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Conversion Review Checklist: 67 Things to Check on Your Law Firm Website

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When you're looking to increase conversions on your website, it's important to understand what to look for. Something as simple as a bad photo, poor headline or misplaced contact form can derail your conversions. When the PaperStreet team does a conversion review on any website we start with the following comprehensive list.

Identify the Firm's Focus

Before you dive into the full list the biggest question to answer is "what does the firm do?" Quickly ask yourself, "can I identify what the firm does in three seconds or less?" If the answer is no, there is an issue. Your conversion problem could be as simple as people not understanding what you do. Fix this before moving forward with the rest of the list.

Revise Content

The following are issues to consider when determining if your site has the most effective content:

Clear Headline -- Is the H1 headline easy to understand?
Tagline -- Does the headline contain keyword phrases and a specific tagline about the firm?
Sub Headlines -- Is there at least one H2 sub headline that follows up the H1 for further explanation?
About the Firm -- Is there copy explaining about the firm?
Services -- Does the
copy discuss the firm's services?
Benefits -- Does the copy address the benefits of working with your specific firm?
Tell a Story -- Does the copy tell a story and invite the user to read more?
Call To Action -- Does the copy include a clear call to action, inviting readers to get in touch?
Format -- Is the text broken into short paragraphs, bullet points, numbered items or use other conventions to guide the reader’s eye down the page and aid readability?
Audience -- Does the copy genuinely appeal to the needs, concerns, and issues of your target audience?
Credibility -- Is the content trustworthy? Do you explain why you are a credible, reliable, experienced source?
Images -- Does the content include colorful visuals such as photos, infographics, videos, illustrations, and screenshots?
Unique Content -- Is the copy unique for each page on the site, or simply duplicated from previous pages?
Length of Copy -- Does each page have at least 500 words of copy (750 for home page)?
Show Your Social Side

These are the top issues to check regarding the social media and awards linked to your firm:

Badges -- Do you have badges?
Awards -- Do you have awards?
Social Media -- Do you have social media on the page?
Relevancy -- Are you active on social media? Linking to pages with no activity can also look bad.
Wins -- Do you have big wins, cases, verdicts or settlements? If so, list them so potential clients can see your history of success.
Videos -- Do you have videos? Are they listed and easily played? Are there categories and do they show up on related practice pages or related bio pages? Is the still/photo/screenshot of the video pleasant or is it uninviting? Do you have video testimonials of real clients?
Press Mentions -- Have you been mentioned in the media, cited or quoted by other sources, or featured in an article?
Case Studies -- Do you have case studies that illustrate ways you have helped your clients?
Reviews/Testimonials -- Do you have a testimonial page or feed of reviews that are pulled in?
Rich Snippet Reviews -- Do you have rich snippet reviews set up? The eventual goal with this would be to add Star Ratings to show up in organic listings.
Offer Online Chat -- Do you currently offer live chats? This allows you to connect with customers in a way e-mail and contact forms do not.
Update Layout

Here's what you should consider with regards to the layout on your site:

Easy to Read -- Is the layout easy to follow? Can the eye go quickly from one section to another?
Effectively Placed Headline -- Is the H1 headline above the fold? Can the user see the main message when the page loads.
Balance and Proportions -- Are the logo, menu, photo, headline and other items in balance? Are they well proportioned in relation to each other?
Phone -- Is there a phone number above the fold, or at least a clear contact button?
Footer Contact -- Does the footer also have calls to action and contact information?
Streamlined Menu -- Does the menu make the site easy to navigate? Too many options may confuse site users.
Focus -- Is the home page focused and not distracting? Too much simultaneous activity can detract from your firm's message.
Clean Up the Menu

The menu is an important aspect of your site. Here's what you should keep in mind:

Clarity -- Is there a clear, clickable menu?
Mobile Navigation -- Does the site offer an easy-to-use mobile navigation experience?
Rollovers -- Does the menu have rollovers to indicate what to click?
Concision -- Does the menu clearly guide the user to what they need, without confusion?
Improve Photos

Media is an important part of your site. Remember to think of the following:

Tone-- Are you smiling in the photo? Are you serious? Either is fine, but you'll need photos of your firm that set a consistent tone.
Relevance-- Is the photo appealing? Does it reinforce the brand and support the firm's message or practice area focus?
Quality-- Is the photo a good size and resolution, with the ability to respond to different devices?
Blog -- Are the blog photos resizing for the design?
Strengthen Calls to Action

It's important to have a call to action (CTA), encouraging users to reach out and get in touch with your firm. Everyone's life will be easier when you are mindful of the following:

Contact Form -- Is there a contact form on the page or a clear button? Either is fine, so long as it offers a clear way to contact.
Phone -- Is there a clear phone number listed on the page?
Reason to Call -- Have you offered reasons for why someone would contact you?
Free Consult Check -- If you give out free consultations, did you state that on the page?
Contingency -- Does the client work on contingency? If so, is there mention of this in CTA?
Non-Interstitial Penalty Pop-Up Contact Forms -- Are you using a pop-up overlay that uses a reasonable amount of screen space? Or, does your website offer a pop-up box with a call to action when you've reached the end of the page?
Streamline Forms

If you've gotten a potential client to fill out a form online, you'll want to make sure its easy to use:

Minimal Fields -- Are form fields streamlined to be as concise and easy to complete as possible?
Error Checking -- Is there client side error checking?
Confirmation Page -- Does the contact form go to a confirmation page? Does that page have information indicating what is next for the potential client?
Submit -- Is the submit button clear?
Follow Up Guarantee -- Do you offer potential clients a time frame in which you'll be in touch?
Blog Sign Up Form -- Have you added a simple blog signup form so potential clients can stay up-to-date on your latest posts?
Update SEO

Search engine optimization is key to high rankings and increased conversions. You won't want to forget about these:

Title Tag -- Is your title tag around 50 characters long, with a key selling point? Ex: “Law Firm SEO. Exclusive, Ethical, Results. PaperStreet
Meta Description -- Does your meta description contain keyword phrases about the firm, with a memorable tagline?
Call to Action Links -- Do the calls to action contain links to the contact page and telephone links on phone numbers?
Keyword Research -- Are you creating your content around keyword phrases that people are actually using to find information on your topic?
Headings -- Are content sections on the page broken up with optimized headings?
Blogs -- Does the client have a blog? If so, are you posting at least twice a week, with posts optimized for keywords?
Test Functionality

Nothing's worse than a website that doesn't work for you! Ask yourself these questions to avoid functionality pitfalls:

Search -- Test the site’s global search. Does it give the results a user needs or is it just searching news or blog?
Site Speed -- Is the site slow when loading?
Broken Links -- Do all links within the site function? Any broken link can deter potential clients.
Trust Seal -- Is your site equipped with an SSL certificate? If so, it could offer users more peace of mind when submitting contact forms.
Check Mobile Responsiveness

Other Devices -- Does all of the above also work or look good on all mobile devices?
Mobile Navigation -- Are all the navigation titles from the desktop version included in the mobile menu? This is especially important if there is a two tier menu system on desktop.

Phone numbers -- Are all phone numbers clickable in mobile? The correct format is tel:+1-xxx-xxx-xxxx.
If you've made it through all of these steps, then your website should work like a charm. We are happy to help our clients resolve issues related to any of the information above. So, if you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

AUTHOR: Peter Boyd

Copyright PaperStreet Web Design

Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.For specific technical or legal advice on the information provided and related topics, please contact the author.

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