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Dr. Harry A. Milman publishes first novel -- "A Death at Camp David"

"A Death at Camp David" is a novel of political intrigue and murder mystery by first time author, Dr. Harry A. Milman

A Death at Camp David is a novel set against the backdrop of the election of a woman for president of the United States.

Dr. Bob Kramer, a forensic toxicologist with the air and suave demeanor of a James Bond, is recruited to identify the cause of a woman’s death. The body was found on the grounds of Camp David the morning after a White House–sponsored Fourth of July celebration. The woman attended the event as an impostor, a result of political dirty tricks. Morgan Baker, an obese and unkempt private investigator from Louisiana is hired to sleuth and assist in the investigation. Unbeknownst to the president, her husband and the vice president, Eric Bunting, are lovers and are implicated in the death. But who was that woman? How did she die? Was she a woman? How will her death affect the upcoming presidential election of Jessica Worthing, who is running in her own right after the sudden death of her male predecessor, Leslie Breckenridge?

Dr. Harry A. Milman is an expert in toxicology, carcinogenesis, pharmacology, and pharmacy. He has now published his first novel that is available in hardback, sofcover, and Kindle formats.

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Toxicology, Carcinogenesis, Pharmacology, and Pharmacy Expert Witness
HARRY A. MILMAN is a PhD consulting toxicologist and expert witness. He has assisted as an expert in over 250 civil and criminal cases involving drug overdoses, pharmacy errors, exposure to toxic chemicals and carcinogens, and assaults. He is often quoted in newspaper and magazine articles and has appeared as a toxicology expert on television news broadcasts. Prior to becoming an expert witness, Dr. Milman was a scientist at the US National Cancer Institute, NIH, and a senior toxicologist at the US Environmental Protection Agency. He has published five scientific books including the widely acclaimed Handbook of Carcinogen Testing and over seventy research papers. A Death at Camp David is his first novel. He lives in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC.

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