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Biomechanics Expert Witness Proves Defects in Seatbelt Cases

Defects occur in almost all manner of products, materials and structures. These problems may exist in designs, a product line or only a batch. However, various defective items cause injuries if the issues pose a risk of danger to someone that is using the object in a standard manner.

These cases generally necessitate the need for an expert witness so he or she is able to explain how these problems affect those inside the vehicle and why it is important to provide a certain amount of compensation. This means both a lawyer and an expert witness are needed to explain evidence and the proof for the plaintiff.

When it comes to seatbelts and other items where movement is part of the problem where injuries occur, a biomechanics expert is best to hire for the case. This type of professional is someone that studies the laws that involve movement, living organisms and the mechanics included in these matters. This provides the expert an understanding in how the force applied when using brakes or if a collision occurs. Additionally, these persons have the knowledge of what parts of the body are affected, the medical conditions that may arise and
what types of life-altering injuries the victims may sustain.

Personal Injury Cases and the Biomechanics Experts

Many personal injury claims that arise due to the harm caused and the compensation needed to make the victim whole may be proven to be the fault of the defending individual in the case. This person’s actions are usually explained by an expert to be the direct reason that the incident occurred. However, when there is a defect in a seatbelt, there are other possible sources of injury that may arise in addition to the at-fault driver. This makes a biomechanics expert essential in proving that the materials or tools used within the vehicle are the foundation for the wounds sustained.

Professionals in the field of automobiles and mechanical devices usually have the experience needed to explain how the victim is affected and why his or her injuries should be compensated by the manufacturer or distributor of the seatbelt product. This may be determined through reconstructing the incident to discover the point of impact, the location of the injury and any physical evidence that explains how certain lacerations and bruising exist. If there were defective materials that created the seatbelt, there are standard methods to reveal these items and how they played a part in harming the injured person more than if the seatbelt were made with quality resources.

Experts in Biomechanics

The expert hired for use as an expert witness when someone has been injured in a seatbelt issue usually has training, practical experience or education in engineering mechanics, damage to soft tissue areas and similar fields of study. The practical experience gained in these matters is usually the best put to use, but someone may have completed courses or observed how personal injuries have affected a victim of these incidents. Additionally, it is standard for these professionals to have degrees in medicine, biomechanics and other relevant fields. This this training and school, it is possible for the expert to understand both medical aspects of the case as well as how defect may cause the situation or add to the devastation for either driver or passenger.

Having this type of knowledge, a biomechanics expert witness may be able to reconstruct the incident and determine which party or company is responsible for the situation. This enables the lawyer to seek damages to the appropriate business or driver that is at fault. As witnesses, these professionals have the training and knowledge about the body systems and how they react to the trauma that seatbelts cause through the force applied to the parts of the body. The stresses and strains muscles, tissue and bone go through are better understood in this manner. With a background in the medical field, the professional is able to diagnose conditions, observe how injuries may be more extensive than first perceived and know which treatments must be used to resolve the matter.

Biomechanical Expert Witnesses in Court

When hiring an expert witness, the lawyer must ensure he or she has relevant knowledge and experience in a field of study that is related to the subject matter. The professional then must be able to use standard methods or reliable processes to come to his or her conclusion of what occurred in the incident. Through these actions, a biomechanical expert witness is able to improve the chances for the victim by explaining the information to the judge or jury.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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