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3 Keys To Identifying A Successful Law Firm Internet Directory Listing

Deciding whether or not to pay for a listing in a law firm Internet directory, really comes down to identifying 3 key factors.

When it comes to choosing services, products, and solutions for marketing your law firm online, there are literally thousands of options. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of these options simply don't work.

Registering your firm in a legal directory can be an excellent source of new clients from the web. However, not all legal directories are created equal. When trying to forecast whether or not a particular legal directory will produce a return on investment, there are three major factors to consider.

The first factor is search visibility. While there are some well-known web directories that generate users from "brand recognition" (think yellow pages), the majority of users find business directories, including legal directories, through search engines. Therefore, it is important to identify how much visibility the directory has in search results. In other words, does the directory appear in search results for relevant searches. While ranking well for very general legal searches, like lawyer, attorney, or law firm, may seem like a good indicator of visibility, you'll also want to consider more specific searches. Consider searches that include geographic and practice-specific key phrases. For example, Chicago injury lawyer or Los Angeles criminal attorney.

The second factor is profile visibility within the directory. In other words, does your profile and contact information appear prominently within the directory? This is an area that is often overlooked by many law firms. Directories with great search engine visibility will often contain several lawyer listings. Even if the directory garners a lot of visitors, if you law firm's profile doesn't appear prominently in the directory, it is unlikely that your profile will generate much exposure for your firm.

Finally, you must consider the nature of the directory profile. Does the profile contain a clear call to action? Does it contain various options for a visitor to interact with your firm (i.e. email, phone number, link to your website)? Does it allow you to demonstrate your expertise?

Each of these factors will play an important role as to whether or not the directory will produce a return on investment. No matter what directories you choose, be sure to use dedicated phone tracking numbers and a web analytics program to track your results. If you're not getting business in 4-6 months, you should stop paying for the listing.

If you're considering paying for a listing in a legal directory, more often than not, it's worth talking to a law firm Internet marketing consultant about which directories are most likely to produce results for your firm.

By AttorneySync
Law Firm Internet Marketing
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