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Expert Witness Common Dangers Faced by Construction Workers

Workplace injuries occur with infrequency depending upon the industry someone is in when harmed. Construction employees may face a greater amount of dangers due to the proximity to heavy and complicated machinery and equipment.

This ensures that the inherent risks to these jobs are superior when compared to other industries. While hiring a lawyer is best in injury situations, it is often only with the testimony an expert witness provides that the case may be successful for the victim. Additionally, it is imperative to understand how common dangers may be prevented and why they affected certain employees more than others.

Usual Dangers for Construction Workers

There are numerous reasons that certain dangers pose a greater risk to employees in construction jobs. Understanding the common causes may better assist in preventing the problem before someone is serious harmed. One of the top injuries sustained while working for a construction company is a fall. When on the job or performing tasks for the business, the employee may be high up on a ladder or other equipment adjusting
or repairing an area. For an electrician, this may be the roof so that wires may be run through the attic or inside the walls to avoid slips and falls with cords for those at home. When a misstep occurs, he or she may fall off the building and sustain extensive damage to various areas of the body. When safety equipment fails or has not been used, this may lead to an incident. Other items such as scaffolding may be utilized that could cause a fall from an extreme height.

About one in three employees is harmed through cuts and wounds sustained while performing jobs with sharp implements. Many materials may be used that lead to minor to severe lacerations. The same may occur when objects fall and strike these workers randomly or through actions they took. These items could be tools, equipment, rocks, parts of the housing and other articles. Falling materials may cause the employee to fall from his or her current position. When tools are not falling on these individuals, they may harm their bodies when used both properly and in contrast from the original intention. Implements that require replacement may malfunction and burn, cut or shock the person. Another concern is improper training in use of these objects.

Concerns Regarding Safety

It has been discovered through research that roughly one in three construction companies have no safety policies written so that employees may be instructed in how to avoid dangers. With a lack of protocols implemented, these workers are often unable to protect themselves from risks to bodily harm. Of the companies that do have these regulations for safety as a concern, only about half of laborers explained that information about remaining safe was provided either weekly or daily by the business. Because of this, a variety of injuries become standard for these persons. This may also increase the amount of workers’ compensation claims filed when these packages are provided for employees.

When protection equipment is lacking due to funds or education about what to provide to employees, accidents are increased in frequency and possibility. However, it is often the dangerous materials or absence of proper training in equipment that is a greater contributor to harm. Ladders and other items that raise these construction workers to heights may malfunction and lead to a fall accident. Additionally, trips and slips transpire with alarming rates due to a mass of cords and wires littering the ground where these persons walk and work. Other items may not be maintained correctly and lead to other incidents.

Legal Assistance and Expert Witness

While many of these accidents may be covered under workers’ compensation claims, there are instances where a claim may be denied based on certain factors. The lack of training or disuse of safety equipment could be used as a defense by the company in order to refuse payouts for compensation benefits. When complications arise, it is best to contact a lawyer for assistance. This legal representative will ensure the rights of the victim are protected and the claim is processed correctly with all haste.
When necessary, an expert witness may be needed for testimony. This is often a professional or expert in the field of the related injury. For construction workers, this may be someone versed in construction policy and safety that is used to prevent and avoid disaster in the industry. With his or her provided testimony, it may be proven how the company was negligent in ensuring the safety of the employee.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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