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Expert Witness Describes Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Causes

Carbon monoxide poisoning happens in cars with exhaust problems and inside homes where the resident lives and breathes that dangerous air. Experts in carbon monoxide may provide insight into the complications that lead to severe lung injuries and death by carbon monoxide asphyxiation when living in a home with contaminated air.

Pollution from the car causes carbon monoxide poisoning. However, these dangers also happen inside the home with faulty ventilation and heating. Sometimes, the chemicals used and filtration issues lead to an excessive amount of this poison entering the breathable air inside a home. No matter where the incident occurs, it is often the expert witness that describe how injury or death happened to the judge or jury. The defects either in materials or the design of exhaust or ventilation systems may explain why the defendant is responsible for the harm sustained. This could lead to a stronger case against the manufacturer.

Expert Witness Response

The expert hired for these cases usually has a background in defective issues or carbon monoxide poisoning from various systems. Depending on the circumstances of the incident, the expert will have different tasks
for the claim. He or she will need to explain which system caused the issue and how the victim suffered through injury from the carbon monoxide. By sifting through evidence or recreating the scene and all activity, it is possible to discover a connection to the defendant or manufacturer. Then, the expert will need to describe the cause of the problem from the beginning. This may require visual aids and detailed explanations for the judge or jury.

Effects of Carbon Monoxide

Some of the details that experts in carbon monoxide poisoning need to describe are the conditions that victims go through after suffering from injuries through these dangerous fumes. The lungs are particularly susceptible. When a person breathes enough of the noxious air into his or her lungs, breath is hard to catch. Over long-term damage to this area of the body, the person may have irreparable wounds deep within the lungs that cause breathing complications. Other health conditions may occur such as pneumonia and laryngitis. Headaches and unconsciousness also occur with frequency. It is possible that various orifices may bleed from direct and prolonged exposure.

Healthcare treatment is often expensive and complicated depending on how grave the injuries are when seeking medical assistance. If the lungs suffer extensive damage, operations may become necessary. Cognitive skills often face impairment, and the motor skills the victims possess dim when enough brain damage occurs. Excessive bleeding from the nose, ears, eyes or out of the mouth could cause long-term injury. If the person suffers from multiple symptoms, he or she may need significant hospitalization. These costs are frequently too great for a person to face without seeking compensation through litigation. With an expert describing these issues, it is possible to increase chances of any potential success in the courtroom.

Describing the Causes of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

When the expert tasked with a case of carbon monoxide poisoning must testify, he or she will need to describe the cause and how it affects the victim. While many may suffer from the toxic air within a vehicle, it is usually the home that these claims arise through. With faulty heating and air conditioning units or other ventilation systems placed within a home, the toxic air inefficiently filters through air and processes breathable poison. Describing these issues is necessary for the judge or jury to fully understand. This takes careful wording and, sometimes, visual aids to help demonstrate to the courtroom what occurs within the home. The professional may need to explain that negligence in repairs and upkeep could lead to these injuries.

Expert Testimony in Carbon Monoxide Cases

Through confidence and knowledge in the subject matter, the expert witness may explain and describe the HVAC and other systems that cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Many houses do have alarm systems to capture the fumes to warn the homeowner of potential issues. However, older houses and rental apartments without enough resources for these devices may not provide the necessary alarm when enough carbon monoxide filters through the house.

When the specific cause discovered may provide a detailed description to the courtroom, the expert accomplishes his or her task of informing the courtroom of the problem. Then, with the information necessary to deliberate, the expert may ensure that the judge or jury knows what happened to lead to the injuries and how the defendant is responsible.

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