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Construction Expert Witnesses Explain Why Balconies Collapse

Balcony collapses often lead to severe injuries or death when someone is on the ledge when the accident occurs. With the help of a construction expert witness, it may be possible to discover why this incident happened and if there is a liable party.

Some balconies are made with inferior quality through cheap materials. Others are affected by issues such as wood rot or insects like termites. When these problems arise, the balcony could collapse at any point. The wood rots to an eventual end result, and termite damage causes the structure to fall after so much of the particles have been affected. Some balconies have defective materials, resources or plans designed for the structure. It is through a construction expert versed in these areas that is able to help determine what the root cause of the issue is once the balcony has collapsed.

If there is a defect in the materials used to create the balcony, the manufacturer or the person that designed the structure could be at fault. If these are not the root cause, there could have been a bad batch of concrete, metal rods or similar items used for the balcony
that lead to the incident. Then, the liable party could face damages due to negligence or another charge. However, many of these circumstances are not discovered without professional assistance such as a construction expert witness that is able to find the problem that lead to the incident. He or she may perform services for the client to reveal the responsible person or company.

Factors of a Balcony Collapse

Investigations into balcony collapses have discovered a number of factors connected to these incidents. When multiple issues occur in a short period of time, this usually involves a defect in the structure or materials used by the same company. However, if the same design has been employed by multiple businesses, the design creator may be at fault for defective plans. This issue could then affect all structures erected by any company at any time for standard use. Then, injuries or death chances are increased significantly. The construction expert witness is able to determine this generally through reviewing the blueprint designs.

If the structure was created with defective materials or resources of inferior quality, the construction company may be responsible for the damages owed to victims that suffered injuries or that died in the incident. With the help of a professional examining the concrete, metal and other substances, this may be discovered through a standard or more thorough examination. Some experts may need to look closer if there is a defect that may not be readily apparent or observable without additional measures. There could be another material mixed in that caused deterioration or that caused the structure to crumble from a certain amount of weight.

The Work of the Construction Expert Witness

When a construction expert witness is hired, he or she usually starts with analyzing if there are any defects readily visible or observable from the crumbling debris of the balcony. Then, he or she may reconstruct the incident to better understand what happened. The injuries are also examined to ensure they are consistent with falling from a balcony or jumping from one that has started to crumble. With these relevant details noted, the expert then must understand who is behind the incident to investigate and discover the liable party with the materials or resources used. While these issues may connect the responsible person or company, additional inspection may be necessary. This may then lead to checking the materials and how they interact with each other. The balcony collapse may have been due to various factors.

The expert witness may compile a report for the lawyer and courtroom to show his or her processes, methods used and opinions on the conclusion that shows who is liable and who should provide damages to the injured parties. Through the report and testimony, the professional may show that compensation is needed, who should provide it and why the incident occurred. With a pleasant demeanor, the expert is able to relay these details in a confident manner and show how the injuries require certain medical treatment to recover and become whole once again.

The Balcony Collapse Conclusion

After the expert witness has compiled his or her report or concluded the method to determine his or her conclusion, it is presented in court. His or her testimony reflects this conclusion and his or her opinion should be produced through relevant and reliable processes.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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