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Environmental Engineering Expert Witness Can Help in Wastewater Contamination Cases

Wastewater that has contaminated drinking or ground water is dangerous to the public if it mixes with the primary drinking source. Environmental engineering experts are tasked with explaining in the courtroom how this happens and who is to blame for the problems.

Sanitary engineering and environmental issues are both important to cases where waste has contaminated the drinking supply for a local city. Experts in these matters are able to explain how the construction of pipelines and sanitation departments has caused or prevented contamination. The design flaws in these areas could lead to pathogens released into drinkable water sources. Not properly treated and cleansed water in the pipes and imported water could cause illness and injury to the localized public. These consumers of the liquid may become sick when an engineering issue harms the populace. This could be a defect in the design plans or materials.

How Does Contamination Occur?

When pipes, purification systems and other cleansing methods fail, contamination may occur. Other sources could include the public or private companies dumping chemicals and waste in sources that are not protected. The refuse then could mix with the drinking water. Pathogens that exist in the trash are what infect citizens and lead to disease and viruses. If the issue is not caught quickly, these pathogens could spread to the surrounding areas. Litigation is one outcome of these incidents when the infected survive contamination. It is crucial the problem is caught before it affects an entire area. This is what wastewater contamination programs and project are for with local areas.

Contamination is a serious problem that could affect multiple individuals and lead to serious illness. When the pipes, filtration systems and other areas of wastewater treatment are defective or damaged, this affects both the water departments and public. It is important to follow the guidelines that are necessary to keep drinking water and waste separate. An environmental engineer expert usually works for or has experience with these departments. His or her knowledge of what affects these systems is crucial in a claim where injury occurred. Testimony presented in the courtroom used for these matters has greater
weight than many others.

Engineers in Waste Management

There are numerous professionals that have experience and training in waste management. Among these, the lawyer will pick someone that is qualified and has relevant knowledge about the incident. This could involve someone with an engineering degree or that has training with these professionals. By understanding chemicals, filtration, water treatment and similar processes, he or she may explain to the judge or jury what happened. The water resources must remain secure and safe to ensure the health and wellbeing of the public is possible. In injury claims, the expert may detail what defect exists and how it led to the harm caused.

Once the problem has been discovered in the wastewater contamination, the case may progress to holding a party responsible. If injury is included in these proceedings, liability is important to determine if damages are owed to the victim. The claim may become complicated if there are multiple injured individuals due to the defect or issue in the system. Additional factors could also cause confusion before the expert explains each element in the case. For defects, engineers may need to specify how and why the defect led to contamination complications. If the waste mixing with drinking water is due to an employee, the expert may need to clarify how this action caused such damage.

Expert Testimony in Wastewater Contamination

Presenting testimony may require the use of visual aids and other software. By walking the judge or jury through these filtration and cleansing systems, it is easier to understand how a defect would lead to catastrophic consequences. The need to keep drinking water sources fresh and clean is critical for a local population. The rules explained by the department in separating waste from these sources need following by everyone specified. Usually the pipes in residential property do not mix with these systems and various waste products may drain through them.

By testing the evidence and determining the problem, the expert is able to present his or her testimony with confidence in what happened. Through certain actions or materials, the contamination occurred. The expert will explain how and what is necessary to resolve the matter. For injury, this could require damages. Other instances necessitate an overhaul of the system to include refitting pipes and other cleansing systems to keep drinking water pure.

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