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Environmental Contamination Cases that Need Testimony from an Expert Witness

Environmental contamination affects thousands around the country each year when there is a breach from contaminated sources into the drinking water. The testimony of an expert witness is necessary to explain what happened and how to correct the issue.

Experts often compile a report for litigation matters. These documents contain numerous pages with details that are important for these claims when someone has been hurt through pathogens in drinking water. An expert will clear up any confusion of how the incident occurred when there is enough supporting evidence. He or she may also unravel the language, so the judge or jury may understand what actually happened. The incident will provide an explanation into the injury. The professional may even have tips or information on how the contamination removal may occur. Through his or her help, these incidents may become clearer and concise.

Environmental Contamination

There are numerous types of contamination that affect the citizens of the country. These include air, water, land and food. Air pollution affects the way a person is able to breath, and the
effects may lead to coughing, difficulty of breathing and toxins in the lungs. Water pollution may cause pathogenic infection that leads to injury, sickness and death. Land contamination and pollution often does not affect the current generation, but in the future, there may be less land to live on based on how much garbage has polluted the land. Food contamination occurs when diseases and contaminants infect edible items. Individuals that consume the infected portions later become sick or diseased.

Effects of Contamination

Though there are usual effects noticed based on the type of contamination, there are some that are not known or understood until they occur. Acid rain from air pollution affects the weather patterns and harms anything it falls on when the raindrops are polluted. Land that has been filled with refuse could become diseased and decay. Often this harms the ground enough that nothing grows until the refuse has decomposed over decades. Water infected with pathogens could mutate or infect other life such as fish that are eaten. This may then circularly harm humans through food. The long-term effects of contamination are severe and life-altering. Injuries through these incidents cause litigation claims and damages awarded from companies and entities that participate in the activities.

Why the Need for an Expert Witness

Contamination cases often require the use and experience of an expert witness when there are elements that are confusing, that need clarification and that are not connected for the judge or jury panel. These concerns exist in injury claims where contamination causes the incident. This may occur due to faulty systems, human error or defective materials or parts. Some issues arise through individuals pouring chemicals down pipes. Other environmental contamination claims happen when a company dumps biological, pathogenic or chemical waste in an area that is not designated for these dumps. An expert will explain how this may affect the land, water or air of surrounding ecosystems.

Pollutants and other infectious waste could poison the land, infect livestock or plants and injure humans. After drinking chemical induced water, eating pathogenic food or breathing poisoned air, the plaintiff may seek compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering and the lack of work that follows. When a company starts practicing behavior that harms others, it is important to ensure the activity ceases. The more an area is contaminated, the more the local population could endure injury and harm. Then, a class action lawsuit could occur where an entire group requires compensation for the damage wrought.

The Experts Testimony in Environmental Contamination

There are numerous issues that an expert may testify about in an environmental contamination claim. These could include pathogens in ground water sources, the flow direction of water, auto damage to the local area on the land or in the air and spoiled food when refrigeration units go out in a commercial vehicle. The injuries sustained by the victim could prove fatal through lethal doses of contaminated product or pollution. The expert testifies how the incident occurred and why compensation is necessary.

When the professional has experienced these events firsthand, he or she may explain matters clearly and with passion. His or her testimony is given greater weight when the jury or judge has confidence in the expert. By knowing the system, causes and damage sustained, the professional is able to educate the judge or jury panel fully for an appropriate deliberation.

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