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Enhance Google AdWords Campaigns with Negative Keywords

Experts and attorneys can quickly spend even a generous online advertising budget when pay-per-click campaigns on Google are not optimized. This article explains how to optimize performance.

Negative keywords are one important way to improve click-through rates for a search engine marketing campaign. First, let's start with a definition of negative keywords. Quite simply, they are words that you want to filter out of your legal marketing campaign. Here are two ways you can identify and remove negative keywords.

1. Google AdWords provides a "Negative Keywords" link at the bottom of the "Keywords" page when you are in an Ad Group. Click on this link to specify keywords that are not relevant to your account for the particular Ad Group, or for the entire campaign. Examples might include words like "free," "job," "career," or "training." If you are a personal injury law firm, you can filter out searches that include "divorce" or "real estate."

2. Also while you are on the "Keywords" page in an Ad Group, you will see a button that reads "See search terms." Click on this button (select "all") and you will see ACTUAL search terms that generated a click and a cost to you. Google's algorithms can sometimes match the keywords you are bidding on against unexpected search terms, so this gives you practical insight on how to sharpen the focus of your campaign. You are likely to set up more negative keywords once you see these results. (Note: Reports exclude keywords with no clicks.)

Your Google AdWords expert witness marketing campaign will benefit from the insight of an experienced campaign manager. You will be able to increase your click-through rates, improve the quality of your leads, accelerate the conversion process, and maximize your online advertising budget.

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By Legal Expert Connections, Inc.
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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Margaret Grisdela, Legal Marketing and Expert Witness Marketing Consultant
Law firm marketing consultant Margaret Grisdela is the founder of the national legal marketing agency Legal Expert Connections and author of the book "Courting Your Clients: The Essential Guide to Legal Marketing." Services include search engine marketing, social media marketing, website development, brochures, Internet advertising and related services.

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