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Cardiology Expert Witness and Why Lawyers May Need One

When someone has been involved in medical malpractice with the heart, a cardiology expert witness is often necessary. These professionals have knowledge of what standard guidelines should be used when performing surgery, medical treatment and in prescribing medication. If the physician appointed to the patient did not follow standard procedure, he or she could be liable for damages to the victim of the incident.

However, when the heart is concerned, the malpractice may involve his or her death. Then, the surviving family or dependents may bring a wrongful death suit against the hospital or medical malpractice against the doctor. The lawyer generally finds it beneficial to hire an expert witness in these claims.

Cardiology experts know about the heart and surrounding concerns with more clarity than a general medical expert due to the focus on these body systems. If the individual that was treated by a doctor had a heart attack or clogged arteries, the professional hired is able to explain what should have occurred in the healthcare facility versus what actually transpired with the physician. Any procedures that are not recommended or standard may lead to liability in the situation. Additionally, if the doctor did not perform to the best of his ability as compared
to others in the same field, he may be personally responsible for the injuries, death or incident.

Related Issues for Cardiology Experts

Professionals that are hired to assist with cardiology cases may assist with a wide variety of issues other than heart and heart-related systems. These individuals have extensive experience and knowledge of diseases of the coronary arteries, heart failure complications valve problems in the heart and other locations in the body. They may understand how various complex viruses, diseases and cancerous cells exist and thrive in these areas. Typically, when an expert is needed in these serious matters, the person that was injured or harmed through medical malpractice has been wounded severely or died while on the operating table.

Experts in the medical field know that standard procedure is key in keeping negligence cases at bay. This means that any other measures taken that led to additional or continued injury are to be avoided at all costs. The doctor attending to the patient must do his or her best and avoid any unnecessary procedures that aren’t relevant or may lead to further complications. This may even include equipment that has not been tested, is used for other treatment or has no practical application for the heart and surrounding locations of the body. If the doctor was not responsible, the healthcare facility may still be held liable, and records and procedures must be impeccable.

Why a Cardiology Expert May be Needed

When there are issues of medical malpractice or similarly related subjects in the case, a cardiologist or cardiology expert is crucial to understanding the complications of the heart, arteries, blood and similar concerns. The jargon and processes are often confusing to those without medical backgrounds, and why certain procedures are used over others to include the need for more expensive equipment and tools may all be explained by these experts. The knowledge of how much treatment, medicine and surgery costs is important so that the judge or jury are aware of why so much in monetary payouts is necessary for recovery. This often includes physical and psychological therapy. Mental and emotional stress often occurs when the individual is facing a life-altering or life-threatening procedure.

Additionally, a cardiologist expert has inside and extensive knowledge of how a doctor works, and he or she may draft a report with all relevant materials and an understanding into the guidelines necessary for healthcare facilities to follow. If the physician was negligent in his or her duties, the expert may be able to ascertain this through reviewing the paperwork or video of the procedure or treatment. This examination of the healthcare professionals may also reveal other details such as a lack of certain resources or mistakes that lead to further injuries. In certain instances, the processes used to save the patient’s life are what caused the damage.

Cardiology Experts Testimony

When the expert is put in the court room to explain certain evidence, he or she should be able to relate or translate the language and details so that the judge and jury are able to fully understand everything without any confusion. This could also be assisted through visual graphics such as video or diagrams created by the expert.

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