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Expert Witness Describes how to Avoid Liar Buyer Fraud

Anti-fraud technology and procedure has failed to stop liar buyer fraud practices and processes against others, and because of this it is perpetuated through the years. There are methods that could reduce the losses caused by these actions, and expert witnesses are hired to explain both these and how the victims are owed damages to those that have caused economic and financial injury.

Liar buyer fraud usually occurs when someone purchases something and then attempts to get both the item and refund. This tends to transpire in greater numbers with residential residents, but there are scams with criminal elements and overseas persons or companies that perpetuate these crimes as well. There are a number of ways to reduce the incidents from happening, but these methods may not eliminate the crimes overall. Tracking the IP and the computer used to purchase the product is used by some corporations and entities such as Amazon to ensure that what has been bought is being received by the correct party.

The expert witness is often hired in these cases to explain how to avoid and what types of scams may affect the victim. When needed n the courtroom, his or her testimony may be used to calculate and explain why compensation is needed in these instances.
His or her advice may also provide additional details of how the plaintiff fell victim to the defendant’s actions. The evidence is usually clarified before this by the professional, and then it is connected to the defendant to show how he or she caused the economic or financial injury to the individual or company affected. The damages may be extensive depending on what was purchased.

Online Liar Buyer Fraud

The introduction of e-commerce and online purchases has increased the possibility and perpetuation of additional crimes that law enforcement has little means of stopping. While there are larger cities that could prevent these illegal acts, many companies and business entities are pushed to create and implement methods of reducing the activity. Some of these are caused through online purchase of items that are then not paid for. A credit card may have been stolen, a refund may have been requested for non-delivery and similar acts. Through residential and commercial property, products are purchased or ordered and never paid for. The buyer stops payment or causes the shipped item to become stolen through some means.

Fraudulent activity may occur through various means, but phishing, malware and spyware are some ways of perpetuating these crimes. It is possible to steal credit card numbers, personal information and details that permit a person to order online and use someone else’s payment method. The buyer may order something with the legitimate intent of paying for it, but then he or she attempt to get a refund through explaining it was never delivered. The liar buyer fraud is then committed when both the item and payment are with the buyer. This is fraud and theft of goods.

Counter Measures for Liar Buyer Fraud

Unfortunately, the standard and traditional measures are unable to counter these crimes. Up to half of all fraud crimes may involve liar buyer fraud. Stolen credentials and unusual IP addresses are registered, but if the owner of the credit card number does not report the incident, the crime may perpetuate. Additionally, the computers of these persons are used, and tracking becomes useless. The standard detection methods do not identify liar buyers. Progressing to an attempt to have monies returned to the company usually costs more than the refund. This leads to numerous businesses avoiding legal processes.
An expert witness in these matters may work closely with a company that has implemented successful procedures to avoid liar buyer fraud and increase efficiency in discovering the crime. One of these methods involves describing the issue to customers.

How the computer and shipped item were tracked and found to be a legitimate purchase. The post offices and other delivery methods confirm delivery to the correct address and the package was received by someone. This usually reduces these circumstances significantly. Similar methods are necessary such as posting rules of commerce and explaining these issues in a forum.

Liar Buyer Expert Witness

By understanding the crime fully, an expert is able to explain how individual citizens in the United States are committing liar buyer fraud. Then, with tested methods, the expert is able to describe the best ways to avoid these crimes and how to implement them successfully.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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