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Biomechanical Expert Witnesses Used to Support Prosecution in Criminal Cases

When the prosecution requires the assistance of an expert witness, one is hired that may provide reliable and relevant testimony for the subject matter. A biomechanical expert witness utilizes scientific methods to determine causation in the crime and may explain to the courtroom how this relates to the actions of the defendant.

Biomechanical experts may focus on automotive processes, children that have been harmed, technology with biological aspects and similar fields. This could involves research and knowledge into the brain, biodynamic issues, engineering and related material. When testimony is needed, they could explain details about human movement, biomechanical injuries sustained by the defendant, occupational biomechanical matters and other issues related to these concerns. Through processing the evidence, recreating the incident or connecting clues to certain actions or behavior, an expert in biomechanics could discover a connection from the defendant to the victim. These professionals may prove invaluable when biology and mechanical subjects are both involved.

Many car crashes and machine accidents are handled by biomechanical experts due to their experience in devices,
machine parts and how these incidents affect the human body. Through various scientific processes and methods utilized for better clarity in these matters, a biomechanical professional is able to understand the correlation between the machine and human interactions. When more than one person is affected by a collision, or if industrial equipment has caused injury, these experts may use their knowledge when hired to assist in resolving the matter and helping acquire compensation needed to recover. This then permits the lawyer to focus on all other concerns.

How to Support the Prosecution

Through examining an incident involving both human and machine interaction, a biomechanical expert may then apply methods of understanding evidence and tying it together to use against the defendant. Many aspects of a case are pieced into a greater picture through the use of an expert witness. He or she is able to then explain these details to the judge or jury with his or her testimony. Because these steps are usually backed through reliable and relevant methods and procedures, the explanation is given more weight than other witnesses that giver details. Then, the defendant has a weaker case, and he or she has a higher chance of conviction.

Some specific or missing clues are discovered by experts that have trained eyes for details. This may involve seeking out tire tracks, revealing missing parts of a hit and run vehicle, matching bullet to gun in a criminal shooting and similar tasks. While each process is different, biomechanical experts have the knowledge of connecting human incidents to devices, machines and equipment that many other experts lack. Usually, the prosecution is able to apply the information and weaken the defense or increase the confidence the judge or jury may place with the prosecuting lawyer. This careful relationship between expert and lawyer may provide better insight into the incident.

Experts in Criminal Cases

When the incident points to someone as the guilty party in a criminal case, an expert with a background in biomechanical matters is hired to make sense of evidence and assist in exposing the responsible party. For the claim to demonstrate to the courtroom that the defendant is guilty, the expert may require processes that are both reliable and relevant. These are utilized to transform confusing evidence into something that the judge or jury may understand such as how heavy equipment severed a person’s arm with intentional or negligent activities of the perpetrator. When proof is available, these professionals have the information necessary that details what occurred or how the defendant should be held accountable for his or her actions.

Expert in Biomechanical Testimony

When the biomechanical matter has been explained so the judge or jury is not confused, the expert’s testimony into the concern is provided a measure of weight through confidence and knowledge of the subject matter. His or her clear understanding of what is explained shows the courtroom that he or she has experience in these issues and this is why he or she is able to explain what may have occurred. Some machines could have been used to injury a person through intentional actions or indirect activity. Others have been involved in direct events that were intended to either harm or kill the victim. Sometimes, mechanical devices were the tool to assault or intimidate the individual, and this is shown to the courtroom with procedures and methods proven as reliable and relevant to the case.

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