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Expert Witness Describes What Damage an Infestation of Insects Causes

Infestation of insects is often one of the worst possible problems with real estate that a homeowner discovers.

These issues may cause minor to catastrophic damage based on the insect and how long it has been infesting the property. Expert witnesses are often needed to determine how much damage has been caused, what insect is involved and what this means for the selling and incidents that may occur with the homeowner. If the infestation started before the home was purchased, this may be one case. However, if the infestation started due to the actions of professionals at the residence, an entirely different claim is needed.

In order to better understand the problem plaguing those in the home, an expert witness usually needs to detail the information of the problem. A survey and inspection of the land and the foundation of the house are generally needed to investigate the concern. When this is applied to a legal matter, the issue of who is responsible for the infestation must be proven in addition to how much damage and the added problems with those living in the residence. This includes any injuries caused due to such concerns as termites eating through wooden panels, bites and skin conditions brought on by insect to skin contact.

Evidence Provided by Victims

There are often various types of evidence gathered by the lawyer and offered to the expert witness to apply to his or her report to determine how extensive the damage the insects caused. This could be photographs of the bites, video of infestations and medical records when treatment was sought. If the victim was allergic to the creature in the home, this could lead to further healthcare complications. Some insect infestations could include wasp or bee hives and nests in the most inopportune places. If these are in the attic or under the house, it is possible for stings to occur in multiples during the course of one day.

Through the photos, images, video and description given by the victims of infestations, an expert is often able to discern what type of insect has taken over the building. This is of the utmost importance to understand how best to treat them such as with poisons or traps, and this assists with experts of the medical field in resolving healthcare issues that may have started due to these creatures infesting the home. Some bits or scratches may lead to infections or illness. Knowing what started the ailment helps doctors and physicians treat these concerns with the correct medication and treatments.

Types of Insect Damage

Expert witnesses are needed to classify the insect, the damage and the injury. There are many details necessary for explaining how these combined issues affect the homeowner. The type of damage often depends on the insect that has infested the home. Where these creatures come from may determine who is responsible for compensation. Injuries sustained through these incidents often lead to litigation when the expenses are enough that insurance and other assistance cannot pay for the bills. For professionals in other fields, a report of how these matters affect an individual or family is essential so that the judge or jury are aware of the connection an infestation and residents of a house have.

Termites may eat away at the foundation of a home. This could cause certain areas of the house to fall apart, stairs to break with persons on them and injury through beams landing on individuals. Cockroaches often spread disease and illness through moving about the house. They are also exceedingly difficult to remove once they have been transported to the home. Ants may damage wood, bite and lead to similar problems as other insects their size. Bees may eat away holes in boards, build a hive in the home or attached to the property and sting when threatened. Due to allergies from insects, bites, stings and scratches could land someone in the hospital.

Expert Witness in Infestations

Some experts in the field of insect infestations may have worked for a company that exterminates or that has witnessed in the field how these creatures affect the house and residents living inside the building. However, infestations may occur in a commercial structure as well. If business associates or employees are subjected to the same concerns, litigation is almost certain. It is important that both a lawyer experienced in this type of law and an expert witness are hired to assist with these cases no matter if residentially or commercially related.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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