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Back Injuries from Car Accidents

Car accidents cause back and spine injury often. These wounds may lead to afflictions that last throughout a person’s life, and extensive physical therapy and healthcare treatment are often necessary in resolving or minimizing further stress. When certain areas of the back are affected, a person may become paralyzed.

Some injuries necessitate the individual to remain still until professional medical assistance may be sought. It is these situations where a person’s back wounds may place stress upon the spine, or the spine has also sustained damage that could cripple the victim of the accident. Many of these circumstances require the aid of a lawyer for compensation and litigation.

Unfortunately, car accidents occur throughout the year in the United States with massive property destruction and personal injury. These cases include passengers, drivers and in certain situations the pedestrians in the area. There are many common injuries, but the back and spine areas are of the most severe and life-impacting. There are some minor collisions that may result in back injuries. This is often due to the forceful pressure placed on particular areas of the body when the car has been crashed into. Minimal harm to the body could lead to further aggravated injuries because of these jarring movements during a collision. Car and health insurance claims sometimes are unable to cover all the costs these medical treatments incur.

Varieties of Back Injuries

There are three different areas of the back that may be affected when in car accidents. The important areas are divided into the neck, upper back and the lower back portions. Each of these places has a section of the spinal cord and vertebrae connected and may be affected when injured through forceful movements. Various muscles, tendons, nerves and other small parts of the inner body may be damaged with all accompanying amounts of pain based on prolonged harm. Some of these wounds are severe, debilitating and permanent. Other injuries are mild and only temporary. The area affected may determine how grievous the issue is when a car accident occurs.

There are the most serious injuries that occur to the thoracic area of the back and spine. The upper back has connections to the ribs and other areas of the chest. When a person is driving with a high velocity, sprains and fractures may occur, and these injuries may lead to permanent nerve damage depending on various factors. The lumbar section has five of the largest vertebrae with the strongest muscles that ensure stability in the spine. Limited movement is possible when this section of the back has been harmed. This could also means swelling, massive bruising, serious tenderness and a severe impact of daily living.

Spinal Cord and Disc Issues

Herniated discs may be a common injury in car accident victims as these discs cushion the separated vertebrae which protect the entire spine. This type of wound is when the disc has been displaced. It places further pressure on the muscles in the back, and excruciating pain is often a result. Lower back pain and leg numbness are common symptoms of these issues from collision incidents. These wounds could be in addition or as a precursor to spinal cord damage. Nerves, vertebrae and numerous other areas of the spine may be harmed during a crash. This could cause limited mobility, numbness, reflex function issues and a loss of feeling. Other or additional concerns may arise when this section of the back has been placed in duress such as infections, blood clotting, leaks with spinal fluid and paralysis.

Back Injuries Treatment

Injuries to the back may be diagnosed after the incident, but many wounds may not appear until days or weeks later. The use of x-rays, CT scans, MRIs and other scans may be useful in determining what may be occurring in this area of the body. Treatment often various based on which section has been harmed along with what the diagnosis is. The severity of the pain may also indicate what could be transpiring. While numerous injuries of the back and spine are temporary, some concerns may be prolonged such as pain and infections.

Additional Assistance through a Lawyer

When injured in the back after a car crash, the victim may be incapacitated or unable to seek additional assistance. A lawyer should be contacted to ensure all processes for insurance, claims and litigation are sought and completed when necessary. In some situations, the family may be forced to contact legal representation while the injured party is being treated.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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