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3 Local Law Firm SEO Ideas

Performing local law firm SEO is a great way to attract clients from a variety of local outlets online.

Most law firms need to bring in new clients from a certain geographic location. Consequently local search engines such as Superpages, Yellowpages, Yelp, Google Places, Yahoo Local, and others tend to be excellent places to get relevant, targeted traffic for your site. Below I discuss three approaches you can use to help enhance your firm's rankings in local search results.

1. Get Listed In Other Local Search Engines - Local search engines will often check with one another to find citations/mentions of your law firm that may verify or authenticate the business listing in their own indexes. As a result of registering with several local search engines, as well as keeping uniformity with your firm's name, address, and contact info, you will help validate your firm and receive more visibility as a result. Using a listing service like could help too.

2. Acquire Reviews - Several local search engines display businesses that have received a lot of reviews more prominently in search results. Even more importantly, reviews tend to be a good way to motivate a person who discovers your firm in the search results to get hold of you. It's a good idea to persuade clients to leave a review for your business in Google Places or a different local search engine of your liking.

3. Hyperlinks - As is the case with virtually any Law Firm SEO campaign, links are the foundation your law firm website's visibility is built upon. Getting legally relevant web sites to link to your site will help to make your web site more authoritative and trustworthy. As your law firm's website becomes more trustworthy, you will see your position in local search results go up.

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