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Expert Witness Explains Alcohol Consumption and Impact on Driving

When someone drinks before or during a drive, his or her blood alcohol level tends to rise. It is when it is above the legal limit of .08 percent that the person may be expecting a driving under the influence violation when pulled over.

Some states have lower limits such as .06 percent, and commercial drivers are not permitted to have over .04 percent. However, the most important aspect of these issues is how the BAC levels affect a driver’s judgment and capabilities on the road. His or her skill behind the wheel often diminishes greatly the more alcohol has been consumed. This may impede sight, sound, cognitive skills and the ability to react.

Some may feel that a DUI violation is unfair, but the impairments that the driver may be under during his or her time of intoxication often lead to traffic and road disaster. This means that judgment and ability are affected to such a degree that collisions with at least one other driver are common and in certain situations increased exponentially. The scientific understanding of these statistics and details is usually confusing for those that
must decide penalties for the driver found inebriated. This leads to the necessity of an expert witness that has experience and understanding in how these substances cause negative impacts and consequences.

Alcohol Effects on Drivers

Many tests and studies have been conducted that benefit from results that explain how the judgment, skill and ability of a driver affected by alcohol equate to certain characteristics negatively impacted. Many who drive are affected through their attitude. This may change in which manner they react to other drivers. Some are not vigilant of objects, drivers and conditions on the road. The reaction, perception and controlling of the vehicle are also negatively altered. This means that reaction times are too slow, perception is impaired to the point large obstacles are not seen or heard and keeping the car in the lines is usually not possible. With a greater BAC level, the driver then has a higher chance of causing collisions with at least one other vehicle on the road.

Even without the study, research and behavior reports, alcohol has been known to affect the driving skill and cognitive ability of those that consume the substance before or during operation of a vehicle. Accidents are known to increase at a greater rate the higher the alcohol enters the blood stream. Throughout the entire world, this phenomenon is catastrophic, but in the United States, these concerns cost billions in property damage, medical bills, death tolls and legal entanglements due to lawsuits.

About one-third of all fatalities involving a vehicle are due to a drunk driver. Even taking death out of the statistics, drivers impaired due to alcohol are much more likely to cause an accident. Injuries ranging from minor to devastating and life-altering are usually the result of a collision.

Expert Witness and Litigation

When someone has been harmed through the consequences of another driving while intoxicated, it is vital to both obtain a lawyer and an expert witness with a specialty in the impairments of drivers that drink. It is important to show the judge or jury how these events cause the injury, why the liable party is the inebriated individual and what is needed to make the person whole and resolve the matter. Litigation often arises when the insurance company refuses to provide a reasonable offer for compensation due to the various factors of a claim due to the negative consequences of a car accident due to a drunk driver. Because the elements needed to prove the responsible party is accountable for damages to the injured party are often complicated, an expert witness is usually required to assist with these cases.

An expert witness has the understanding of how the impact of medical bills, treatment and procedures and the aftermath of attempting to recover from the incident lead to hardship for the victim of the accident. Because of this and the ability to reconstruct the accident to assist in proving that the impaired driver is the reason the collision occurred. His or her testimony provides weight to the evidence and details provided. This may also increase the chances of success and lead to compensation being procured for the injured party. As a professional expert, this individual has the knowledge of which senses are dulled and how the mind is slowed when under the influence of alcohol.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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