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Alcohol affects individuals in different ways. However, this substance is one of the leading causes of accidents and personal injury cases outstripping various other incidents. Because of this, there are numerous experts in the field of alcohol as applied to cases and claims for compensation due to property damage and personal injury concerns that transpire in various manners and areas of the United States.

Hired for a case, an alcohol expert may explain why the incident occurred, how the degree of the liquid clouded the judgment of the impaired person and what certain blood alcohol levels mean when involved in an event.

Expert witnesses in alcohol incidents are usually available for consultations about a situation as well as for testimony to prove an issue or refute a problem. They gather together the provided evidence and piece together the circumstances surrounding an injury or episode of destroyed property. Blood analysis, breathalyzer examinations and other issues such as alcoholism or excessive consumption based on conditions the individual was suffering from may be contributing factors as to why the accident occurred initially. This may also provide for additional testing, psychological profiling and additional factors that may affect the case.

Ability of an Alcohol Expert Witness

When hired for a case, an alcohol expert witness takes the evidence garnered from the circumstances and documentation and applies different methods of detailing how or why the incident occurred. This could be due to erratic behavior, an elevated aggression of the attacker based on how he or she is affected by alcoholic beverages, other factors and similar matters. An analysis of the drinker’s blood is performed to obtain the level of alcohol saturating the system. If the legal limit of .08 percent has been exceeded, this may explain why particular actions were taken. A workup of the past of the inebriated individual may also reveal a pattern of behavior that leads to violent outcomes.

Other abilities of an alcohol expert witness may include knowing why and when an inebriated person gets behind the wheel, when the BAC levels truly affect the capacity to drive, how a breathalyzer may be invalid in proving a person is the cause of an accident due to liquor and similar circumstances. These professionals are versed enough in how alcohol affects a person that they know when the levels of BAC take effect while a driver is on the road. They may also understand enough about human behavior they are able to explain to a jury or judge about the actions taken while the individual was drunk. These acts of violence could include a fight with another person, assault, threatening behavior with or without a weapon, drunk driving, damaging property and other related situations.

Areas of Inquiry for Alcohol Experts

When utilizing an expert witness in the field of alcohol, it is important to know which aspect of inquiry to apply to the case. These professionals often have a background that covers many different subjects such as the disease of alcoholism, the consumption of liquor, injuries related to the substance, blood and breath testing, blood alcohol after death, drug-related incidents and many other areas of experience. While each case is unique, Not all of them will include every aspect possible. This is why it is important to know what may be needed before an expert is contacted so he or she may narrow the focus of investigation and analysis.

Reports and documentation on how alcohol is manufactured and distributed may be just one part of research these expert witnesses do in their line of work. They may also examine how alcohol-related deaths may cause a wrongful death lawsuit. Other forms of alcohol may also be under examination such as ethanol and grain alcohol. The impairment that this substance causes is also heavily studied by experts to understand behavior and the violent acts a person commits while under the influence. The cycle of violence when drunk may have a bearing on a case to explain that the at-fault party is constantly drinking and that harming others was always a possibility because of this.

Contacting and Using an Alcohol Expert Witness

When the victim of an injury or destruction of property is affected by someone under the influence of alcohol, it may be essential in contacting and hiring an alcohol expert witness. These persons may clarify certain subjects and specifics regarding the case. When hiring the expert for use in the courtroom, he or she may explain the situation so everyone is clear on how the incident occurred and why the victim should be compensated for his or her injuries.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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