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Expert Witness Explains Electrical Accidents and Incident Reconstruction

Electrical accidents often require reconstruction of the incident so that the judge or members of the jury understand what occurred during the accident. This also means that an expert witness is needed to detail how the injuries affect the victim.

Through the professional’s ability to reconstruct the issue of the electrical problem, he or she may explain the step by step process with evidence provided, witness testimony and other inferences and observations. This all enables the expert to clearly realize how certain factors led to the incident. These pieces of data lead to a clearer path of knowing who is at fault, who is liable and any responsible parties for the injuries.

Reconstructing an incident from details and evidence is often a time consuming process, and only someone that is familiar with the process is able to ensure his or her report is more accurate based on experience in the corresponding field of study such as electrical systems and safety protocols. Immersed in the materials and proof provided by a lawyer and the victim, the expert starts determining the timeline and how certain
actions led to the injury and incident. This may be accomplished through faulty tools, malfunctioning equipment, defective electrical lines or grids, interference and similar concerns. Working with the lawyer, an expert witness often increases the chances of success in these cases.

The Detailed Report

As is necessary for an expert witness, he or she must create and provide a detailed report of his or her examination into the matter. This may be a simple manual of five to ten pages, or it may be a fully processed book of hundreds of pages. There are often exhibits and diagrams of certain aspects of the case as well as projected estimation of what could have caused specific concerns. Other pages may contain the verifiable facts that are the basis for determining the report. At various points, a conclusion is initiated with the end result of the report giving the opinions of the expert assumes based on evidence and materials he or she has been granted.

When starting a report for use with a legal case, experts may offer conjectures on certain possibilities before all evidence and testimonies have been applied to the situation. Specific trains of thought may pan out and lead to the conclusion with the professional opinion. However, some facts and materials in the claim may alter the course of the expert’s investigation into the matter. The document presented once completed is often edited and proofread for grammar, content and how well it reads to the average person. Long explanations that are hard to decipher or are too complicated for someone not an expert in the field should be restructured for others that may be experiencing the information for the first time.

The Speed of Accidents

Electrical incidents occur with swift speed, and assisting someone that has been shocked or burned in this manner is often difficult without the right equipment. If materials are inferior, tools not adequate to work with type of job or persons are not trained well enough, accidents may lead to more severe consequences. Because live wires are real time risks, these events may transpire before they may be prevented. Prevention is often the best route to take so avoid these problems. Heavy work gloves, grounding shoes and nonflammable clothes are best in these situations. While the management may provide some of these safety items, the clothing is frequently up to the employee. Some responsibility in these circumstances may be held against the person working.

Expert Witnesses in Electrical Incidents

Some professionals in the electrical industry may become experts in the field. This may be through working in the same manner as the victims of these incidents or by studying and experiencing what employees go through. This frequently provides a unique perspective in accidents. Through intense research and evidence provided for the case, these expert witnesses are generally able to reconstruct the event. This gives additional details and a way to explain the entirety of the circumstances to a judge or jury members in a way they understand. Working with the lawyer, this testimony is given so that those that deliberate have an informed decision before casting a judgment.

Experts are often needed to increase the awareness of a field or explain what may not be understood by the judge or jury. This is usually through the lack of working in the same industry. The concluding opinion of a professional is invaluable in increasing the chances of success in a case.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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