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Automotive Expert Witness Explains Problems that Should Not be Overlooked

When an incident occurs with vehicles on the road, in traffic or while the person is driving, he or she may not be at fault. There are many problems that could exist that may require the assistance of an automotive expert witness who is hired to explain which issues should not be overlooked.

There are various factors that exist for those within a vehicle or on the road. The driver could be distracted, there could be road construction, defects in the car could cause an accident, there may be falling objects from trucks or numerous other complications. When there are specific elements in an incident that could provide a means of obtaining much needed compensation, it is often necessary to hire an expert witness so that he or she may explain what it is the judge and jury should not overlook when deliberating. This could range from the factors that caused the accident to a trucking company that did not securely fasten cargo.

Other safety issues may be overlooked when traveling. These may cause or add to the incident. This may mean that paperwork not secured, electronic distractions, passengers talking or arguing and external elements may assist
in a wreck. Some persons may even be unaware that their medication causes drowsiness or dizziness. If a seatbelt is too tight, if there is a defect in the brakes or if music is too loud, any number of these or a combination could result in an incident on the road or when in traffic. This also means that one vehicle could cause a multi-car collision. An expert witness versed in automobiles is frequently hired to help understand these matters better.

Overlooked Safety Issues

When an expert witness is needed in the courtroom to provide testimony, he or she may be explaining details about missing safety items or other concerns related to safety. This could be an airbag that is either missing or damaged, or it could be similar issues with the brake lines. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has found that about twenty percent of all fatal collisions have missing airbags within the cars. If the vehicle owned by the injured person has been in an accident or incident previously, it may have had the airbag removed. This means a life may be saved by checking the history of a vehicle that is purchased used.

Damage to brake lines is common. They may have corrosion, rust or breakages along the line throughout the life of the vehicle. If the location of the car is in an area with heavy rain, ice or snow, the likelihood of rust and broken brake lines increases. Despite the noisy brakes that require maintenance, brake line issues such as these have no warning signs. It is important that puddles that could contain brake fluid are searched for in these situations. Holes or rust damage warning signs should be taken seriously, and the problem needs to be repaired before an incident occurs.

Bumpers and Headlights

If any collision has occurred previously, the bumper may have sustained damage. Even with no outward signs, it is possible there could be an issue that is not apparent. A dense foam material is often used to absorb the shock of cars colliding with the bumper. If another wreck occurs, even greater body damage could occur with the car. It is important to have a mechanic check the vehicle. It is essential to have the underbody looked at as well to see if any winter or rain has caused corrosion, rust or other concerns. This could prevent future incidents.

Headlights are important to nighttime driving and increasing visibility. If the lenses or bulbs are damaged, they may stop working at any time. This could lead to a wreck with others or objects, incidents on the road or other problems. Moisture may have led to issues, or there could be cracks or breaks inside. An expert witness is able to explain these matters to the judge or jury. With his or her help, it may be possible to increase awareness of items that are often overlooked.

The Expert’s Help in Automotive Matters

There are several other overlooked issues such as steering and suspension issues, animal bites or scratches, tires and cooling system malfunctions. There could be defects or greater problems that exist with the car. Someone with education and experience in these matters should be hired to assist with the case and when a claim exists.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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