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Critical Steps to Maintain Strong Relationship with Expert Witness During A Case

An expert witness is needed on many cases to explain evidence, draw a conclusion from the proof provided and to reconstruct the incident when necessary.

He or she creates a report that is used by the court to detail certain aspects of the case and show the judge or jury panel members through visual graphics, diagrams, pictures and video how specific stages of the event occurred or correlate to the defending party as responsible for the situation. This means that it is crucial that a strong relationship exist with the expert witness during the ongoing case. He or she must be trusted to provide the proper information at the right time as hired by the lawyer for the client’s claim.

Many experts are hired because they have the knowledge and expertise needed in the court room. Others are hired due to their inherent charm and ability to explain to the jury or judge what occurred or how. Others are charlatans that attempt to gain compensation through pretending to have a background in a field of study. With enough
research, most of these individuals may be ferreted out. However, no matter who is hired, it is vital that a relationship exist between the lawyer and the expert. This prevents a Daubert challenge from successfully dislodging an expert witness from a case. This assists in the professionals working together for the betterment of the claim. And, this helps the reporting and other aspects of the situation so that the plaintiff is provided the best possible case.

Getting to Know the Expert

Because there are all manner of experts available in the field, it is important to develop a professional relationship with multiple expert witnesses. This assist the lawyer and the client in understanding if the professional hired is experienced, knows how to work in a court room and if he or she is able to communicate and detail his or her methods. This also provides a basis for knowing if the expert is competent, prepared for the case, educated about the subject matter and professional in the court room. Having the knowledge that the professional is reliable puts both the lawyer and client’s minds at ease. After getting to know the expert, it may be determined that he or she is able to review the evidence and testimony to start a report to assist with the claim.

On the other hand, both the lawyer and the client must be able to communicate and explain certain information to the expert to maintain a strong and working relationship. This then creates the ability to have more effective details and may then ensure the client is served better than if the professional is only there to explain a simple matter. A strong relationship may take time, but with the effort of both the lawyer and the expert witness, it is possible to increase efficiency and important matters in the court room. This then often translates in the work completed to increase the chances of success.

Research and Communication

Constant communication with both the client and the expert is needed. Each detail could be critical in a case, and if the expert witness is not aware of something that may alter his or her findings, this could lead to disaster. This means that immediate discovery of new information and evidence should be provided to the professional so that his or her conclusion of a report may be more solid and reliable. It is vital that the lawyer is aware of how to work with a smart phone, laptop and computer so that photos, videos, texts and emails are sent with emergent details of an issue or incident.

The lawyer should educate himself or herself in whatever findings and testimony the expert will be providing in the court room. This ensures that the legal representative is able to speak about the subject with clarify and knowledge. Research into the matter may be necessary, and contact with the hired professional may yield all the necessary details so that the lawyer appears to have a strong working relationship with the expert witness.

The Expert Witness During a Case

When the lawyer has established a clear and strong relationship with an expert witness, it becomes apparent if he or she is the right person for the case quickly. This is important to ensure that the professional will have the charisma and the knowledge needed to increase the chances of success in the court room.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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