert and on laws that pertain to medical malpractice cases.

Expert Witness Provides Testimony in Recognizing Signs of Daycare Abuse

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Some parents who believe that their caregiver has mistreated their child may sue the daycare center or caregiver for this poor treatment. An expert witness may be called to testify about the signs of daycare abuse and whether these signs existed in a particular case.

Expert Witness: The Role of Auto Insurance Companies during Accident Claims

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Due to the widespread damage and injuries that occur with car accidents on the roads and highways, it is imperative that auto insurance has been purchased for anyone that may be driving any vehicle. These carriers provide both protection through liability clauses as well as piece of mind that medical bills and property damage may be covered through particular policies that are purchased.

Alcohol Incidents Expert Witness

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Alcohol affects individuals in different ways. However, this substance is one of the leading causes of accidents and personal injury cases outstripping various other incidents. Because of this, there are numerous experts in the field of alcohol as applied to cases and claims for compensation due to property damage and personal injury concerns that transpire in various manners and areas of the United States.

Accident Analysis Expert Witness

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The goal of an expert witness is to provide detailed explanations, experience, analysis from an outside perspective and an overall capability in assisting the party that hired him or her. These persons are experts in a given field with extensive knowledge and expertise.

Expert Witness on the Hidden Dangers of the Meatpacking Industry

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Meatpacking jobs often come with various dangers that are both hidden and obvious to administration, management and staff. These may be observed through machinery, tools, equipment and materials used in the company.

How Can an Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness Help in a Personal Injury Case?

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When a person collides with another, his or her testimony often is in direct opposition which causes complications in dealing with the victim and the defending party during litigation.

Expert Witness for Architectural Defect Cases

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Defects are often found in products that are manufactured for consumers once the items have been distributed to retailers in usual circumstances. However, defects may be found in all manner of crafted items and objects around the world. Of these, some of the most dangerous may comprise problems in architecture and construction.

Expert Witness Common Dangers Faced by Construction Workers

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Workplace injuries occur with infrequency depending upon the industry someone is in when harmed. Construction employees may face a greater amount of dangers due to the proximity to heavy and complicated machinery and equipment.

The Critical Role of a Medical Expert Witness in a Medical Malpractice Case

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Medical malpractice cases arise in the thousands each year that affect individuals and groups in grievous ways. Injury is the most frequent outcome, but some victims lose their lives when a physician is not exhibiting appropriate behavior or standards when operating or caring for someone else.

Pension Risk Transfers and Annuity Payout Trends

Lump sum payouts by U.S. corporate pension plans are gaining in popularity, resulting in a slight drop in the amount of total assets held by the world’s largest pension funds.

False Representation vs. Breach of Contract in Film Financing – Who Wins?

Provided by: Kathryn Arnold
Investment in film has potential for high reward but is always combined with high risk. Little or no collateral, lack of liquidity, changing consumer demand, market competition and over zealous promises made by the filmmakers all contribute to the risk factor. Investors must rely on strong market analysis, distribution pre-sales and the integrity of the filmmakers. If any one of these elements is fraudulent, that can mean disaster for the investor and potential violation of contract elements.

Economic Damages - A Case Study: The Actor

Provided by: Kathryn Arnold
The large majority of lawsuits that involve individuals in the entertainment industry revolve around lost wages or fees. These claims often allege millions of dollars in lost earnings depending on the role the person plays within the industry. Given the exorbitant amount that some actors, writers, directors and producers earn, it’s easy to understand how often these claims get made. However, the operative word in this scenario is some.

The Trouble with Roth IRAs

Roth IRAs were established by the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 and named for its chief legislative sponsor, Sen. William Roth of Delaware. That law allows individuals to make contributions to a special “Roth” individual retirement account (“IRA”).

Who Are Hardwood Flooring, Carpet, Hard Surface and Slip, Trip, and Fall Expert Witnesses?

Hardwood Flooring, Carpet and Hard Surface Consultants and Slip, Trip & Fall Experts often play critically important roles in litigation and testifying at a deposition or trial. The more important or complex the matter, the more likely it is that one or more experts will be involved for each side.

Public Pension Plans Struggle to Meet Funding Obligations

Low interest rates are one of several factors contributing to higher levels of unfunded pension liabilities at state and county pension plans across the country. The inability of state and municipal pension plans to properly fund current liabilities at the same time that rates of return are falling is causing significant underfunding.

Japanese Translation Document Is Not Hearsay, Says the Court

Japanese legal document translations and the issues surrounding certified document translations used as evidence often come up in federal cases involving Japanese litigants.

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