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Adding an Expert Witness to Your Litigation Support Team

Litigation claims often are complicated, filled with confusing information and need the help of additional experts, and because of these issues, an expert witness becomes important. He or she may explain various issues to the judge or jury, and his or her testimony presents the courtroom with scientific data as well as understanding of various issues.

Adding an expert witness sounds easier than actually finding the right person to assist the case. Some lawyers may delegate the task of discovering the best fit to someone on the team or an agency. However the professional becomes part of litigation for the plaintiff, he or she will assess the issues at hand and determine how to proceed based on the subject matter. He or she usually works closely with the litigation team to ensure all information is not withheld and that the case progresses through the usual stages to the conclusion. Informing the judge or jury of all relevant details and removing confusion is critical.

The Best Expert Witness to fit the Case

Although finding the right expert witness is time consuming and difficult in certain situations, it is essential that he or she has what is necessary for the claim. This could lead to long hours
of interviews and combing through credentials online or in person.

The expert must have relevant knowledge that connects to the claim. He or she also must use reliable methods to connect evidence or to determine a basis of opinions about the incident. These is usually a connection to peer reviews and standard testing methods. However, there are often numerous experts that may match the case based on the subject. This could lead to someone that appears disassociated with the materials to have the necessary and relevant expertise.

Relevance to the Case

When applying another or an agency to the discovery of an expert witness, the individual needs to ensure the professional has relevant knowledge. However, this is possible through numerous ways. If the victim of an incident has injuries, a medical expert is sometimes best. In the same situation, another professional with a specialized knowledge in the scene such as if the accident involved a car could become the best choice possible. Similar scenarios occur with financial or economic damages to a person or company. Various experts’ hire may assist the litigation team. It is important to consider which type of expert and his or her knowledge fit the case better.

The person or agency that finds the expert may need to ensure the professional’s knowledge is relevant and reliable testing methods apply. If the expert has the degree or field experience in the subject matter, but he or she does not use processes approved by the scientific community, the match may fail. There are other factors that could lead to failure in these matters as well such as competence and charm. If the expert cannot achieve the same results in his or her methods, he or she may fail a Daubert challenge and this may lead to disqualification. If the professional cannot speak eloquently, he or she may hold little confidence with the judge or jury.

Litigation Support

Through the use of an agency, database or research to discover the best fit with an expert, the litigation team may find support with a professional. The individual must possess the most appropriate characteristics for the case. These usually include the capability to testify in court, explain the subject material and work through reliable testing methods. These should have a variable error rate that does not increase above a usual range of five percent, and results needs reproduction for proper qualification. The expert needs to work well with the litigation team for support to truly occur.

An agency or other support team may provide the lawyer with information on expert testimony, reviews of relevant cases and critiques of reports that experts supply to the courtroom. These reports include an analysis of the facts, opinions and an conclusion of the evidence and subject matter and possible connection to the defendant. Liability and compensation are often part of these documents with detailed explanations.

Expert Witness Support

When an effective and reliable expert witness adds strength to the litigation team, his or her support will bolster the lawyer and others working on behalf of the client. This may create a strong bond that progresses the case to possible success. Informing the judge or jury fully before deliberation is critical for a possible win.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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